D.D.’s Kodak Moments – It’s An Alice In Wonderland World # 2

Night Cruising The Pearl River In Guangzhou , China

Dear Friends  :

If you ever bring your significant other to Guangzhou make sure you take him / her on a very romantic Pearl River Night Cruise. Cam promises you that if you do , either before or after a nice dinner at The Railroad on Shamian Island you’ll get lucky. Make sure and wear a raincoat. When you get lucky I mean. D.D. supports safe sex. Have fun and enjoy your cruise — BOTH of them.

D.D.’s Kodak Moments – ” It’s An Alice In Wonderland World ” 1


Hu Ho Qi And The Guangzhou Gangsters Rock Shamian Island

Dear Readers :

Hu Ho Qi gave an impromptu outdoor concert on Shamian Island today. Once the word spread that Hu was rockin’ the joint pandemonium broke loose. CNBC’ correspondent C.C. Corder who just happened to be on vacation on Shamian Island ran and got her camcorder so she could bring you LIVE footage. You’ll see this ONLY on CNBC.

Enjoy the videos

Singing For Your Supper Guangzhou Style On The Pearl River

D.D.Lumix’s China Travel Blog

Singing For Your Supper Guangzhou Style { # 1 }


By D.D. Lumix With A Little Help From Her ” Owner ” Spaced Teacher

This is C.C. speaking. Recently S.T. ,  D.D. Fred and I went exploring in The Eastern Section of the city. As usual D.D. was futtzzing with her shutter priority , S.T. was looking at the pretty girls and Fred was trying to mooch a meal as best he could. I however was as usual taking care of business. Check out what I captured on The Pearl River Esplanade near Dongshanhu Park.

I hope you enjoy them

Making A Joyful Noise At The Guangzhou Shifu Baptist

Dear Readers :

When He said ”  Make a joyful noise ” this Congregation was certainly listening.

These are videos of The Guangzhou Shifu Baptist Church Choir. We hope you enjoy them.



Old Man River

Dear Readers :

Thanks to the kindhearted nature and Christian attitude of one of our readers CNBC  is now able to place our own original video directly in our posts. There will be no more re-directing to another site to view our videos. If the truth be told this benevolent person for reasons that are a complete mystery to me is addicted to my writing , photography and videography. Shhh !! There is no reason to mention anything  about her addiction to her. Addiction is such an UGLY word. Let’s just indulge her and call it as she does ” one of life’s little pleasures. ”   That doesn’t hurt anybody does it? Below is our first video. I have titled it  ” Old Man River”. It’s a video of Dongshanhu Park in the Eastern Section of Guangzhou , China and focusing on The Pearl River. We hope you enjoy it.


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