Get Over It !!!

I have been writing this blog for 5 years now and in all that time I’ve only managed to aggravate two readers to the point where they have taken serious issue with me.Now those of you that read me on a consistent basis are probably surprised by this revelation on my part considering that I am no shrinking violet when it comes to voicing my opinion on the issues of the day. I call them like I see them and P.C. considerations be damned. The chips can fall where they may as far as I’m concerned. Today I’m going to speak about the two charming and delightful young women I managed to aggravate so highly.

The first young woman got extremely annoyed at me over this article ” Equal Justice In The Land Of The Rainbow Fascists “. Her specific objection was to the picture immediately below. She felt that to picture Gay Jewish Klansman for understanding and tolerance was an attack on the Jews /Israel. Apparently the absurdity and irony of the picture escaped her. Perhaps she didn’t read the picture as well as look at it. Perhaps she is humor challenged. Perhaps she is just naive. All of those probabilities are certainly possible. I think that there is a far more likely reason  though which I shall discuss momentarily.

The second young lady got annoyed with me over this article. ” Call Me Gerry “. In this article I offered what I thought then and still think now was valid constructive criticism of the woman that wrote the article I was discussing and two two ethnic groups. You’re probably way ahead of me. lol You guessed it one of those groups was the Jews. She felt that my criticism was an attack on Jews  /  Israel. She was very vehement in her response to me. Curiously she had nothing to say about my criticism of the Blacks and Chinese. Actually it was quite to the contrary , she thought my observations regarding those groups was valid. It totally escaped her that that attitude on her part proved my point which was that EVERYBODY believes that the difficulties in life of their own group / tribe are always more severe , important and worthy than anybody else’s group. It astounds me constantly how some people choose to be so willfully ignorant. It mystifies me how this young woman could in all seriousness play the race card against me considering her own attitude.Now as to the real reason why these young ladies got so very angry with me in my opinion. They are just two more amongst millions of people in this country with a perceived grievance and a chip on their shoulder. I have a little very good and free advice for them. GET OVER IT !! You live in America. There is not going to be another Holocaust here. Not every criticism of Israel  /   the Jews emanates from a Nazi and is not rooted in anti- Semitism. A Nazi does not lurk in every shadow !!!

O.K. O.K. I’ll concede that the Grammar Nazis are everywhere and are a major pain in the ass but seriously Ladies —

Now with your kind indulgence I’m going to launch a little preemptive strike here and discuss the other groups that were in my article.

To the young Black woman that Jumped The Broom With A White Guy. To suggest that your White husband has NEVER been called a name meant to dehumanize and demean him is way beyond arrogance on your part. To suggest that he needs to ” toughen up” as you put it because he has NEVER had a slur directed his way just doubles down on that arrogance. You are yet another  person with a perceived grievance and a chip on her shoulder that believes her difficult experiences in life are more important than anybody else’s. GET OVER IT !!

To my 20 year old Chinese students who think that ONLY they were victimized by the Japanese in WW 2.  No Japanese person your age was involved in this. When you so indulge your hatred of these Japanese in such vocal and demeaning ways you are only showing your own ignorance. By the way do NOT  EVER tell an American that he doesn’t understand your pain. There are thousands of our soldiers lying in underwater graves to this very day at Pearl Harbor that were victims of the Japanese attack. There are thousands more lying in places all over the South Pacific like Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima. I would remind you that if it were not for the Americans , British , Aussies , Koreans , and Thais amongst others you would in all probability be speaking Japanese to this very day. Do not disrespect yourselves by showing your ignorance  by means of your hatred of today’s Japanese or by your disrespect of the memory of those that kept China free. GET OVER IT !!!

I would like to take a moment and address my Black and Hispanic friends and all other minorities.

I have good news and bad news for you. The good news is that you have won The Civil Rights Battle. The bad news is that you are in very serious danger of losing The Civil Rights War. Take the chip off your shoulder and join with your AMERICAN Brothers and Sisters and enjoy the blessing God has bestowed upon you. This is America 2011 Jim Crow does not lurk in every shadow. GET OVER IT !!!

In closing I would like to say something to my Democrat / Liberal / Progressive friends.

There are NO Sacred Cows !!

