Libertarians , Jehovah’s Witnesses , Adulterers , Kumbaya Christians And Other Societal Misfits

Every now and then I just sit at my desk put my fingers on my computer keyboard and let them take me where they will. Today is one of those days.

CNBC  thinks that Libertarians are the Jehova’s Witnesses of today’s political scene. No matter how many times you tell them politely no thank you they’re  at your doorstep the next week. CNBC suggests that the next time you see a Libertarian approaching instead of running the other way walk right up to them and before they can get a word out say ” Brother have you heard the good word of Newt ” {Rick , Ron , Mitt} Do not let them get a word in edgewise and do not stop talking unitl they run for the hills. Trust me it works. lol

CNBC thinks that you can judge a man’s character by how he treats children , animals and women. If I were a Newt Gingrich supporter I’d be giving that some serious thought.

CNBC wonders if any of Newt Gingrich’s wives owns a blue dress? We wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see this sort of scandal hit Mr. Gingrich with vicious ferocity. We’re sure The Obama Machine is looking as we speak.

CNBC thinks that the people that cry racial discrimination the loudest when it effects them remain strangely silent when the racial discrimination effects somebody else. Right now in the world there are probably more White people that are slaves than Black have any of you ever heard the NAACP or any of the other assorted Poverty Pimps utter a word about them? CNBC also thinks that these very same people that cry racism the longest and loudest are frequently some of the most virulent racists when nobody is watching.

CNBC thinks that anybody that truly wants any political job probably should not be allowed to have it.

CNBC thinks that Ron Paul and Rick Santorum are the two honest Republican candidates left. The other two are creatures of politics and bear close watching at  times. CNBC also thinks that neither Mr. Paul or Mr. Santorum can get elected precisley because their honest. Washington wouldn’t know what to do with them. The American voter would be totally perplexed.

CNBC thinks that the real reason that the people that oppose SOPA is because they are too lazy or too untalented to create their own intellectual property so they want to rip off other people’s. As evidence I invite you to peruse Facebook A.K.A. Cut And Paste World.

CNBC thinks if Satan himself showed up in America today The Kumbaya Christian faction of Christendom would invite him in for tea.

CNBC thinks the idea that immigrants enrich the social fabric of America is hogwash. 95 % of today’s immigrants from everywhere are here soley for economic reasons. Take away their chance to make tons of money or their social benefits and you’ll see that they’ll decide to stay home/go home. Liberty , equality and fraternity have virtually nothing to do with why people want to come here. The vast majority of immigrants since about 1970 don’t give a damn about America. That is the province of those of us that were born here and know no other country.

CNBC thinks that if the government gave the people the option of paying no taxes in exchange for giving up their vote 95 % would take the deal.

CNBC thinks that Social Media sites are the new T.V. “A vast wasteland” as Marshall McCluhan called TV so many years ago. Serioulsy what of interest,fun or importance really happens on either Facebook or Google Plus?

CNBC thinks that if you view yourself as a Hyphenated – American than you are neither Hispanic or American , Italian or American , Japanese or America etc etc.

CNBC thinks it ‘s time to bring back the draft with no exclusion of females.CNBC also thinks it’s time for all young people to do two years of national service before they can go to university. That would change the shitty attitude of Generation Gimme very quickly. We are one of the very few developed countries that does not require this.

CNBC is perplexed how Liberals can be so adamantly opposed to Capital Punishment in all cases yet support abortion unconditionally. Talk about having it completely assbackwards !!

CNBC thinks if the 20 biggest billionaires in America would just step up and give 2 billion each to their country our problems would be solved. CNBC would hope that should this ever happen the billionaires do it with the condition that our government would adopt a balanced budget amendment.

Well folks the arthritis in my fingers is telling me that our time is up for today. We do have one more observation to make before we go.

The Second Coming will have no commercial interruptions.

A National Day Of Disrespect A.K.A. Piss On A Muzzie Day { Figuratively Of Course }

   The Rev. Al ” Tawana ” Sharpton of The Rogues Gallery Of Ludicrous Litigants , Rev. Jessie ” Hymietown ” Jackson of The Rainbow Coalition , Morris ” Money Man ” Dees of The Southern Poverty Law Center, Clarence ” Trashmouth ” Hankins of The Cute Brown Kitties er er I mean The New Black Panther Party , Rev. ” Calypso ” Louis Farrakhan of The Nation Of Islam and Mr. Ben Jealous of The N.A.A.C.P., has once again been fanning the flames of perceived racism in his usual bombastic and factually challenged manner. He recently had Mr.Dick Harpooltian Democratic Party Chair of South Carolina on his show ” Politics Nation “. Mr. Harpooltian expressed his opinion that it’s ” racially insensitive ” to have a Republican debate on Martin Luther King Day. Apparently neither Rev. Al or Mr. Harpooltian has a problem with The 24 NCAA or 11 NBA games scheduled to take place that day. CNBC wonders why that is? Yes yes I know that was an editorial comment. Do you guys ever get tired of pointing that out to me?

