Requiem For The Messes

Requiem For The Messes

By Paul Stanner

Apparently as a reaction to the unfortunate and tragic killing of Trayvon Martin ” Hoodie Vigils ” are being scheduled all around the country. CNBC is absolutley certain that all the purveyors of cultural degeneracy of the entertainment business as well as the racial hucksters of what passes for our time’s Civil Rights Movement will be gorging themselves in this feeding frenzy of misplaced compassion. CNBC however will not be there. We do not support elevating a juvenile delinquent to hero status and certainly not to martydom status. We also do not support a rush to judgment the likes of which hasn’t been seen since Jim Crow days. Saint No Limit Nigga doesn’t make the  martrydom cut in our church. ” Rev . ” Al ” Tawana ” Sharpton and his ilk are not ” Men of God ”  with a  pulpit and a willing choir and a flock to preach their Gospel of racist hate to in our church. Spike Lee does not sit at the right hand of God in our church.

CNBC will be acknowledging this tragedy however. Our staff has donated all of their family’s hoodies and we will be holding a ” Hoodie Burning Vigil ” to honor all of the victims of the senseless murder and mayhem especially The Unfashionable Victims glorified by  The Church Of The Almighty Buck At Any And All Costs on May 1 , 2012. At the conclusion of our Hoodie Burning Vigil there will be a screening of To Kill A Mockingbird. We invite you all to join us.

Life lesson for Liberals / Progressives / Black Miltants. Stupidity with an attitude and a gun trumps stupidity with an attitude and no gun EVERY time. The loser of that battle is seldom a hero or martyr nor is the winner.



In Memoriam !!!

Trayvon Trouble : Knoxville , Tn.

                                                                                                   Trayvon Trouble : Knoxville , Tn.

By Paul Stanner

CNBC regretfully announces new programming to it’s line – up today. In our new addition ” Trayvon Trouble ” we will focus on the stories of The Unfashionable Victims of Organized Black Thuggery all over the country. We would dearly like not to have to provide this program but unfortunately since The Drive By Media refuses to cover them and since The Progressive / Liberal Powers That Be will not prosecute them as vigorously or fight the root causes as zealously as the more P.C. crimes because these stories conflict with their world views and political goals we feel that we must provide the forum. ” Trayvon Troubles ” will continue as part of our programming line – up until such time as we feel that the ” Men Of God ” such as ” Rev” Al ” Tawana ” Sharpton , ” Rev . ” Jessie ” Hymie Town ” Jackson , ” Rev. ” Calypso ” Louis Farrakhan and the rest of their ilk involved in our time’s version 0f ” The Civil Rights Movement ” that foment this thuggery get the freaking message and until such time as the above mentioned can show as much compassion for these victims as they do for a juvenile delinquent who met an unfortunate demise as a result at least partly of his own stupidity. Since it’s been shown time and again over the last fourty years that these folks are just too damn stupid to grasp the elemental concepts of honor , fair play , and personal responsibility we expect a long and vicious battle.  We are confident of ultimate victory though. Americans of all races are awakening to the true nature of these folks. It’s a new day Poverty Pimps no longer will us Crackers cower in fear at the threat of being called a racist by one of you. Let the games begin.

Todays victims of ” Tayvon Trouble ” are Channon Christian and Chris Newsome of Knoxville , Tn. Channon and Chris were two White teeangers who were both raped , murdered and tortured by a gang of Black Thugs in Knoxville , Tn. In a particularly nasty twist one member of this gang was a woman. Isn’t it nice to know that gender and racial equity has arrived in the field of thuggery? CNBC is absolutely certain that The Drive By Media and The Poverty Pimps will portray these vermin as ” iced tea and skittles ” kind of kids. Some things never change !!

In Memoriam

The Radical Priest Came To Get Me Released

The Radical Priest Came To Get Me Released

It was not so long ago that Chruch Elders had the good sense not to allow their churches to be manipulated into prostituting themselves in such an obvious fashion as to allow their parishioners to wear such a well known gang status symbol as the ” hoodie ” to a memorial service for the enrichment of such loathsome characters as ” Rev. ” Al ” Tawana ” Shaprton and his Rogues Gallery Of Ludicrous Litigants , ” Rev ” Jessie ” Hymietown ” Jackson , ” Rev.” ” Calypso ” Louis Farrakhan , Mr. Morriss ” Money Man ” Dees , Mr. Ben Envious and the other assorted racial hucksters of  today’s ” Civil Rights ” Movement and the gorification of a juvenile delinquent at best. In my day the local church priest or minister would have put a stop to this rush to judgment before it even got started. Nowadays church ” elders ” not only encourage it enthusiastically but participate in it joyfully and willingly make a buck off of it. What a thoroughly disgusting display. I wonder what Jesus would have to say about this ? Dr. King is turning over in his grave no doubt.

