The Pecan Sandy Awards

Dear Readers :

Cracker News Broadcasting Corp – The OTHER CNBC is pleased to announce a new feature to our programming line – up — The Pecan Sandy Award. The Pecan Sandy Award will be given to Crackers that I , and only I , { It’s good to be the  Head Saltine } think deserve some recognition and support for their honorable and selfless work in their respective communities. The Pecan Sandy Awards are sponsored by Cracker Nation Broadcasting Corp. – The OTHER CNBC and The Keebler Elves. The winner will receive a one year supply of Pecan Sandy cookies care of our little buddies ,  a dozen roses and an  Italian dinner care of yours truly and a heartfelt thank you from a grateful nation.  Our first winner is Cracker Elyse ” Ten Toes ” Buongiorno  and her staff for their VOLUNTARY work with American veterans at Eagle Up . To see what Elyse and her staff are doing please click here and also please join Elyses’s team and donate as much as you can to help our veterans.

Kudos and thank you  ” Ten Toes ” on your dedication and commitment. Keep up the good work.

Please feel free Crackers to nominate anybody you feel may be deserving of a Pecan Sandy Award.

A little aside to our readers that may be wondering why I named the award The Pecan Sandy Award. Now think about it Crackers does ” The Cheeze Nip Award ” or ” The Wheat Thin Award ” have quite the same pizazz ? Besides Crackers and Cookies are related so what is your problem?

Flour to the Cookies !! We Shall Bake !!


Now go spread your crumbs around Cookies.


8 Responses to The Pecan Sandy Awards

  1. Lana Statler says:

    Congratulations to Cracker “Ten Toes” – It is an honor to say that Cracker Paul is an extordinary writer and to have come across people who are in the works of helping our veterans I say “Here! Here!” I give my full support to our troops and want to thank “Ten Toes” for what she does so well……Thanks Elyse 🙂 …….

    I love cookies with someone else’s coffee! More flour please! LOL

  2. door28yard says:

    O, Crackernationnews, who’s counting?!? Quality, not quantity….?? BTW, we need to get our “style sheets” in sync: What is the acceptable way to write/spell ourselves: Cracka or Cracker? Crack Nation? or ??? Of course, we’re already registered as crackernationnews, so that takes care of our “username.”

    BTW, I think we could probably gather a few new members if only one of those mindless libtards – and, in particular, the NBPs (New Black Panthers) – would say or do something totally stupid – they’ve been annoyingly silent far too long!! How are we to take advantage of their SILENCE?!? Better they open their yaps and say something profoundly stupid and galling!! Do we have any other sources of “inspiration?” Naturally, we feed on their idiocy – but we need to hear & read it first!!

    Our running gag needs to be fed!! But maybe a little creativity is in order? Paul, as our Leader, you need to find one or two totally outrageous statements or actions (which the Left constantly provides, of course) that can “fire” our imaginations. Maybe even work in cohoots with Redneck Nation if the opportunity presents itself…

    Be inspired! And FLOUR to the Crackas!!

    • Dear Mysterious Door 28 :
      I can see that you have not read the EIGHT chapters dealing with our fuckwit Soldiers of Allah friends , or the FOUR chapters dealing with The Pervert Patrols of T.S.A. or the TWO serious articles I’ve written regarding our American Veterans and service people. I have indeed ALREADY diversified my topics in part because there is so much inspiring idiocy out there that demands attention and in part because you’re right the Man – Children of Philadelphia have been strangely silent lately which makes me very suspicious.
      How nice it would be if I could indeed find a literate audience that would appreciate my talents. Having only 10 -12 fans means I’m consigned to eating solely Cracker crumbs for the foreseeable future. I like to think I’m doing my part by providing the material but as the saying goes ” you can lead a Cracker to the book but you can’t make him read it.” In any case I shall keep on Crackering.

  3. Esther Ferencz says:

    One of the BEST YET Commando Cracker Paul…and aka Joy kudos for such correction and input as to Cracker Chiefs work LOL.
    Commando Cracker has had an injection of HIT HIM AT THE BRAIN in BREAKING his WRITERS BLOCK …THREE CHEERS and A BEER!

    I nominate Craker JOY and Barbara as recepiants of this garnd award as to their continual non ending support and in particular Barbaras fab sense of humor…THUS aiding all VETS and MILITARY~~~Bravos…wish my wit was as quick~~~~

  4. door28yard says:

    (aka JOY) Ooops, that first sentence should read, “…they (Pecan Sandies) GO a helluva lot better with coffee…” etc. First grahammer mistake this year…

  5. door28yard says:

    (aka JOY) I agree – those Pecan Sandies are a lot tastier that mere “crackers” (OK, don’t be insulted…) – and they a helluva lot better with coffee, too!! Elyse “Ten Toes” sounds like a true blue/”Red State” Cracka – and a thoughtful, giving one at that. Definitely agree that she is, indeed, deserving of this award (that Eye-talian dinner sounds wonderful!!) and an explemplary citizen of Cracka Nation!!

    Of course, crackers (crackas) and cookies are related – FLOUR is the basic ingredient of both!! As you say, “Flour to the cookies AND the crackas!” (not “MORE power to the cookies OR the crackas!”).

    Happy Thanksgiving, Paul & everyone – and, remember, DON’T go light on the FLOUR when making that gravy… Cracka Nation RULES!!

    • Dear Mysterious Door 28 :
      ” Ten Toes ” is indeed an exemplary citizen of Cracker Nation. Will you be joining her group and giving her a hand?

      Some of the best cookies are my friends.

      Have a good Holiday M.D. 28

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