The Holy Prayer Of The Bruin Nation

Dear Congregants we are gathered here tonight in support of our heroic Army , The Badass Bruins ,which shall venture forth into The Citadel of Beliveau soon to do battle with The Hated Habs. Let  us pray.

 Yea though we skate through The Valley Of The Shadows Of Gionta And  Cammalleri we shall fear no Evil Subban of the North for we skate in the Divine Light of Our Massive God Chara , Neutralizer Of The Demons Of The Eastern And Western Realms. He shall call upon His Annointed One The Mighty Tim , Stoner Of  The Scorers and  there shall be no need to fear any Demon Of The Realms. The Demons Ovechkin , Giroux , Miller , Lecavelier , Crosby , Thornton , Doughty , Rinne , Sedin, Toews , and Datsyuk shall no longer strike fear into the hearts of the Citizens Of Bruin Nation. The Curse of Gilbert shall be lifted. O.K. O.K. we DO fear The Tricky Demon Datsyuk of The Winged Wheel A LITTLE. That’s why it’s called FAITH.

The Mighty Tim , Stoner Of The Scorers

Now go forth Badass Bruins on your journey on Lord Stanley’s road and bring home The Cherished Chalice  to Beantown.

The Curse of Gilles Gilbert is no more !!

And The Angels Cried

    And The Angels Cried

By Paul Stanner

” All Rise ” His voice shattered her reverie like  a whisper in the library. She had been thinking about how strange it was that the biggest murder trial in the history of America would be starting during The Easter Season , the season of new life and renewed hope. Her name was Colleen Callahan and she was a brilliant  Assistant U.S. Attorney who was on the fast track to a bright future. None of that mattered to her now. This case was too important to lose for reasons that had nothing to do with her career and she was very concerned that her abilities were not up to the task. Her Boss had no such misgivings about her abilities, motivation or dedication.

” Miss Callahan present your case please ” ” Your honor the facts of all of our victims lives are similar however the circumstances of their deaths are all exactly the same. Since there are way too many victims of this soulless vicious predatory killer to present here we will with your kind indulgence present the pertinent information of one victim and let her case speak for all the victims.” ” You may proceed Miss Callahan. “

” Michelle Harris was female. Michelle Harris was Black. She would have attended Princeton University. She would have had a long career as a Doctor. She would have discovered a cure for cancer. She would have had four children. She would have had ten grandchildren. One of her grandchildren would have become President and another would have become an astronaut. She would have been a devoted Mother and Wife. She would have done wondrous things for her community. Her husband would have negotiated a just and lasting peace in the Middle East. But it was not to be Your Honor for you see Michelle Harris was unwanted. She was given over to The Executioner Of Blood Commerce to do as he would with her.”

And the Angels cried !!!

” There was no funeral Your Honor. Nobody cried , nobody sang a hymn , nobody sent flowers , nobody put up a sign of remembrance , nobody laid a teddy bear at a make shift shrine. Upon her death the Angels brought her to sit at the side of her maker where I pray that she has found peace and can find forgiveness in her heart.”

” Your honor this Executioner is a particularly vicious , vile and evil predatory killer. His victims number in the millions. They come from all races and socieoe-economic strata of society although a disproportionate number are Black and female. They have names such as Harris , Chen , Nguyen , Radpal , O’Leary and Shapiro. His victims are also not just the human beings that lose their lives but you see Sir he also preys on women in frequently dire circumstances. He is soulless and without mercy Sir. The facts of his victims lives are always similar and the facts of his vicitms deaths are always exactly the same. “

” And always Sir the Angels cry !! “

” Your Honor this prosecution would like to ask you for mercy as you see fit for many of the women victims of this killer who preyed upon their dire circumstances. Many of them Sir truly did not know what they did. This prosecution strongly urges absolutely no mercy be shown to anybody that practiced The Executioners Art Of Blood Commerce. Our fervent hope is that you will consign them to the darkest corner of Hell for eternity.”

“The Prosecution rests Your Honor. “

” Court is adjourned for jury deliberations “

All that was left for her to do now was wait for the verdict. She felt the need for  for a good stiff drink. Her and her team adjourned to the local pub for lunch and a belt. They were there for barely an hour when they were summonsed back to court. The jury was in with their verdict.

