It Was Just A Matter Of Time Before SHE Got Involved In This Issue


Cracker News Broadcasting Corp. – The Other CNBC

Dateline : San Francisco Ca. Nov. 19 , 2010

Mrs. Sharon Spencer of the heretofore unknown political group ” Don’t Ask !! – DON’T Grope ”  has just made an announcement that the women AND men members of her group are no longer  going to stand by and be molested by The Pervert Patrol of The Transportation Safety Agency. Mrs. Spencer has by means of written and oral communication informed ” Big Sis ” that they will be filing a lawsuit against ALL members of The Pervert Patrols that molest her members or ANY other person that seeks their help. Mrs. Spencer continued by informing ” Big Sis ” that her group has retained the legal services of Wendy Emily Bustnuttzz Esq. Chief Attorney of The Feminist Law Department of the law firm of Dewey , Cheatum and Howe of San Francisco.

Oh BOY !! This should be great fun!! W.E. Bustnuttzz vs ” Big Sis “

Talk about your Dyke Duel to the Death. This will be ” must see T.V.. LOL

Yes yes I know that was an editorial comment. Here comes another one. A word of advice for all male members of The Pervert Patrols. Be VERY careful where you put your hands. W.E. Bustnuttzz has a fireplace mantle stacked with souvenir ” stones”. Oh and if you are a female member of the Pervert Patrols don’t get cocky. The only thing W.E. Bustnutzz loves more than she hates men is money. She won’t bat an eye to destroy you either.

Please stay tuned to CNBC for more details in this story as they emerge. Our investigative reporters are hard at work as we speak trying to discover who is behind this shadowy new group. Inquiring minds want to know and so you shall.

Flour to the Crackers !! We SHALL bake !!

Now go spread your crumbs around Crackers !!




8 Responses to It Was Just A Matter Of Time Before SHE Got Involved In This Issue

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  2. Esther says:

    Dear Teach.

    I love Ms. Wendy Bustnuttzz and I rally love the Marines!

    • Paul Stanner says:

      Dear Queen Yes Dear :

      I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if after vacation is over we hear from the esteemed Ms. Bustnuttzz again. She is after all the type of woman NOBODY can ignore!! She does NOT allow that. As for the Marines Semper Fi.
      So did you get my e-mail or not? Can you help me or not? Put the ADD in park Queen!!!

  3. Esther Ferencz says:

    BTW W E is just waiting ON YOU SIR KING CRACKER~~~~~~HAHAHA I suspect you will LIKE HER at your DEFENSE EH?

  4. Esther Ferencz says:

    This was very funny!!! I just loved MS BUSTNUTZZ and her mantel display..Guess its best NOT to MESS with her is the message to all men~~~~
    You sure YOUR not going to offend a fellow Cracker or two with Dyke Duel To The Death ????

    Pervert Patrols waiting for ALLL to approach…….especially Crackers in from China~~~~LOL

    This took lots of mind and clickety clack of the keys to provide a great piece~~~

    • Dear Twisted Pretzel Esther :
      Thank you for the nice compliments dear smooth talking Twisted Lady.
      By the time I get home W.E. will have neutered The Pervert Patrols. While I don’t try to offend anybody I think if anybody doesn’t know by now that I’m NOT P.C. they’ve been living in a cave. I’ll take my chances.

      • Esther Ferencz says:

        OHHH DEAR! Many a FEELER at the AIRPORT are gonna be a little ANNOYED with YOU …..MUST have a FULL BODY SCAN than ,TAKE your CHOICE!!! That of course will reveal alllllllllll parts of YOUR ummmmmmm STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN BODY~~~? YES?

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