China Through D.D.’s Lens – Shenyang : China Has Hope.

Dear Friends :

This is D.D. speaking. Recently while in Shenyang , Liaoning Province , China on vacation I visited The Botanical Gardens where I happened to stumble upon the nice folks you see in the pics and vids below. They are a group of Chinese Christians on holiday in Shenyang. When they found out that I was an American Christian they regaled me with an a capella version of the Chinese Christian Hymn ” China Has Hope “. What a joy it was to listen to them and speak with them even though our time together was all to brief. China does indeed have hope thanks to folks like this.

I hope you enjoy the performance. To learn more about Christians in China click here.

Stay tuned folks there will be more , much more , coming about my trip to Shenyang.

China Has Hope from Lynne Slanner on Vimeo.

Who Says We Live In A Graceless Age ?

                                           Dear Friends                                                              

This is S.T. speaking. Assuming that you are of an Advanced Chronological state as am I or that you are a young person with class and taste who is concerned about the cultural rot infecting America as most of your elders are you probably believe as I and they do that we are currently living in a Graceless Age. I have good news for you though. Not everybody has succumbed to that insidious Hollywood influence.

Recently while on vacation in Shenyang , Liaoning Province , China I visited Beiling Park and stumbled upon the folks you see in the pics and vids below engaging in some truly classy culture. I hope you enjoy watching them being blissfully unaware of Hollywood. As for me I'll take Glenn Miller and Frank Sinatra over Kanye West EVERY time. Hell even the Rockers Of The 60's weren't stupid enough to partake in The Culture Of Death.

Stay tuned folks there will be more , much more , of my Shenyang trip coming sooon.