NOT In MY Bistro !!! C’est La Guerre !!!

Breaking News !!! Breaking News !!! Breaking News !!!

Dateline Paris , France March 23 , 2011 Cracker News Broadcasting Corp. — The OTHER CNBC

Reliable sources have informed us that Paris is under attack by Libyan Forces. As we speak The Bedouin Batallions, Camel Cavalry Divison , are marching down the Champs Elysse in full shade and meeting no resistance. Moamar Gadafi is said to be lunching on hummus and goat cheese at a local Bistro while preparing to accept the unconditional French surrender. The chef at this bistro, Mssr. Jean – Phillipe Degas , is distraught over being forced to make such non French food. C’est la guerre he shouted indignantly !!!!RESIST!!! RESIST !!! mes ami. Chefs all over France have accepted the challenge. Our reporters tell us that you can hear the rattle and hum of saute pans all over France being raised in defiance of the Camel Jockeys of The Bedouin Batallions. The French Army meanwhile has done what they always  do so very well. They have surrendered unconditionally , quoted the Geneva Convention’s Rules On The Treatment Of P.O.W.’s and asked for lunch.

General Claude DeChutzpah , the leader of the French Resistance Forces and his 12 conscripts have gone into hiding somewhere in the S.W. of France. Sources inform us that Gen. DeChutzpah has been quoted as saying the following ” Mon Dieu !!! Hummus and goat cheese being served at the Champs Elyssee Bistros !!! C’est la guerre !!!Pierre call Washington and London  — QUICKLY !!!

President Obama upon being informed of the dire situation of the French chuckled and  took a five minute break from his golf game to dispatch a troop of Cub Scouts from Hackensack  , N.J. to deal with the problem. CNBC wonders if this incident will be part of the itinerary for the next installment of President Obama’s World Apology Tour?

Prime Minister David Cameron of The United Kingdom when informed of the French predicament invoked his right to indulge in the British National Custom as regards the French. He ignored them totally and completely as the British are wont to do.

President Hu JinTao of The People’s Republic Of China when asked for comment by the foreign press had the following comment. ” The Chinese National Goal is to construct a ” Harmonious Society “. We support that lofty goal for all nations of the world. We strongly urge all parties involved to convene a meeting at The United Nations for talks. “

If there is anybody more useless in these conflicts than the French it is the Chinese. Now you knew I wasn’t going to let you get away without making at least one editorial comment. lol

Not to worry readers the Cub Scouts will take care of the problem. France WILL be saved by the Americans YET AGAIN !!!!

Reporting Live from Paris , France  for CNBC Marie Michelle Montcalme.

Please note that ABSOLUTELY ZERO Cub Scouts were harmed in the writing of this story. The Bedouin Battallions on the other hand were  TERMINATED WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE !!

THAT will teach them to mess with The Cub Scouts From Da ‘ Hood.

Flour  to the Crackers !!! We SHALL bake .

Now go spread your crumbs around Crackers !!



The George Bush Fault


Dateline : Philadelphia , Pa. March 11 , 2011  CNBC  {Cracker News Broadcasting Corp. – The OTHER CNBC

{Updated on Aug. 23 , 2011}

Perhaps The Cute Brown Kitties A.K.A. The New Black Panther Party were right all along. The story below was originally written on March 11, 2011. Could it be that in view of what has happened today that as a very famous  Black Agitator has so eloquently said our ” chickens are coming home to roost?”  DAMN that George Bush !!!

Clarence ” Trashmouth ” Hankins , The Director of Communications for The Cute Brown Kitties A.K.A. The New Black Panther Party in conjunction with the usual Rogues Gallery of Poverty Pimps Minister ” Calypso ” Louis Farrakhan of The Nation Of Islam , The Reverend Al ” Tawana ” Sharpton  of Operation PUSH, The Rev. Jessie ” Hymie Town ” Jackson of The Rainbow Coalition , Mr. Ben Envious of The N.A.A.C.P. ,  and Morris ” Suspicious Minds ” Dees of The Southern Poverty Law Center have just announced a law suit against the U.S. Geological Society ,The U.S. Government and George Bush. The basis of the suit is that the above mentioned people and entities have known for twenty years of the impending doom that struck Japan yesterday and offered no warning to anybody. It would seem that these folks believe that Mr. Bush’s twisted sense of humor caused him to name an earthquake fault that was discovered by the U.S. Geological Society on the very day of his first inauguration and kept form the general public for all these years ” The George Bush Fault .”   Mr. Clarence ”  Trashmouth ” Hankins acting as the spokesman for the group offered the following comment. ” These racist Crackas have known of this impending disaster for years and have been engaged in a racist plot to decimate the Noble People of The Great And Just Panther Nation and all other people of color. We stand in solidarity with our Yellow Brothers against this insidious racist plot.” In a twist on a Golden Oldie from past days Mr. Hankins continued by saying ” In came the Bush tide and people died. ” Let’s just say that Mr. Hankins is in no immediate danger of becoming a song or slogan writer any time soon. Yes yes I know — ” Editorial comment. } lol Here is another one. CNBC wonders what Universe these folks hail from? lol Paranoia strikes deep Kitty’s. Into your life it will creep. lol

Mr. Takahishi Watanabe the official spokesman of the Japanese Government when asked for a comment by CNBC replied as follows. ” Keek wook hai singeruee man shoi ” which loosely translated means ” Who the Hell is this Dumbass?

Stay tuned to CNBC for further developments in this story as they break

Reporting from Philadelphia . Pennsylvania for CNBC  Jean- Pierre ” Shakes ” LaPointe

Flour to the Crackers. We SHALL bake !!!

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If You Can Remember The 60’s You WEREN’T There !!

Breaking News !!! Breaking News !!! Breaking News !!!

Dateline :  Madison , Wisconsin March 4 , 2011 CNBC { Cracker News Broadcasting Corp. — The OTHER CNBC }

The Republican Governor of Wisconsin The Honorable Scott Walker has just authorized an A.P.B { All Points Bulletin } to be issued for the 14  runaway Democratic State legislatures that are protesting the Democratic process in Wisconsin. Gov. Walker has authorized all necessary force save lethal force to return the layabout legislators to the Wisconsin Statehouse and force them to to do their jobs. CNBC thinks it would be a wonderful turn of events and do the country as a whole a tremendous amount of good to see these elected juvenile delinquents returned in shackles and shown all the courtesy that a deadbeat dad would be shown. Everything considered there really isn’t much difference between a deadbeat dad and these recalcitrant Hippies. Yes yes I know editorial comment.

CNBC sources inform us that these self proclaimed Civil Disobeyers are heading to the 1960’s in search of their Utopia. Who knew that Madison , Wi. once a hotbed of Liberalism would turn into the best of America’s heartland. Who could blame a committed Liberal for seeking to go back to the future under such odious conditions? CNBC thinks America needs to tell these Licentious Legislators that they are NOT Henry David Thoreau and Madison , Wi. is NOT Walden Pond. Yes yes I know editorial comments all. Below is the last known picture of these ” Vagabonds of Virtue “. That really is how they see themselves. Talk about  an optical delusion !!

Wisconsin State Police advise the American citizenry that while these fugitives are not armed with charm , civility or common sense they are nevertheless to be considered extremely dangerous for that very reason. If you should see one of them just feed them an enhanced brownie , play Purple Haze on the stereo and call your local authorities. Don’t worry they won’t be going anywhere. ” The colors man !! Groovy . “

God help you Max Yasgur !!

Reporting from Madison , Wisconsin for CNBC  Trevor McIntosh

Flour to the people!! We SHALL bake !!

Now go spread your crumbs around Crackers

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