I invite your comments

Wendy Emily Bustnuttzz Outs Trashmouth


Dateline : Hollywood Ca. July 22 , 2011

Cracker News Broadcasting Corp. – The OTHER CNBC

Having issued a warning to the offending party that went unheeded Feminist Attorney Wendy Emily Bustnuttzz today escalated substantially the war between The Confused Man – Children Of Philadelphia er er er I mean The New Black Panther Party and more specifically it’s Director Of Communications Clarence ” Trashmouth ” Hankins. Ms. Bustnuttzz has ” outed ” ” Trashmouth “. When asked by CNBC for a comment about today’s outing Ms Bustnuttz said the following : ” When you are going to represent yourself as a strong powerful Black Man and leader of the Black community it would be wise to make sure there are no skeletons in your closet. Your serve Trashmouth. “

It would appear that ” Trashmouth ” has been leading a secret life outside the public glare. Below are some photos of that life. CNBC is certain you’ll find them interesting and entertaining.

There he is Ladies and Gentlemen Clarence ”  Trashmouth ”  Hankins and His Posse in their alternate personnae  “The Bronze Bucckeroo And The South Central Cowpokes “. Who are those guys in The Bronze Buckeroo’s Posse they look familiar. Nah it couldn’t be !! lol  CNBC thinks those guys might be King Mal and The Two Revs. We’ll get to the bottom of that story in due course.

Well it would seem that ” Trashmouth “has a taste for Cracker Culture.  CNBC  thinks this  is very strange  behavior from a strong militant Black man that advocates ” killing the Cracka babies “. CNBC also thinks that it’s OK to have an alternate personna and that “Trashmouth” should embrace  his Inner Buckeroo. Afterall we all have a skeleton in our closet or in some cases a  Cracka in the woodpile as it were. Escape that cultural closet you’ve confined yourself to Bronze Buckeroo and walk towards the right. Your Cracka family is waiting to welcome you. There are advantages.

Below is The Bronze Buckeroo in his youth. It would seem that even then Trashmouth had Cracka proclivities. Who is that Melanin Deficient young woman Bronze Buckeroo?

Reporting from Hollywood Ca. for CNBC  Ismelda ” Cowgirl” Perez

To see the preceding chapters in this cultural clash please click here and here.

Power to the Crackers !! We SHALL bake !!

Now go spread your crumbs around Crackers !!

Call Me Gerry

One of the convenient features I have as owner of this site is the ability to see who is visiting my site. I can tell you that I get many such visits. I can also tell you that from time to time I write about those visits. Today is one of those days.

A few days ago I had a visit from what I assume to be one of the two owners of a website called Beyond Black And White. With an intriguing name such as that I decided to pay them a visit.  When arriving at their site the first thing you’ll see is their eye catching and intriguing logo you see above. They had me hooked. I stayed for a prolonged visit. Now you’ve probably already figured out that this website has volumes to say about the relationship between the races. There is a great deal of focus on interracial dating , usually Black women with White men. Loving the Nubian Goddesses as much as the next guy I dove in headfirst and read a few articles. The one article , so far ,that caught my attention was titled  Jumping The Broom With A White Boy by Chrystelyn D. Karazin who is as best as I can determine one of the owners of this blog.

This is a touching story of Ms. Karazin’s difficulties in finding a Black soul mate for a husband and her awakening to the realization that she was limiting her choices by insisting on a Black man for the job. Ultimately Ms. Karazin falls in love with her Prince Charming who just happens to be Melanin Deficient. God does indeed work in mysterious ways. She goes on to speak about the difficulties they will face in the future as an interracial couple and about her experiences with some nasty White racists in her youth. This is a great story and extremely well written. I  would highly recommend that you read it. There is however one fly in the ointment.

Speaking about the difficulties she and her husband will face in the future together and her hope that he will understand  why certain racist behavior and words make her crazy she says the following : ” When it was time to take the leap my palms slick with sweat , part of me was giddy with love and promise , the other , secret part, was full of fear and dread. I would begin a life with a man that had never known bald prejudice , never been called a name meant to humiliate and dehumanize him. He would have to understand why that word had so much power , how it could cause me to crumble into tears. He would have to toughen up to hear a few slurs of his own ,  now that he was going to be married to me.”

