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Cracker News Broadcasting Corp. — The Other CNBC

Dateline Kleveland , Tx. Nov. 15 , 2011


     Ladies and gentlemen CNBC has a troubling story for you today from the worlds of culture and the internet. It seems that Clarence ” Trashmouth ” Hankins of The Cute Brown Kitties er er I mean The New Black Panther Party has inspired some Crackers on the lunatic fringe of The Great And Mighty Cracker Nation to respond in a rather unique way to his constant diatribes against the Cracker people. These Crackers have started a website called The New KKK with the goal of getting their message heard. We are not certain yet if The Cute Brown Kitties are aware of The New KKK’s site but we have our sources trying to track down ” Trashmouth ” in the hinterlands of Liberia for comment. Yes yes he is still hiding from Wendy Emily Bustnuttz. To see what  The New KKK   is up to just click on the link.

I guess that neither CNBC or anybody else for that matter should be terribly surprised that for every New Black Panther Party there is bound to be a New KKK. Yes I know that was an editorial comment. Get off my ass will you please. We’ve been over this a million times.

Stay tuned to CNBC for further details in this story as they emerge and we’re sure they will very soon. CNBC can find ” Trashmouth ” even in the hinterlands of Liberia. You can run ” Trashmouth ” but you can’t hide from the Cracker or Wendy Emily Bustnutzz for that matter. We’re coming for you!!!

Reporting from Cleveland Tx. for CNBC Graham T. Wheat

Flour To The Crackers !!! We SHALL bake !!!

Now go spread your crumbs around Crackers !!!

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