CNBC has grown very tired of the pontifications of these self appointed Popes Of Persecution being treated as if they were the written Commandments of acceptable behavior amongst the races. We have grown so tired of it as a matter of fact that we intend to do something about it.

CNBC is pleased to sound the call for all Americans of all races , creeds , ethnicites and national origins that are sick of these clowns pontifications to say enough by means of a National Day Of Disrespect alternatively known as Piss On A Muzzie Day , figuratively of course. We suggest that on this day we all ” piss on a Muzzie ” Show as much disrespect to the Muzzies and all the rest of America’s perceived aggrieved and malcontents as you can in any way short of advocating violence towards them. This celebration will take place on MLK Day every year.Think of how many groups you could really tell to fuck off. In addition to all the ones listed above you’d aggravate the ACLU , CAIR , Hamas , Hezbollah , Islamic Brotherhood , The Gay MilitantTerrorist Hordes and Their Enablers , The Feminazis etc etc . The list is virtually endless. So many birds with one stone as it were. CNBC realizes that there are many Kumbaya Christians and Kinder Gentler Republicans that would like to participate in this event but due to your delicate sensibilities are loath to do so. Getting down in the muck and mud and fighting evil on it’s own battleground and using it’s own tactics is such a messy business after all. Since CNBC highly doubts that these folks will come into your kitchen and have a civil discussion about these matters over a cup of tea as you’d prefer we have two different and , we’re certain you’ll think effective , ways that you can participate in this celebtration while not doing any of the grunt work. We suggest that you just simply Tebow a Liberal or tell a Liberal that you support The U.S. Marines as CNBC does. God Bless The U.S. Marines !!That will drive them nuts.

As for CNBC we have no such trepidations about getting down in the muck and mud with these folks. After all is said and done the side which fights the best in the trenches wins the war. With that in mind below is what CNBC has to say to these folks.

Flour to the Krackers !! We SHALL Bake !!

Now go spread your krumbs around Krackers !!

Jesus Inc.

Jesus Inc. And The Kumbaya Christians

 By Paul Stanner

 Mahatma Ghandi once said ” I love your Jesus but I hate your Christians !! ” After dealing with the foreign Christians in China and those at home for ten years I can certainly understand what he meant. I have had American Christian teachers in China who’s sole purpose in being here is to recruit do some incredibly stupid and more importantly un – Christian things to the Chinese people. What’s that you say? You want an example.Your wish is my command. I once had a Chinese student who’s teacher was one of these ” Christians ” come to me crying. She told me that her teacher told her that God only understands English and wouldn’t understand her if she prayed in Chinese . She wanted to know if that was true. I of course told her that it wasn’t . God hears all people in all languages I told her. She was very relieved. How could any professed ” Christian ” say such a thing? How could the Church leaders send them to China to recruit with such an ignorant and arrogant attitude? How can these types of Christians be allowed to give the rest such a bad reputation ? How can these types of Christians not understand why they are so hated ? In China the Chinese governement is very suspicious of religion and not entirely incorrectly so. Any meeting of 21 people or more where God is even mentioned is considered a ” House Church ” and is illegal. Anybody , including American foreigners , that cross this line will find themselves in some serious trouble. I’ve seen American teachers invite Chinese people to these types of services with assurances that nothing will happen to them. They ABSOLUTLEY have no basis in fact to make that claim. They play very fast and loose quite frequently with the Chinese people’s physical well being. I’ve seen American teachers solicit and accept donations from dirt poor Chinese families knowing full well that these folks can’t afford it. I’ve seen American teachers solicit funds from their Churches and other Americans because ” we are over here putting our lives on the line for Jesus and America ” This is pure unadulterated 100 % BULLSHIT !! Stay out of the Chinese people’s business and you are safer here than in any big city in America. When you come here you’ll be told what the forbidden things are. Generally they are the four T’s , Taiwan , Tibet , Tianneman , The Falun Gong and no proslytizing. If you know the rules and you’re dumb enough to push them then trust me the Chinese will push back hard. Don’t break the rules and they’ll make damn sure your safe. Believe me they do not want to be talking to any Western , especially the American , Embassy about their citizens being endangered in China. They make it very well known to their own people that if they harm a foreigner they are in big trouble. Obey their rules and they’ll also see that you live well.