It was also not so long ago that our elected leaders actually had the best interest of the whole country at heart . Were they to engage in the sort of behavior that these political ” leaders ” pictured below are engaging in the wrath of the voters would have taken care of the problem forthwith. How far we’ve fallen in 70 short years !!! These folks should be ashamed of themselves. If you want to know what’s wrong with the Black community you need look no further than this picture. The vast majority of Black people however are not willing to look realisitically at the root cause of their problems. It’s just so much easier to bitch , piss , moan whine , complain and blame Whitey for all of your problems. The alternative afterall requires real courage.

If militant Black racist people want to go wearing their ” hoodies ” at memorial services where juvenile delinquents are glorified then  the next time some skinhead dies and a memorial service is held where skinheads wear their regalia I do not want to hear how offended Black people are. If Black militant racists such as Rev. Al ” Tawana ” Sharpton want to march through neighborhoods wearing their Malcolm X , Marcus Garvey and Che Guevara clothing and waving their ” National ” flags then I don’t want to hear about their offense when Confederates march carrying The Stars and Bars and wearing their Jefferson Davis clothing. If militant Blacks such as The New Black Panter Party want to march through neighborhoods where they are not wanted spouting their message of hate , racism , murder and mayhem then I do not want to hear about Black people’s offense when the Nazis march through their neighborhoodds doing the same. The difference between all of these above mentioned Black groups and the KKK is very similar to the difference between Third Grade and Harvard — razor thin. They really are just two sides of the same coin.

Sunday there will be a memorial service for Trayvon Martin. I’m sure that all the usual assortment of Libs / Progressives and Black Militiant malcontents will be there gorging themselves  in their usual feeding frenzy of misplaced compassion. CNBC will NOT be there. We will be spending the day in prayer for all of the less fashionable victims of the murder and mayhem so reflective of the policies of the day such as the Knoxville , Tn teenagers that were murederd raped and tortured by a group of black thugs in Knoxville , Tn. , Allen Coon who is a 13 year old White kid that was set on fire by Black thugs in K.C. Mo.  , the young White man that was just recently killed by three Black thugs at the University of Missippi , the White girl that was badly beaten and bullied by Black thugs in Manchester , N.H. There are far too many of these unfashionable victims to be mentioned individually but reast assured CNBC will be praying for all of them. How nice it would be to hear our President , or Rev. Al , Rev Jessie or some other Black leader eulogize them on equal terms as Trayvon Martin. I think we all know when that will happen. I have no doubt however that a few Black folks of good fellowship will indeed have these victims in their prayers. Their actions are the seed of the real ” Hope and Change “.

CNBC hopes that you will all be joining us in a day of prayer for these victims. Nobody wins in a tragedy. Such is the human condition. And the beat goes on and on and on and on ad infinitum.

In Memoriam of all The Unfashionable Victims



By Paul Stanner

Friends I come to you today seeking your prayers. There has been an unfortunate turn of events  in my family. My lover of 25 years has left me for another. Please pray for my family that has been so savaged by divorce. For the sordid details of our split please click hereI’m so sick of these sooth talking well dressed types with their money and connections destroying families just for fun!!

We were together for 25 years and it was such a delicious love affair.  Whenever we were together it was a sensual delight. Alas however the currents of life carried us in different directions. One more charming than I stole my lover. Rest assured folks that life goes on and so will I. In the words of The Cowboy Poet Marshall Tucker ” Just as soon as I’m in the arms of another I’m going to forget all about you. “

Now if you’ll excuse me I have a date with my potential new lover. Her name is Haagen Daz Rum Raisin.

I pray that none of my Cracker family or friends ever have to suffer the pain of losing their beloved Cherry Garcia but if those dire circumstnaces befall you I suggest that you climb right back up on the horse and march down to 7 – 11 and buy some Haagen Daz Rum Raisin. She’ll ease your pain. Soon you’ll forget all about Cherry Garcia. Trust me I know.

