CLOTUS Calls For One Million Cracker March On Phoenix !!


Cracker News Broadcasting Corp. —- The OTHER CNBC

Dateline : The Blue House , Cracker Nation Capital of Keeblerville , Cracker Riveria — Coastal Carolina July 29 , 2010

CLOTUS { Cracker Leader Of The United States } Mr. Matt ” The Big Biscuit ” Morgan has called for a  “One Million Cracker March To Phoenix ” in support of our Cracker Brother’s and Sister’s struggles in the great Cracker State of Arizona. When asked for a comment by CNBC CLOTUS repleid thusly : ” My Fellow Citizens of Cracker Nation today due to the unlawful and unjust actions of one solitary activist judge in Arizona the nation is in peril. I call on ALL Crackers of the Nation to rally to your brothers and sisters defense. I want to see Arizona flooded with Honey Grahams , Saltines , Chocolate , Oyster , Burnt , Goldfish and all the various types of Crackers in the Nation. I  want the powers that be in this world to see that Cracker Nation is unified and defiant. See you in Phoenix my fellow citizens. What are you waiting for? I said NOW !!! “

Reporting from The Blue House for CNBC Melissa Graham

Flour to the Crackers !!! We SHALL bake !!!

Now go spread your crumbs around Crackers !!!


13 Responses to CLOTUS Calls For One Million Cracker March On Phoenix !!

  1. White Cracker says:

    ((We Stand with you Arizona)) If You Are A {ILLEGAL} An You Are Thinking About Moveing To SC,U.S.A. Then Think Again. Cause We Are Like Arizona. We Are Tired Of Your Crap.You Will Be Sent Back Where You Came From,And Don’t Try It Again.And If Your Are Giveing Jobs Then You Will Go Down Too. {ICE} Will Give You A Free Ride.

  2. Cracker Chris Lotto says:

    I’m a proud 30 year resident of beautiful, Phoenix, AZ! I’ll volunteer my time to meet & greet my fellow crackers of our great nation, as you land at Sky Harbor International Airport! Just say when! Cracker Power!!

    • Dear Arizona Cracker Chris :

      Thank you for your kind offer sir. I’m sure CLOTUS will be pleased with your kindness towards your fellow Crackers from other parts of Cracker Nation.

      Rest assured sir that CLOTUS and all of your Cracker Brothers and Sisters are on YOUR side in this fight.

      Keep on Crackering Cracker. God bless Arizona Crackers , Gov. Brewer and Sheriff Joe and his like minded Sheriff buddies.

      • Cracker Chris Lotto says:

        Thank you for your extremely kind words of encouragement! On behalf of all my esteemed fellow Arizona Crackers, I say thank you to CLOTUS, and all my cracker brothers and sisters, all over the U.S.A.!! We have just begun this fight! 😉

  3. Jessica Bowen says:

    I’m out here in the wannabe cracker state of california. would surely come if you had a date and i could get a day or two off.

    • Dear Cracker Jessica :
      Do NOT take this story TOO literally. While I definitely think it’s a good idea I do not have the resources to organize something like that. I’m just throwing it out into cyberspace with the hope that the powers that be , perhaps the TEA Party , will take the ball and run with it. Your enthusiasm is admirable and duly noted however.

      Keep on Crackering Cracker Jessica

  4. Rachel says:

    We must have wine (whine) with the crackers and cheese. I would love to be in AZ this week. I am an Arizonan at heart, and plan on calling aforementioned activist judge and will make sure I get my Defend Arizona T- shirt and wear it proudly around my illegal alien neighbors. I just do not care about offending them anymore. However I will be slightly more reserved with my anti Islam sentiment to avoid being blown up by one of them and thus helping them achieve paradise. I cannot help them in that cause.

    Keep it up Cracka!

    I must get back to writing too, been too long….

    For a secure border

    Graham Cracker

  5. Deeka says:

    We of the great state of Wisconsin will provide the Cheese to go with our fellow Crackers!

    • Dear Cracker Deeka :

      The journey to Az. will be long and hard. We will get hungry. Your donation of some good Wisconsin sharp white cheddar is greatly appreciated. Rest assured that we know that our Wisconsin Cracker Brothers and Sisters that can’t be with us in body are most assuredly with us in spirit.

      Keep on Crackerin Wisconsin Cracker. Keep the cheese coming too.

  6. Sandi Dooley says:

    If there was any way I could make it to Arizona right now, I would be in my car and heading that way. What I am going to do, which in all honesty, I DO NOT do, is I am going to donate to Gov Brewer’s cause of continuing the legal fight on this BS judgement today. I appreciate all that you do … and your wit and humor make my day!!! Thanks!

    • Dear Cracker Sandi :

      Thank you so much for the nice compliments. They are very much appreciated.

      Rest assured Cracker Sandi that CLOTUS is very much aware of your valued contributions to the Cracker Nation Cause.

      Keep on Crackering Cracker

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