Making Thunderbirds

Making Thunderbirds

In the Spring of 1953 two young men disembarked a troop transport plane in N.Y.C. These two young men were returning home from fighting World War Two in the Pacific Theater and a tour in post World War Two American Occupied Japan. They were naturally a bit apprehensive about the future considering all they’d been through but basically very confident with good reason. They were justifiably heroes in American’s eyes. Their future was indeed bright. They were Americans.

Generals Eisenhower , Patton , Bradley and MacArthur had won the war. General Dynamics , General Foods , and General Motors would secure America’s and their future. They took full advantage of their Veterans Benefits and got an education , a job , bought a house and started their families. They and America generally were proud confident and excited about their future. Their dreams were coming true. America was busy  ” Making Thunderbirds “.

How could they know that in just a few short years that those dreams they bought with their blood and sacrifice at places like  Corregidor , Iwo Jima , Guadalcanal , Batan , Omaha Beach  and Flanders Field would be vilified by their own American leaders? How could they know that America hating forces were emerging who’s express goal was to steal their dream?

In the early 1960’s a young  man that over the course of many years would become known to his believers as The Lion of Liberalism and to his enemies as Saint Theodore of  The Cursed Chappaquidick Chariot would get elected to Congress from the formerly great state of Massachusetts. This young man would be almost solely responsible for starting the process by which The American Dream of these two young men would be crushed. Senator Kennedy would lead the fight for immigration reform. No longer would immigrants from our traditional allies get preference , no longer would an ability to speak English be necessary , no longer would a serious criminal record disqualify you , no longer was a job required , no longer was any knowledge of American history or America’s political and economic systems required .

As a result of this and other policies such as welfare and affirmative  action Watts and other inner cities burned , the Black family was destroyed , well qualified White people were passed over for less qualified Hispanics and Blacks and  The Sexual Revolution destroyed all vestiges of civilized behavior between the genders. America was hurting.

Liberalism  had always been here but now these very clever Liberals had re-branded their foul philosophy for a very gullible public using such noble sounding phrases as ” social justice ” and ” equality ” and ” progress “. The Liberals began taking over the universities ,and culture. They managed to get elected as Congressman , Governors and State Legislators. Liberalism had turned malignant largely because of the gullibility and apathy of the the American people. We had forgotten who and what we were and more importantly who allowed us to have the good fortune to be able to spend our lives ” Making Thunderbirds in the first place.

The two young men saw their dream dying and were stunned that this could happen in such a short period of time. They were angry because THEY had paid for everybody to be able to have this dream and were powerless to stop what was happening. Some Americans knew where these dangerous phenomenons were leading including these two young men but unfortunately not enough.  America however was still strong and able to resist this cancer but only for a while.

The cancer was growing rapidly and becoming very dangerous

In the 1970’s the Liberals moved onto the next phase of their plan. The Greedy Goobers of Globalism emerged espousing a new  theory  —  Free Trade. The world needed a New World Order they said in order to guarantee peace. The signature tenent of that New World Order was Free Trade.  Free Trade would guarantee world peace because everybody’s economy would be tied into the New World Order they told us . This Free trade would be good for AMERICAN prosperity they said . Once again and for the same reason a gullible American public bought this onerous concept. The G.G.G.’s started Free Trade with a civilized people in the Japanese probably to see how much resistance there would be. The American people put up virtually no resistance. The G.G.G.’s were highly encouraged and very highly motivated. It was time to move on to their REAL goal — China. We MUST trade with China we were told so that we can build a Chinese Middle Class that will stop the more militant members of Chinese  society from starting World War Three.  It will be good for AMERICAN prosperity we were told. Free trade with China began in 1988. American leaders sold America to China piece by piece for pennies on the dollar. To this very day that policy continues. Over the course of that 20 years AMERICAN prosperity has declined rapidly while China’s has rise enormously high courtesy of the American taxpayer. Neither the Chinese or American working people saw the benefits of this policy but the G.G.G.’s made a killing. Phase 2 was complete. The cancer was metastisizng rapidly. America was beginning to wake up though.s

The two young men were now livid with rage. The American Dream that they bought and paid for for their families and all of humanity for eternity as far as they were concerned , with their own blood in the Pacific just a few short years ago was given to FOREIGNERS and COMMUNISTS to boot.. They felt like pariahs in their own land.

