The Blue Dress Chronicles { April 17 , 2012 }

Cracker Nation Broadcasting Corp. the OTHER CNBC is proud to announce a new program to our lineup. ” The Blue Dress Chronicles “

From time to time we will put the spotlight on our government officials as they do what they do best. The Blue Dress Chronicles is sponsored by “The Anne Fanner Show “ The National Dry Cleaners Association and Victoria’s Secret and hosted by Anne Fanner herself. Our winner will receive a $500 blue evening gown of his / her choice a gift certificate for $500.00 worth of dry cleaning and a $ 5000 shopping spree at Victoria Secret.

I hope The Banking Queen wins !! What a Kodak moment it would be to see him in that blue evening gown. Yes yes I know that was an editorial comment. lol

Today’s nominees come to us from Washington D.C. and Cartagena , Columbia. Yes yes I said nominees.  We are honoring a group today. It seems like just yesterday that all the Liberals were saying ” It was JUST a blow job !! What’s all the fuss ? ” Let a couple of Secret Service guys get their hedges trimmed by a paid professional whore though and all of a sudden we need a Congressional investigation. My God you’d think they propositioned an intern or some such similar egregious offense . To see the evidence in support of the fun loving Protectors Of  POTUS nomination click here please.

  You’ve done Bubba proud guys. Keep it up !!! Pun intended . lol

 That will conclude this evening’s program. See you next time.


Flour to the people !! We SHALL bake !!

Now go spread your crumbs around Crackers !!!

4 Responses to The Blue Dress Chronicles { April 17 , 2012 }

  1. Fallon says:

    In Columbia? Kidnapping? Drug running? CARTELS? Money laundering?

    NO WONDER BHO wants to bring Moochele!

  2. Paul Stanner says:

    Dear Steven :

    Bubba’s legacy runs long and deep not unlike his johnson according to some less than chaste young women. I guess when we such an ethically challenged administrattion as this one we should expect that the taint will reach all branches of the tree. I don’t think there is enough disinfectant in the world to get the filth off of these people.


  3. When you have a White House with no ethical standards, it only stands the reason that the rot will spead to every associated agency over time. One would have hoped that the Secret Service would have been spared, but that was apparently not to be. I think there’s a lesson there for all of us.

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