Flour to the Crackers !! We SHALL bake !!

Now go spread your rum raisin around Crackers !!


If The Mountain Won’t Come To Mohammed — !!

        If  The Mountain Won’t Come To Mohammed —

By Paul Stanner

Having lived and worked in China for ten years I am acutely aware of how frightening and confusing China can be for those inexperienced foreigners when they visit China or when they come here to work so whenever I’m on vacation and see foreigners or if I happen to see them in whatever town I’m currently residing in I make it a habit to introduce myself to them and offer my assisstance and friendship. This policy goes doubly so for Americans since I am American. Almost universally I am rebuffed with a cold shoulder and quite frequently the attitude seems to be one of scorn and ridicule. I regret that I am forced to inform my American countrymen and women that Americans have a particularly  nasty attitude in this regard. They also tend to inject criminal suspicion into their  rudeness. As far as I can tell the thinking seems to be that if an American has spent ten years living and working in China he / she must be a criminal. It never seems to occur to them that the Chinese authorities would never allow any criminal into China to teach at their universities. To me this is an incredibly obvious fact that should be readily apparent to any American with half a brain and a junior high school education. I guess it’s one of the mysteries of life why it isn’t. There is the occaisonal exception to this phenomenon of the rude foreigner thankfully.On my most recent vacation to Guangzhou I had the pleasure of meeting one.

I walked into the restaurant I quite frequently eat my evening meal at while in Guangzhou. This restaurant is on Shamian Island in Guangzhou which attracts many lao wai {foreigners } for it’s colonial architecture history and charm and it’s many Western restaurants. As the waiter was escorting me to my table this gentleman invited me to join him. I was shocked since I can count on one hand the number of times that any foreigner from anywhere spoke to me first much less invited me to join them in my ten years of living here. This totally unexpected turn of events held the promise of an intriguing evening of conversation. I accepted his invitation. As we chatted I came to learn that he was a young Canadian man of 70 who hailed originally from Eastern Canada , Toronto if memory serves , who had moved to Western Canada for many years and was now living in Wyoming. He was a lawyer in his younger days but was now a rancher . We chatted about many things but he was particularly interested in my experiences teaching in China and my experiences traveling in China. He specifically wanted to know what Chinese cities I would recommend he visit. Eventually we discussed the topic which is the point of this article , how far America had fallen in 70 years. I found his views right on the money. Speaking to this man was like conversing with a human encyclopedia. After the evening was finished my conversation got me to thinking about this topic.

I don’t know why but my life seems to run counter to what everybody else is experiencing at any given time. More specifically when America is doing well it seems that my personal life is in tatters and vice versa. At the tail end of the 90’s when America generally was doing quite well my personal life was a train wreck. I had endured a few years of homelessness and borderline poverty. I was in dire straits. My problems were economic in nature and were 80% caused by circumstances beyond my control. My field was experiencing severe job contraction. Couple that with the fact that I was reaching Chronologically Advanced status and securing a job was virtually impossible. Also quite honestly about 20 % of my problems were self inflicted. I didn’t make the best career choices when I had the chance. To quote Bush 43 ” When I was young and stupid I was young and stupid.” I had always been a confident and self reliant person and had always managed to pull myself out of past difficulties so I was confident that this situation was only temporary and my abilities would save the day yet again. Trust me when I tell you though that the more chronologically advanced you get the tougher it gets to overcome these sorts of problems. My situation was getting dire indeed and I was beginning to think that maybe I wouldn’t prevale this time. I did what my religion told me to do and turned to my Christian friends for help. They did as they always do and kicked me right in the teeth. It was time for a radical new game plan. I didn’t quite know what that plan was yet but I knew I needed one. God does indeed work in mysterious ways friends. One day while I was sitting in the library checking out the want ads in the local newspapers a magazine caught my eye. I went over to investigate. It was ” Christianity Today ” . I assure you that it’s very unusal for me to be reading any Christian magazine. While I am a Christian I’m not one of those Bible thumping , testimony giving Christians. My faith is between me and God. Looking back on it now I guess it’s really no surprise that She chose this way to speak to me. Sometimes a rap upside the head is exactly the wrong way to handle me. I tend to get defiant and stubborn when that is the approach. Her subtle , gentle way in this regard worked. There was an interesting cover article so I took a break from my job search and read it. It was quite an interesting article so I read another then another and another. I then noticed the ” Christian Employment ” section. I had no clue what ” Christian Employment ” was so I checked it out. The second I saw the ad I knew She was speaking to me. It was an ad to come teach English in China. I had found my new game plan and my way out of my predicament. If the mountain wouldn’t come to Paul then Paul must go to the mountain. I applied for the job and prayed. My prayers were answered. Two weeks later I was in The Land Of Chairman Mao’s Miracle preparing for my fourth career and third childhood and one hell of an adventure. It’s turned out to be the best thing I ever did. Like I said She does indeed work in mysterious and sometimes wondrous ways.