There is a group of Christians that I refer to as the Kumbaya Christians. These are the Christians that would get upset with you for your use of bad language if you told Satan himself to get the fuck out of America rather than praise you for fighting Satan on his turf and using his tactics. These are the types of Christians that don’t realize that it’s a fight not a game , a battlefiled not a rec room. They want to invite Satan in for a cup of TEA and everybody sings Kumbaya. These are the types of Christians that keep electing RINOS over and over again because they think the TEA Party and Conservative candidates are all too harsh. Give me a Hellfire and Damnation God fearing Christian Preacher every time please. At least when the shit hits the fan you’ll no where they stand. No Rick Warren types for me thanks.

Over the course of the last couple of months I have been submitting to ” Christian Magazines ” two articles I wrote about the Chinese Christians walk in China at the behest of some of my blog readers.Please keep in mind that I realize that I’m no H.L. Mencken or Mark Twain but in this literary day and age of murder , mayhem , and misogyny being passed off as great literary fare I’m easily in the top 10 % of current authors. I also know that these two articles ” There Is A Promise Coming Down That Dusty Road “ and ” Making A Joyful Noise at The Guangzhou Shifu Baptist Church “ are excellent tales of The Good News being spread in The Land Of Chairman Mao’s Miracle”. It is not just me that believes that either. Those are two of the more popular articles with my readers. I realize that that means little to the entrenched powers that be in all fields of entertainment , Christian Literature included , but I think it does speak to the failings of those entrenched powers that I am all alone in China with no real effective means of reaching the outside world and thus entry to a mass audience yet I still manage to generate 200 hits a day on my website. I think the powers that be are asleep at the wheel as far as actively pursuing and developing new talent. There is an abundance of talent in all fileds out there. Perhaps these corporate entertainment executives need to leave their cushy offices and get out in the streets where the talent actually is. I think we all know exactly when that will happen. The Second Coming will have no commercail interruptions. Under the current system unfortunately my articles apparently did not appeal to the lowest common literary denominator. In both cases I donated these articles in The Spirit Of Christian Fellowship. Foolish me to believe that the ” Christians ” that run Jesus Inc. would be interested in Jesus’s miracles being wrought in China. In both cases these articles were sent back with a form e-mail stating that they did not meet their editorial standards. There was no explanantion of how exactly that was so. I wonder what Jesus would think about these ” Christians ” refusing a gift of the stories of The Good News in China?

In a related matter I’m getting very tired of these ” Christian ” Preachers starting Facebook pages and groups dedicated to the Conservative Movement while all the while they suppress free speech on their pages. I was told to stop promoting my site on one of these types of Preacher’s pages. Please keep in mind that all of my content is free. I don’t make a dime on my site. I do it because I firmly believe in both the Christian and Conservative messages.Perhaps this Preacher doesn’t like the competition. Apparently it’s HIS cyber street corner and HIS alone. I’m also getting very tired of alleged ” Christians ” that adamantly refuse to help their own. I guess these powers are far too busy making millions off of Jesus Memorabilia and Conservative / TEA Party t-shirts , key chains , mugs etc etc and advertising from their TV and radio shows. How very unseemly to turn Jesus into a cottage industry. Foolish me to think that Jesus and his message are Holy and are to be treated with reverence. How foolish of me to believe that saving the country is more important than the next commercial? How foolish of me to believe that Christians are obligated to help each other out.

These are the reasons folks that we should not allow the internet to be taken away from us. At least with the internet those of us with something to say but without the necessary connections to the corporate literary machine and indeed all corporate machines of any type of expression would have absolutely no voice. He who controls the medium controls the message. It’s no accident that the current political and corporate powers that be want to regulate the internet. They do not want you to have a voice. In closing I have one question to ask my fellow ” Christians” in all fields of human Christian endeavor.
 Is the future going to be the tacky and un- Christian bottom line of Jesus Inc. or the Holy Reverence of The Good News? You won’t be able to have it both ways for much longer my Christian friends. His day is coming soon.

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