I’m astounded that someone of Mrs. Karazin’s age can believe that ANYBODY could go through life having ” never been called a name meant to humiliate and dehumanize him.” I have news for you Mrs. Karazin being called a honky is as demeaning to White people as being called a Nigger is to Black people. Being called a spic is as demeaning to Puerto Ricans  as being called a nigger is to you. Being called a wetback is as demeaning to a Mexican as being called a nigger is to you. etc etc etc. Having the race card played against you every single time a White person has a political or social disagreement with a Black person because he thinks he sees The Shadow Of Jim Crow rearing it’s ugly head is extremely dehumanizing and demeaning.The intent of the perpetrator is exactly the same in all instances. I’m astounded that someone of Mrs. Karazin’s age could think that ANYBODY goes through life without facing ” bald prejudice “. I have news for you Mrs. Karazin not getting a job or accepted into university that you richly deserve because you are White , male , female ,  Asian , chronologically advanced , from the wrong side of the tracks or a myriad of other reasons is as demeaning to those people as it would be to a Black person being denied solely because he /she was black. And the intent of the perpetrator of  this act is always the same. I’m astounded that someone of Mrs. Karazin’s age and current situation could view her Melanin Deficient  husband as not tough enough and in need of hearing a few slurs in that regard. I would ask you Mrs. Karazin is there anybody more hated in modern American society than the White man?  Your husband goes out into that world everyday and faces that hate and deals with it effectively. At the end of the day he comes home to you and loves you for who you are.  Mrs.Karazin if you truly believe that your husband had never in his life heard a slur meant to dehumanize and humiliate him you are naive to the point of being dangerous. The truth be told Mrs. Karazin your husband is a man of great courage and patience. He goes into that hateful world every day and deals with it for his family and he married a strong capable Black woman. Tell me Mrs. Karazin what does he have to do to convince you? Speaking quite frankly Mrs. Karazin I think you need to do a lot of soul searching about your worldview. Perhaps it’s time to focus on and accentuate your humanity instead of your ” Blackness “. I also think you owe your husband a profuse apology. After the apology a night of wild passionate abandon is probably in order. Just joking about that Mrs.

Why is it that the victims of such vile racism are usually so dismissive of other people’s pain and experiences? Shouldn’t these be the very people that understand other people’s similar pain and experiences the best? Is their dismissal of other people’s pain and experiences based in arrogance ,ignorance or naivete ? I don’t pretend to know the answer to the first question . I’ll just file it  as ” a question for the ages “. I do know that this phenomenon is not exclusive to Black people. I have a theory about the second question. I think that depending on the circumstances of the pain / experience and the identity of  the perpetrator it could be any of the three. I’ll leave it to the reader to reach his own conclusions in the examples I’ve discussed.

As most of you know by now I have been teaching at Chinese universities for the last ten years. In a few minutes I will have a question to ask you and some observations to make. Before I ask you that question and make those observations I want you to keep in mind that  my students range in age from 18 – 24 . Now for my question. Can anybody tell me what similarly aged Japanese people have done to China?  The vast majority of Chinese people have a vile hatred of the Japanese based in  past history . The Chinese hate what the Japanese people of  THAT time did to China in the pre – WW 2 Era. They also hate that Japan won’t acknowledge their past history and apologize and that the Japanese Prime Minister visits their shrine to their war dead every year. They are very vocal about this hatred and they don’t care who hears them, how ignorant it makes them sound or what anybody thinks of them for their vocalization of this hatred. Now when I try to explain why the Japanese are like they are they intensely hate me. Well I’m American so this does not scare me or intimidate me. Actually it pisses me off to the max. No amount of explaining to them that the more they pressure Japan about this the less likely they are to get what they want helps them understand. The more they vandalize Japanese property in China the less likely they are to get what they want . They more they bitch about the Japanese Prime Minister paying his respects to his country’s war dead the less likely they are to get what they want . It never occurs to them that ALL countries including their own honor their war dead in a similar manner.  All of this goes to no avail. They continue in their disgusting ways. Not to worry though I have a plan. These little fuckwits are going to learn something if it kills them and gives me high blood pressure and migraines which it usually does. I change my tactics.