Fast forward four or five years. I am now living an upper middle class lifestyle in China. I have a paid apartment on campus. All of my utilities are paid and I get two paid 7 week vacations a year. Meanwhile back home in America the economy is in tatters.Hundreds of thousands of Americans are unemployed or vastly underemployed and in serious danger of losing their homes. There is no immediate solution in sight.

Everyday I go on Facebook and Google Plus and listen to American’s stories of woe. Everyday I do what my religion tells me to do in these situations. I try to help my American countrymen and women and especially those of my faith. Everyday I am treated with condescension and suspicion by my fellow Americans and everyday my fellow Christians that supposedly know better kick me right in the teeth for my efforts. Some things never change. The excuses are endless and sometimes very creative.I’ll focus on two of the more popular ones. ” I am afraid. China is a Communist country. ” Well that is true enough but it’s only part of the story. The current Chinese are far better capitalists than we are. If you come to China to teach and stay out of their business you’ll be safer than you are in America. It’s bad business you see for foreigners to be assaulted or killed in China. Their government makes it crystal clear to it’s citizens what will happen to them if they do this to a foreigner and particualry an American foreigner. Before you come here the Chinese will tell you exactly how to stay out of trouble. They are basically the four T’s — Tiannenman , Taiwan , Tibet , and The Falun Gong plus no proslytizing. If you come to China with intentions of getting involved in those issues then take my advice and stay home. If you intend to come to China to start a teaching career or get involved in some other career then I would advise that you get a job and hop on the next plane. It will be the best decision you ever made. It will also resolve your American employment problems if you have any. I can’t begin to tell you how insulting and demeaning it is to be constantly denigrated by the members of Generation Gimme like I would knowingly , wantonly endanger any of my American countrymen or women’s safety. I also find it astounding that these folks think I would put my own personal safety in peril. The chutzpah of Generation Gimme knows no limits. The second issue that is most frequently mentioned has to do with convenience. If you can’t accept that China is a developing country that doesn’t have all of the modern conveniences of the West then stay home. Trust me though when I tell you there are ways around the Facebook , Google Plus and Youtube blocks. In all of the big cities you’ll find Western markets where you can get good western food as well as Western restaurants. All of these issues of ” convenience ” can be surmounted if you prepare well before you come to China. Do your homework in other words. It seems to me that not being able to readily buy your Ben And Jerry’s Cherry Garcia is a small price to pay for an upper middle class lifestyle and the adventure of a lifetime in China especially if you are currently suffering economic hardship. But then again adventure and living in another country requires some ” stones ” on the part of the person seeking this solution to their problems. ” Stones ” is something that is in critically short supply in Generation Gimme. ” Why do we need ” stones ” when we have Daddy or Big Brother ?”

Can somebody please tell me when Americans became so soft that we refuse to exploit the opportunities given to us? When did we become so soft that we rely on government to solve all of our problems? People like me and other Americans who have solved our problems the good old fashioned American way of hard work and exploitation of our opportunities should be help up as examples of the best American exceptionalism not  viewed with  suspicion ridicule and scorn. How far we’ve fallen indeed. From The Greatest Generation to Generation Gimme in seventy years. The soldiers of D Day and Iwo Jima must be turning over in their graves.

STOP your pissing , moaning , bitching , whining , complaining , and blaming everybody and everything else Generation Gimme and find your personal mountain.If it’s good enough for this American to go to the mountain than it’s good enough for you !!

P.S. : If any Westerner especially Americans would like info about coming to China to start a career please feel free to leave a comment on this article.

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