Panic At 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.!!


Cracker Nation Broadcasting Corp. – The OTHER CNBC

Dateline :   The White House Washington D.C.  Nov. 19 , 2010

Informed CNBC sources within the White House are telling us that The Usurper In Chief and His Dumbass Enablers  are in a serious panic about huge losses of support in every demographic except one — PERVERTS , therefore a serious rebranding of their message and a concentration solely on his remaining demographic is under way. Kevin Jennings will be the new Campaign Chief , The Banking Queen will be the new Congressional Democratic Outreach Chief ,  and ” Big Sis ” will be the new Chief of Staff. Sources inform us that many more changes will be coming. The new slogan of the rebranded message will be ” Grope And Strange “.  Acorn has been instructed to begin a search , identify and register mission for all undocumented perverts. Congress will of course and as usual be exempt from any new regulations and rules. There are rumors circulating of millions of new Pervert Patrol Agents being hired.

Stay tuned to CNBC for further developments as they emerge.

Reporting live for Cracker News Broadcasting Corp. — The OTHER CNBC Da Shawan Epping

Flour To The Crackers !! We shall bake !!

Now  go spread your crumbs around Crackers.

Inspiration for this story came from Cracker Ronald Faria. Kudos to you Cracker. Well done.


2 Responses to Panic At 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.!!

  1. Dear Joy :

    What a coincidence I was wondering who was behind Door 82. lol It’s nice to see your TWISTED self back Joy. I always enjoy your comments. These were particularly prescient and amusing.

    Hope we see you often.


  2. door28yard says:

    (Formerly, “Joy,” but underwent an involuntary name-change – thanks to a mix-up at WordPress! Go figure…)

    “Stop touching me! Stop touching me!!” has become the latest rallying cry of the incensed and aroused (but NOT the outcome that “enhanced groping!” usually ensures…) Crack Nation, working closely with the Tea Party Movement. However, on a somewhat discouraging note, TSA has recently outlawed “Don’t touch my junk!” spoken within a five- mile radius of any airport in the USA and Canada.

    The upshot of this Patriot revolt is that the Second American Revolution has been moved up from January 2012 to Christmas 2010, and will use the Christmas Holliday traveling time to test many of its latest skirmish initiatives. All Americans are encouraged to travel at this time, but be prepared to don military fatiques (but, of course, will have to leave weapons & ammo at home). Airports will be the scene of most skirmishes and revolts, but it could spread to train and bus stations as well, since every traveling hub will be staffed with useless TSA traitors, many of whom have been convicted sex crime offenders recently released from incarceration for all levels of sexual perversity and a wide array of sex crimes. They were deemed the most effective perpetrators of enhanced security scans and bodily searches.

    For those passengers still reluctant to submit to sexual degradation at the hands of these TSA security personnel, sex videos will be screened in a closed room, adjacent to the body scan area, with one-way mirrors (looking in); and, if passengers are still “shy” about the enhanced security procedures, then date rape bills will be dissolved into innocent-looking glasses of water.

    Cracka Nation is justifiably outraged at this revoltin’ development and urges resolve on the part of its devoted followers – Crackas ALL!! Aux armes, mes amis!

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