I ask them ” Do you think you Chinese are the ONLY ones that suffered at the hands of the Japanese ? ” The vast majority of them do indeed think that since they do not get educated otherwise. The Chinese government you see is ONLY concerned with China and Chinese suffering. Some of the smarter ones do know the true story though. They are the ones you see beginning to change their attitudes. I remind them of all the other people that suffered at the hands of the Japanese. The S. Koreans , The Thais, The Filipinos , The Malays , The British , The Aussies , the Americans ad infinitum. Well I ask what do you have to say about their suffering? What do you have to say about those people forgiving the Japanese and moving on? Now you can really see the smart ones thinking about this and giving it some serious consideration. The fuckwits however still remain fucktwitted. And now being an American and knowing of those bodies of American service men lying at the bottom of Pearl Harbor I get really angry with them and berate them loudly and publicly about their ignorance and arrogance. Now their hatred of me equals that of their hatred of the Japanese. “But teacher you don’t understand what they did to us.” Can you believe this arrogance that a 20 year old Chinese kid would say this to someone who’s father fought the Japanese in China to keep the Chinese free? I remind them that if it weren’t for the Americans with the help of all those other folks mentioned above the class they are currently sitting in would be being taught in Japanese. At this point the hatred of me is do thick that you could cut it with a knife. Trust me when I tell you folks that the line of people that want a piece of me is a long one and distinguished by their infamy. You don’t really think I’m concerned about these little fuckwit Chinese students do you? They need to hear the truth!! Guess who is going to tell them? lol Pay attention I was of the last generation that actually received a good education from the American school system. You’re about to see what your long ago spent tax dollars bought you.

For the next four weeks these little fuckwit’s assignments are to give talks on the following topics : ” The Tuskeegee Airman ” ” The Navajo Code Talkers ” ” the movies ” Pearl Harbor ”  ” King Rat ” ” Tora !! Tora !! Tora !!  ” The Telemark Raids ”  and ” The Flying Tigers ” FDR’s ” Day Of  Infamy ” speech and the famous quote from the Japanese Admiral about awakening the sleeping giant. I also remind them quite forcefully about what happened to Japan at the end of the war lest any of them are entertaining any nasty ideas for the future. At the conclusion of this four weeks of study the smart kids come to me and thank me for what I’ve done for them and tell me now they understand. I’ve won!! And the fuckwits well they will ALWAYS be fuckwits. It’s enough for me that I tortured them with their own stupidity for four weeks. I’ve won again. I do remain hopeful though that maybe some of what I’ve taught these dumbasses will sink in eventually and they will have a change of attitude. I just can’t fight my Christian outlook I guess.

Why is it that once again the victim,the Chinese in this case , who should know better considering their own past experiences are so willing to humiliate and demean people who had nothing to do with what happened to them? I guess in this case the concept of ” the son is not responsible  for the sins of the father escapes them. This is not really surprising  since the vast majority of the Chinese have no religious tradition.  And the intent of the perpetrator is always the same. How refreshing it would be to hear the Chinese speak of other people’s suffering at the hands of the Japanese instead of always and only focusing on their own. How refreshing it would be to hear a thank you to the people that got the Japanese out of China. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the Chinese to do either of those things.

Why is it that whenever Jewish people  speak of the Shoah they only speak of the atrocities the Germans committed against the Jews? Shouldn’t the people that lost six million of it’s own be the ideal spokespeople for all the Christians , Poles , Russians , Czechs , Communists , trade unionists , Gays , Gypsies etc etc ? I’ve never heard any mention of these victims when a Jewish person talks about the Shoah. Have you? Why is it that young Germans of today are constantly berated with ” their ” Nazi past? I don’t think this is constructive. Do you? How is it that the people that lost six million of their own in a genocide are such willing practitioners of the blood commerce of the biggest genocide in human history? Shouldn’t they know better?

Once again in this case ONLY the victims of this experience have pain that matters. And the intent of the perpetrator is always the same. How refreshing it would be to hear Jewish people speak of the other victims of the Shoah.How refreshing it would be to hear a thank you to the people that put a stop to this genocide? How refreshing it would be to see the Jews leading the fight against abortion. Who would be more qualified to lead that battle?

