Has There Been A Tear In The Cosmic Fabric?


Cracker News Broadcasting Corp.

Dateline : Kansas City Mo. Nov. 15 , 2011

CNBC investigative reporters have been able to confirm that the usual Rogues Gallery of Ludicrous Litigants , Mr. Ben Envious of the N.A.A.C.P. ,  Rev. Al ” Tawana ” Sharpton of Operation Push , Rev. Jessie ” Hymie Town ” Jackson of  The Rainbow Coalition , ” Minister ” Calypso ” Louis Farrakhan of The Nation of Islam , Mr. Morris ” Money Man ” Dees of The Southern Poverty Law Center and Mr. Clarence ” Trashmouth ” Hankins of The Confused Man – Children of Philadelphia A.K.A. The New Black Panther Party have not accused anybody of racism or filed a racially motivated suit against anybody today.

C.N.B.C. finds this curious to the point of being suspicious and has assigned more investigative reporters to find out the reason for this strange behavior on the parts of The Rogues Gallery of Ludicrous Litigants. We are currently working on two theories the first of which is that these ” gentlemen” have been iced and the second that FINALLY these Dumbasses have gotten the message. NOBODY freaking cares about anything they have to say.

I’m betting that somebody has iced them since I believe that all of them are too damn stupid to just STFU. On the other hand though America hasn’t had that sort of good luck in quite a while now. One can only hope and pray that my theory proves out to be the correct one. Yes yes I know that was an editorial comment on my part. I’m getting really tired of  you folks pointing that out to me every chance you get. It IS after all MY blog so I can say whatever the Hell I damn well please. lol

Reporting from Kansas City for CNBC  Willa Randolph

Flour to the Crackers !! We SHALL bake. !!

Now go spread your crumbs around Crackers !!


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