” Court is in session. All Rise. ” ” Angels of the jury have you reached a verdict.” Yes Your honor. In the matter of the women that were deceived by this Executioner we find them guilty but concur with the Prosecution’s recommendation of mercy for most of them. In the matter of The Executioners Of Blood Commerce we find them ALL guilty of the most heinous genocide ever perpetrated against humanity. We concur with the prosecution that no mercy should be shown to them. ” ” Angels your verdict is accepted. As regards the women that you would like to show mercy to they will be reprimanded to my custody until such time as you get back from the job I’m about to give you at which time we will discuss their suitable punishment. As for The Executioners Of Blood Commerce please escort them to The Fallen One with my compliments. He is awaiting their arrival. Now remove this filth from my Courtroom.  Court is adjourned. “

Two months after the conclusion of the trial Miss Callahan’s Boss reassigned her to a new position. She is now the Lead Council and Executive Director of The Michelle Harris Memorial. The Yad Vashem Of The Unborn as it were . She has never been happier.

Michelle Harris has found forgiveness in her heart.

And the Angels cry no more.

By Paul Stanner.

Ladies and Gentlemen during this Easter season CNBC and I would like those of you that have had an abortion or worse yet those that have performed one to consider your answer to this question when your time comes.  ” Why did you make my Angels cry? “

Dedicated to Esther Ferencz A.K.A. Queen Yes Dear

Happy Easter.

The Apostasy Blues


Dateline : N.Y.C. Oct. 27 , 2011 Cracker News Broadcasting Corp. — The OTHER CNBC

CNBC has a news scoop from the world of entertainment for our readers today.

CNBC sources have been able to confirm that the fun loving explosive rock band ” One Way Ticket ” from Damascus , Syria has converted to Christianity and defected to America. They will be appearing at Mr. Kinky Friedman’s Good Friday “Friday Night  Rocking With The Soldiers Of Allah Concert And Pig Roast ” at which they’ll sing ” Ask The Blind Man ” and a song specifically written for this even titled ” The Apostasy Blues “. At the conclusion of the concert they will be making personal appearances at Snoop Dogg’s night spot “ Mo’s Palace Of The Heavenly Virgins ” and The Village People’s club “ The Flaming Infidel ” at which they will autograph your Bible for you and talk with you about God’s love and their great good fortune in discovering The Great I Am.

Mr. Friedman has signed them to a multi – million dollar recording contract with his music empire Crusader Records and is promoting their concert tour of Christian venues all over N. America.

When  asked for a comment by CNBC Mr. Friedman replied thusly : ” Even the fuckwit Muslim’s money is green. This is good business. Allahu Akhbar !!”

Kinky Friedman

CNBC thinks Kinky has HUGE stones and wonders if there is a Fatwa in his future? We’ll bet that Kinky’s not terribly worried about that possibility. lo CNBC also thinks this could get real interesting?

We look forward to seeing many of our readers at Mr. Friedman’s Good Friday concert.

Reporting for CNBC from N.Y.C. Juan ” Big Horn ” Medilla

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Flour to the Crackers !! We SHALL bake !!!

Now  go spread your crumbs around Crackers !!!


The Bonfire Of The Sanities { Kinky Does It AGAIN !! }



Dateline N.Y.C. :  April 5 , 2011 Cracker News Broadcasting Corp. — The OTHER CNBC

Lady and Gentlemen Crackers CNBC has a huge scoop from the world of entertainment for you today. The Man With The Midas Touch A.K.A. Mr. Richard ” Kinky ” Friedman in conjunction with his good Cracker buddies Snoop Dogg and The Village People have scheduled a trifecta of world class entertainment that will commence with Kinky’s  Good Friday “Friday Night Rocking With The Soldiers Of Allah Concert And Pig Roast. ” The theme for this concert will be ” Burn A Koran Night ” Anybody that brings a Koran to throw on The Bonfire Of  The Sanities will be rewarded with some very special gifts. More on that  in a moment. The very special Master Of The Bonfire for this evening will be none other than the Reverend Terry Jones. God knows he’s earned that right. Yes yes I know — editorial comment. Do we have to go through this EVERY time?? !! lol

Reverend Jones will commence the evening’s festivities with The Lord’s Prayer and then ignite the Bonfire Of The Sanities. Reverend Jones will also have the honor of toasting the first marshmallow. In a particularly  humorous touch Kinky has arranged for Rev. Jones personal body guard to be none other then the Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man from the movie Ghost Busters. ” Who ya gonna call Jihadis? ” Kinky does have a delicious streak of humor in his make up. lol Yes yes I know — editorial comment again. Do you guys EVER get tired of pointing that out to me?

The schedule of the evening’s entertainment is as announced below.

The Gaither Vocal Band ” Second Fiddle “

The Reverend Jeremiah Kright singing ” Oh Sweet Jesus “

Please be advised that this is a love song written by The Rev for The Rocking Burqa Babes whom the Rev became smitten with at one of Kinky’s concerts.