When I was a young man at the height of the Civil Rights movement I can remember watching an interview with a Black singer on T.V. Now keep in mind that at this time it was still fairly rare to see Black people on T.V. This program was about Civil Rights in America .The interviewer asked this Black lady the following question.  ”  Would you prefer to be called Negro or Black. ” I thought then and I think now that this young woman had a great answer that eliminates  all the bullshit and cuts to the heart of the matter.” My name is Gerry. Please just call me that.” Perhaps when we can all just call each other Christelyn or Paul or Hans or Ding Ye or Keiko all of this foolishness will end and we will indeed be able to move beyond Black and White and Yellow and Red and Brown. The time for everybody to stop trumpeting their own particular group’s pain and experiences at the expense of their humanity is long past due.

I wish you all the best in your marriage Mrs. Karazin

We Feel Your Pain


Dateline : Kansas City , Mo. July 11 , 2011

Today Mr. Ben Envious of the N.A.A.C.P. in conjunction with the usual Rogues Gallery of Ludicrous Litigants , Rev. Al ” Tawana ” Sharpton of  Operation Push , Rev. Jessie ” Hymietown ” Jackson of The Rainbow Coalition , Mr. Morris ” Money Man ” Dees of The Southern Poverty Law Center and the Rev. ” Calypso ” Louis Farrakhan of The Nation Of Islam made a stunning announcement. As follows below.

 “In these troubled times for our country everybody has become too emotionally entrenched in their political positions. Yes I said everybody including all of us that stand before you today. It is time to end the vitriolic language and uncivil discourse and find some common ground amongst all people. In that regard I’m pleased to announce that as a gesture towards our Melanin Deficient Sisters and Brothers all of our organizations will be offering ten full academic scholarships each to poor but worthy Melanin Deficient students to attend our historically Black colleges and universities. We have recently discovered that there are many poor Melanin Deficient folks in America that are worthy of our help. After all ” A mind is a terrible thing to waste ” even a Melanin Deficient one. We believe that the diversity of cultures and ideas on our historically Black colleges will be beneficial to all involved. We look forward to greeting our new Melanin Deficient students for the Fall semester. Thank you for your attention and courtesy. “

WoW !!! CNBC  thinks that to say this announcement is stunning would be an understatement. Yes yes I know that was an editorial comment. Duck !!! Here comes another one!!!

CNBC also thinks that if you are dumb enough to believe this announcement you are a Liberal and too stupid to live. We do NOT live in a dream world you Dumbass. As much as this should happen and as smart as it would be from a Public Relations view point for these organizations to indeed do something of this nature these folks just aren’t that bright.

This will happen when Satan has a lemonade stand in Hell.

Reporting from K.C. , Mo. For CNBC  Leroy  Hawkins

Flour to the Crackers !! We SHALL bake !!

Now go spread your crumbs around Crackers.

All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go

All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go

By Paul Stanner

  Why is it that I constantly here the Libertarians advocate for the repeal of all drug laws based upon the idea that drug use is a matter of personal choice but I never hear them advocate for the abolition of the Diminished Capacity legal defense? It seems to me that if you are man / woman enough to make the dumbass decision to use drugs then you should be man / woman enough to face the consequences of your actions when you go out and murder somebody in a drug fueled rage or to get money to feed your habit. How typical of the Libertarians and other folks with a teenage mentality to say on the one hand ” I want to do what I want to do because it’s my right ” while on the other hand saying ” Yes I took those drugs willingly but I should not be held accountable for my crimes because I had Diminished Capacity due to the drugs.” Talk about wanting it all your own way. I am not surprised by this position of the Libertarians since that is what all teenagers want and the Libertarians at heart are just older but certainly not wiser teenagers. Until I hear the Libertarians and other like minded teenagers advocate for the abolition of The Diminished Capacity legal defense I won’t even consider eliminating all drug laws or surrendering in The War On Drugs. Quite to the contrary . I think the time has come to support Chairman Mao’s position on the drug problem. Chairman Mao believed as I do that both the user and the pusher were a scourge on society and should be dealt with via the 11 cent solution.I support that position wholeheartedly. A bullet between the eyes solves the problem quickly and permanently. It’s a whole lot cheaper then endless legal battles also. Chairman Mao also billed the family for the cost of the bullet.

The man had style!!!