The Liberals were dealt a few setbacks in the 90’s but they were only temporary in large part because their growing opposition elected the wrong leaders. In 2008 a usurping Village Idiot from Kenya preaching a vacuous pablum of ” Hope And Change ” was elected President and the Liberals won both houses of Congress , once again because the gullible  American people forgot  who and what they were and who gave them their good fortune. The Liberals were ecstatic,  they had total control. They could now realize their long held dreams — LEGALLY. They went crazy with what they tried to force the American people to accept. I think this is recent enough history that I don’t need to rehash it here.

The Liberals were confident that the American Dream these two young men fought so valiantly for was now dead . The two young men although now despondent beyond words thought otherwise. Being Warriors and Patriots they did what Warriors and Patriots do they fought back as did millions of other people. The counter attack began in 2010. The  Usurping Village Idiot and His Posse of The Dangerously Deluded no longer had total control. There was a new sheriff in town!! The counter attack will be completed in 2012. It will be time to take out the trash !!

If you are a Liberal you are a malignant tumor on American Society. I suggest that you change your attitude and come join us BEFORE  2012. If you decline I can guarantee you that WE will change it for you and that that will be a highly unpleasant experience for you.

If you are a young person that has spent too much time listening to your leftist college professors and have forgotten who paid for your freedom and who and what you are and who gave you that cherished heritage I suggest that you enroll in a REAL school and get educated as to those facts. I also suggest that you join the U.S. Armed Forces to gain a little first hand  personal knowledge of the people that guarantee your right to be willfully ignorant. If you decline then we will adjust your attitudes also. As above I can guarantee you that that will be a most  unpleasant experience  for you.

The 2012 Express Hope and Change is going to be rumbling through the nation soon Liberals. You’d better get on board or get run over.

Let’s Rock America !! It’s time we started ” Making Thunderbirds ” again

P.S. : For any of you that would like to know , those two young men in the story were my Father and Uncle. I’m sure that on this Thanksgiving Holiday they as well as all of our other veterans and current service people would appreciate your best Thanksgiving wishes. I strongly urge you all to keep these men in your prayers. It won’t be long before The Greatest Generation is GONE forever.



13 Responses to Making Thunderbirds

  1. Call Me mom says:

    Now I know why you are all calling each other “crackers” on Mr. Kneer’s webpage too. lol

  2. Call Me mom says:

    Just came over from your post on bill K.’s facebook page. My husband had a thunderbird when we were dating and first married. It was a great car. The people who made them cared about quality. That’s an American value too. Keep up the good work.

  3. Esther Ferencz says:


  4. Candylee says:

    Love it love it thank you for posting ti enjoyed reading a bit of history .it cheered me up a bit ,I am a way from home during these Hollie days ,and staying with strangers so thanks again

    • Dear Candylee :

      I’m glad that you enjoyed the article and that I was able to cheer you up.
      Please feel free to subscribe to my blog and read at your leisure. I’ll look forward to seeing you here.

  5. Very good article Paul!

  6. Madline says:

    This is very good Paul.

    • Dear Maddy :
      How nice to see you here again.
      I hope I live long enough to see the days when America starts ” Making Thunderbirds ” again.

      • Esther Ferencz says:

        Dear Paul,
        GREAT TRUE PIECE OF LIT you have just produced. Your mind and writing skills are on all 4 cylinders and your at top speed and whatever the max of engine capacity? YOUR AT IT!

        A written story of truth………….one that needs spreading far and wide. Heart and soul went into each word, as in detail, the description of the AMERICAN DREAM, and the destruction of it has come to pass.

        As stated YES if YOUR NOT ONBOARD? Well prepared to be run over. The vast MAJORITY of AMERICANS see the green light I PRAY and are set to GO, in all ways feasible to bring those 2 boys dreams back to the multitudes who yearn for ALL that MADE AMERICA the SHINING CITY UP ON THAT “HILL”


        P. S. I have first hand seen that rickety bridge going over into Chappaquideck……and stared at the blackened water below….and THIS was at DAYLIGHTS HOUR! Can only imagine the BLACKNESS of that miserable NITE as a young and beautiful Mary Jo was left to die as the ‘survivor’ swam to safety harbor~~~~~~~~~~and on he went to live a Pathetic Public LIFE! Destroying AMERICA and HER BEAUTY and ABILITIES! .And personally.his MARRIAGE and HIS WIFE….the ultra sensitive and beautifullly talented BUT tortured Joan!

      • Dear Twisted Pretzel Esther :

        Are you STILL insisting that you are NOT a smooth talker? lol

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