Urban Exploring — Guangzhou , China Jan. 2008

Dear Readers :

Jan. 28 was another glorious day in Guangzhou so I decided to do some more urban exploring. D.D. , C.C. , Fred and I set off on our expedition early in the morning starting at Shamian Island and proceeding  along the Pearl River Waterfront from West to East. The pictures below are of that walk and include photos of Haizhu Sq. , and Dongshanhu Park. We returned to our hotel tired but invigorated at 7:00 P.M. It was a very fun day of exploring and as usual we had an interesting lunch. There will be a report from Fred on that topic a bit later. The pictures below are of our day of exploring. There are also 5 videos of my days exploring which you can watch by clicking here.

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D.D.’s Guangzhou Kodak Moments # 1

Dear Readers :

This is D.D. speaking. I was having lunch today at the local burger joint when this Kodak moment presented itself. Fortunately I was paying attention this time.

Is this kid just TOO DAMN CUTE !!! ? I think she’s a bit confused though since it appears that she doesn’t know whether she is a tuzi { rabbit } or lao hu { tiger}. lol Isn’t too bad that females don’t stay this cute for long. I’m telling you when they hit 35 they are about as far as they can get from cute.


The IMPOSSIBLE Has Happened !!!

Dear Readers :

This is Fred speaking.  Could somebody tell me if Hell has frozen over ? My guess is that it has since S.T. sprang for lunch again yesterday. I know I know that is twice in one month. I don’t know what’s gotten into the human.

As you know from C.C.’s latest report yesterday we went out urban exploring. We walked along The Pearl River Esplanade for a very pleasant afternoon. By the way don’t believe everything C.C. tells you. I’m not always trying to mooch a meal. I’m just your normal average pooch that uses his cute manners and playful attitude to my own best advantage. She tends to be a bit of a bitch Cam Corder. In any case as we were walking we came across what appeared to be a nice German restaurant. Right out of the blue S.T. said ” Let’s have lunch. It’s my treat. ” I damn near had a heart attack since that is twice in one month. I’m astounded he could pry open his wallet again that soon. The name of this restaurant was the 1920. Apparently it used to be a real mill in the 20’s that was owned by real Germans. Somebody bought it and did the incredibly obvious and turned it into a restaurant. It is now owned by a Chinese Lady who had the incredibly astute business savvy to hire as her head chef a Chinese young man that studied German cooking on a scholarship in Berlin.  This restaurant is located in Haizhu Sq. and is right on a subway stop. The food was delicious and the ambience looked to me to be pretty authentically German although I’m not an expert on either German food or ambience. I would recommend that you give it a try. I had schweine filetspitzen in sahnesauce mit kartoffelgroest or in English medallions of pork fillet in cream sauce with mashed potatoes. It was very tasty. I was a bit disappointed though because I was supposed to get this dish with potato pancakes and didn’t. I was told that they didn’t have them but I don’t believe that. I think Wu Chang who is the day ” German ” chef just doesn’t know how to make them. I think if ” Hunter ” or as I call him ” Otto ” who is the night chef and the  one that studied in Berlin had been there I’d have probably gotten them. In any case if you’re ever in Guangzhou I suggest that you give this restaurant a try.

At the conclusion of lunch we continued our walk and not ten minutes walk from the German restaurant we ran into a Vietnamese restaurant. Would you care to guess what S.T. said? I was totally shocked when he said ” Could anybody go for a light Vietnamese snack. My treat . ” Not being a pooch that EVER turns down a free meal in we went. We ate light for obvious reasons. We had Vietnamese Spring Rolls which are a bit like Chinese egg rolls though not exactly. This restaurant has zero ambience but is spotlessly clean and Spring , the owner , and her I guess co – owner , Betty are very gracious Ladies who treated me like a king. The food that I had was very tasty.  Based upon my first impression I would recommend this eatery. I’m certainly going to eat here again and I’ll give you an update when I do. Spring is Vietnamese and Betty is Chinese and they are both Canadian citizens that came to Guangzhou to start this restaurant. Their restaurant  is called ” Hai Cang ” and is located at 405 Yanjiang Dong Lu about a ten minute walk along The Pearl River Esplanade from Hai Zhu Sq.

The first three photos below are of  The 1920 Restaurant and the fourth photo is of Xuan { Spring } Nguyen , the Vietnamese owner of the Vietnamese restaurant I told you about above and Betty Chan who as best I know is Spring’s co – owner and friend.

Note that the Chinese people eating at The 1920 Restaurant are NOT using chopsticks. My students would be shocked !!! lol

Every Now And The You Find A Real Gem On The Pearl River

Dear Readers :

This is C.C. speaking. Yesterday D.D. , S.T. , Fred and myself went urban exploring. We walked along Thhe Pearl River Esplanade from West to East starting from Shamian Island and proceeding all the way out to Donghu Park. That is about 7 miles each way. I don’t mind telling you that my dogs were barking by the time we got home and I don’t mean Fred. Now as usual S. T. was checking out the pretty girls , D.D. was futzzing with her aperture , Fred was trying to mooch a meal as best  he could and I was taking care of business. Check out my videos of the gem I found on The Pearl River below.

The photo was taken from Donghu Park.

Untitled from Lynne Slanner on Vimeo.

Untitled from Lynne Slanner on Vimeo.

A Pearl River Gem 3 from Lynne Slanner on Vimeo.

ONLY God Can Do This !!

Kodachrome — All The World’s A Sunny Day.

Dear Readers :

Every now and then and usually totally unsuspectingly a ” Kodak Moment ” just jumps out at you slaps you upside the head and says ” Camera quickly dumbass !! ” lol

The gentleman in the first photo has applied a bit of modern technology to an ancient philosophy on his way to The Seventh Heaven Of Eternal Enlightenment. It’s a zen thing. lol

The gentleman in the second photo is apparently taking a break on his journey to The Seventh Heaven Of Eternal Enlightenment.

Hey we all get there in our own fashion and our own good time. lol

Dear Readers :

I’m sure by now you are wondering why is S.T. posting all the Chinese material lately. Well the short answer is that I’m on an extended paid vacation. However if you’d like a more detailed explanation just click on the links below.

1. An explanation of who and what we are and what we are doing in China.

2. Where we are currently.

3. Some of the other places we’ve been. 1. 2.

4. Our stories of our Chinese { Mis } Adventures.

I hope you enjoy your cyber tour of China.

S.T. and The Gang

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