How can the Libertarians be so foolish as to attempt to persuade the American people that their desire to lower The Age Of Consent Laws and their rabid support of NAMBLA’s free speech rights are correct political positions to take and should be adopted as social policy? Can the Libertarians convince me that if those policies are adopted they won’t lead to violence against and manipulation of society’s most vulnerable citizens? They can’t convince me  on either of those counts and I seriously doubt that they’ll be able to convince the vast majority of Americans of it. I’m very suspicious that the Libertarians advocate for these issues as a means to be able to legally sate their own salacious desires. I would remind my Libertarian friends that nobody’s free speech or free association rights are unconditional. Randal Weaver’s family were killed for his political beliefs which were not inclusive of advocating violence towards anybody. The Aryan Nation was successfully sued for millions of dollars and effectively put out of business as a result of  advocating violence. Step lightly my friends. It’s a dangerous world out there.      

                The teenager’s hormones run wild . They want what they want.   

In The Fairyland Of Libertaria The Theory Of Free Trade works amazingly well. That is not surprising since all theories work well in all fantasy lands. In the real world it’s quite a different story. How could the Libertarians be so willfully blind in spite of the facts as to sacrifice their own country at The Altar Of Free Trade for the benefit of cheap goods , and I do mean cheap in it’s worst possible context , and the pipe dream of the rise of a Chinese Middle Class which will act as a check against the more militant factions of their government that want to play war with all of their new military toys against America. Talk about ” fiddling while Rome burns ” !!!

 But what difference does it make since the teenager has his cheap C.D. player? The consequences to the rest of the nation be damned. We’ll deal with them later.    

  You can take the most common low class cheap streetwalker and have her wear a $1,000 dress, give her the best hairdo and make up , accessorize her with the finest jewelry and other assorted trinkets , teach her to speak and act all classy and sophisticated  , and get her the finest education in the world but at the end of the day she’ll still be a whore. The Libertarian Lady is indeed all dressed up with nowhere to go. That is the way it should be. Thank God the American people can still recognize a whore when they see one. The Libertarians are the whores of the American political spectrum. They’ve gotten a lot more sophisticated and seemingly high class over the years but —-

The New KKK 4

Dear Friends :

Welcome to The Kleveland Kracker Korner. We are a collaberative effort of Queen Yes Dear , The Queen of The Great And Mighty Cracker Nation and her King , Honey I Love You But —. Our mission is to celebrate Cracker Culture and the Cracker folks that create it. We hope you’ll join us in this raucus good time like the two citizens pictured below. Long live the Queen. Bottoms up !!

King Honey —-

Dear Friends :

I’m pleased to tell you that The Great And Mighty Cracker Nation accepts quality Crackers of all types for immigration to our beautiful country. As the duly authorized representative of CLOTUS { Cracker Leader Of The United States } I’m pleased to be able to extend an immigration invitation to you and your families. Should you be lucky enough to be accepted you will be instructed to proceed immediately to your local Cracker Barrel Restaurant where the appropriate authorities will swear you in. At the conclusion of this ceremony there will be a reception in honor of our new citizens. Just walk towards the light and cheese nips to receive your congratulations and official papers.

Pass the onion dip please.

CNBC and KKK both think it’s time that us Crackers had our own salute. The Brothers and Sistas have their own 37 gyrations and 22 twists greeting and now so do us Crackers. It’s a simple yet yet effective greeting. As follows : L hand just below L cheek with the thumb
and forefinger in the shape of a C and all the other fingers standing up tall straight and proud. A cracker of any type in your R hand whenever possible and a sunny smile on your face and a warm hello in your heart.

The next time one of the Brothas or Sistas gives you the 37 gyrations and 22 twists just reply with the elegant Cracker Salute. I’m certain they’ll be confused at first but in no time they’ll see the humor.
Brothas and Sistas I do hope you’ll forgive me my good natured fun at your expense. The Cracker Devil made me do it.


Dear Friends :

One of the great joys the Queen and I get from this site is when we can show our Cracker friends pictures and video of Crackers enjoying themselves in other lands. The Crackers pictured below were enjoying themselves at a local restaurant in China. Crackers sure do know how to have a good time don’t they? Check out those Cracker salutes. By the way in the first photo the Cracker on the L is a Rice Cracker , the Cracker on the R is a Burnt Cracker.

Dear Cracker Friends And Family :

The Queen and I would like to take a minute and remind you that although the world is a much better place than in the days of rampant Cracker discrimination Cracker prejudice still rears it’s ugly head from time to time so we urge you to stay eternally vigilant. The gentleman pictured below certainly has the right idea.

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