The 16 Guns Lady Fighter Pilot Revue singing ” 16 Guns “

” 16 guns and what do you get ? Another day older and closer to death ” You can run Jihadis but you can’t hide from these VERY angry Lady fighter pilots. lol Do you really NEED to remind me that that was yet another editorial comment? lol

The Reverend Matthias MacPherson singing ” The Battle Hymn Of The Republic “

This segment of the evening’s entertainment will conclude as always with Kinky Friedman and His Texas Jewboys singing ” They Ain’t Making Jews Like Jesus Anymore “

Unconfirmed rumors have it that that explosive musical group ” One Way Ticket ” from Damascus Syria have converted to Christianity and may make an appearance at Kinky’s show to sing ” Ask The Blind Man — He Saw It All ” Kinky will neither confirm nor deny this rumor. The Devil makes him do that. lol

And now as promised a word about Kinky’s , Snoops and TVP’s gifts  to you.

Upon tossing your Koran into The Bonfire Of  The Sanities and a pledge of  $ 10.00 to the 911 Survivors Fund you will receive a voucher for a roast pork dinner and a Burqa Lap Dance at Snoop Dogg’s nightclub ” Mo’s Palace Of The Heavenly Virgins ” Admit it guys you’ve ALWAYS wondered what’s behind that burqa. lol Unconfirmed rumors have it that Mo’s Ladies will be mixing with the audience guys. In addition to these gifts you will also be treated to a concert by The Village People in which they will debut their newest song ” The Flaming Jihadi Blues “. This is a singular honor readers in that since The Village People’s opening of their own club ” The Flaming Infidel ” they NEVER perform anywhere else anymore. Kinky and Snoop apparently are very persuasive.

CNBC can’t wait for Good Friday. We look forward to seeing many of our readers there.


Reporting from N.Y.C. for CNBC   Honey Huggins

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Flour to the Crackers !!! We SHALL bake !!!

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The Birth Of A Country Legend. { Everybody Can Write An Urban Myth lol }


Dateline : Crawford Tx. April 4 ,  2011. Cracker News Broadcasting Corp. — The OTHER CNBC

President Obama’s long form birth certificate has been found under the porch of George Bush’s Crawford Texas ranch house.  According to our local sources Crawford  is said to be under virtual lock down by Federal Agents . One local TEA Party member described the scene thusly : ” We haven’t seen this many Federal Agents in one place since The One’s team discovered a ten year old girl’s tax free unregulated lemonade stand. How nice it would have been if the Fort Hood terrorist attack had received this much attention. “

CNBC sources within the F.B.I. report that when President Bush was asked by the F.B.I. how The Usurper In Chief’s long form birth certificate came to be under his porch answered thusly ” Well Laura and I had Billiary over for barbeque last week perhaps you should speak to them. ” Our sources report that the F.B.I. was NOT amused. CNBC on the other hand is highly amused. lol

Our sources within the various Poverty Pimp’s Organizations report that the usual Rogues Gallery of Race Agitators are on their way to Crawford to counter attack this vile racist plot against President Obama.

At present there are no further details to this story. Please stay tuned to CNBC for updates as they emerge.

Reporting from Crawford Tx.  for CNBC Angel Vasquez

Flour to the Crackers !! We SHALL bake !!

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If It Ain’t One Thing It’s Another


Dateline : San Francisco , Ca. Cracker News Broadcasting Corp. — The OTHER NBC

George Bush has filed a Missing Person’s Report on Cindy Sheehan. It seems that Bush 43 noticed that Ms. Sheehan disappeared shortly after her President , The Usurper In Chief announced the start of his 3rd war against Libya and is concerned for her whereabouts and safety. When asked by CNBC for a comment Bush 43 replied thusly : ” Laura and I had grown very fond of Ms. Sheehan in her time at our ranch in Crawford , Tx. We were so looking forward to renewing our friendship and advising her on how to deal with U.I.C. Laura had even baked some wonderful chocolate chip cookies to welcome Ms. Sheehan and her Anti War Agitators back to Crawford since this war also is so obviously George Bush’s fault. Please come back Cindy , Laura and I miss you. “

Reliable CNBC sources within The TEA Party Movement have informed us that Ms. Sheehan having grown weary of the Anti War Movement  is looking for a new fight and is thusly headed to Wisconsin to join the battle over public unions there.

CNBC misses Bush 43’s humor greatly. The same can not be said for Ms. Sheehan or U.I.C. Now tell the truth readers you ALWAYS knew it was George Bush’s fault. lol

Reporting for CNBC from San Francisco California Linda Depasquale Perez Gonzalez Antifuermo

Flour to the people !! We SHALL bake !!!

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