We Feel Your Pain


Dateline : Kansas City , Mo. July 11 , 2011

Today Mr. Ben Envious of the N.A.A.C.P. in conjunction with the usual Rogues Gallery of Ludicrous Litigants , Rev. Al ” Tawana ” Sharpton of  Operation Push , Rev. Jessie ” Hymietown ” Jackson of The Rainbow Coalition , Mr. Morris ” Money Man ” Dees of The Southern Poverty Law Center and the Rev. ” Calypso ” Louis Farrakhan of The Nation Of Islam made a stunning announcement. As follows below.

 “In these troubled times for our country everybody has become too emotionally entrenched in their political positions. Yes I said everybody including all of us that stand before you today. It is time to end the vitriolic language and uncivil discourse and find some common ground amongst all people. In that regard I’m pleased to announce that as a gesture towards our Melanin Deficient Sisters and Brothers all of our organizations will be offering ten full academic scholarships each to poor but worthy Melanin Deficient students to attend our historically Black colleges and universities. We have recently discovered that there are many poor Melanin Deficient folks in America that are worthy of our help. After all ” A mind is a terrible thing to waste ” even a Melanin Deficient one. We believe that the diversity of cultures and ideas on our historically Black colleges will be beneficial to all involved. We look forward to greeting our new Melanin Deficient students for the Fall semester. Thank you for your attention and courtesy. “

WoW !!! CNBC  thinks that to say this announcement is stunning would be an understatement. Yes yes I know that was an editorial comment. Duck !!! Here comes another one!!!

CNBC also thinks that if you are dumb enough to believe this announcement you are a Liberal and too stupid to live. We do NOT live in a dream world you Dumbass. As much as this should happen and as smart as it would be from a Public Relations view point for these organizations to indeed do something of this nature these folks just aren’t that bright.

This will happen when Satan has a lemonade stand in Hell.

Reporting from K.C. , Mo. For CNBC  Leroy  Hawkins

Flour to the Crackers !! We SHALL bake !!

Now go spread your crumbs around Crackers.


2 Responses to We Feel Your Pain

  1. Speaking as one who is acutely afflicted with MD (I’m blonde and my ancestors were Vikings!), I’ll respectfully decline the patronizing offer of a scholarship to a traditionally black college. Frankly, the only one I’ve seen that’s worthy of the term “institution of higher learning” these days is Claflin College, South Carolina. It’s president, however, is a Christian, a veteran and holds his school to strict ethical and academic standards. It’s amazing that Farrakhan hasn’t denounced him as a Traitor Oreo and issued a fatwa on him. Unfortunately, white radicals seem to dominate in the bulk of the other colleges. Hey, maybe I WILL take a scholarship to Claflin! It’s not included in the deal? Aw, shucks. How about Bob Jones U., then? It’s right down the road… and they allow interracial dating now. Oh, yeah. Shabazz and the New Black Panthers don’t like that, either. I guess if you’re white or a black conservative, you might as well just will your money to Reverend Al… and jump off a bridge.

    • Paul Stanner says:

      Dear Steven :

      It just sux being a Christian sometimes. Being a Conservative ALWAYS sux in a Libs viewpoint.

      B.J.U. sounds like a place I’d like to go to school. Yeah ;like you’ve NEVER heard that one before. lol

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