Deacon Jones And Father Callahan

        Deacon Jones  and Father Callahan

                                                                                                                                                         In a little more than two weeks America will have what is arguably the most important election in her history between one candidate that is constitutionally unqualified to even be allowed to run and the other candidate who has been a vicitm of the most vile , hateful , disgusting , and un-American discrimination I’ve ever witnessed. Sadly this discrimination is emanting from the very people that should best know better — Christians . If this candidate were a Jew enduring this sort of discrimination seven kinds of Hell would be breaking loose , if this candidate were a Muslim enduring this sort of discrimination there would be worldwide riots and CAIR would be suing everybody in sight , if this candidate were a Hindu or Buddhist the ACLU would be in court in seconds. Unfortunatley for this candidate he is a Mormon and thusly deemed by the vast majority of Christians and virtually all of the Drive By Media as not worthy of the traditional American sense of tolerance and fair play. It troubles me greatly that Christians and especially Catholics whose faith teaches them not to engage in this sort of behavior are such avid participants especially considering the assault they themselves are currently under. They are the last ones that should be casting stones. Yes yes I am aware of the Mormons history. It is indeed a checkered one. I am also aware of Jewish , Moslem and Christian history which is equally checkered. Do the Inquistion , The Naqba , The Holocaust , and Jihad ring a bell ? Many Jews , Moslems and Christians are still institutionally violently savage. When was the last time any of you heard The Mormon Church beating the war drums or slandering any other faith? Put aside your blind faith for a moment and think with your rational mind then answer me this question. Is Joseph Smith’s story really any less believable than a virgin birth and a son of God sacrificed for humaty’s sins then resurrected from the grave to sit at the right hand of God? Is Joseph Smith’s story any less believable than the Mahdi’s or Mohammed’s? Is Joseph Smith’s story any less believable than God giving Moses The Ten Commandments carved in stone or a one day supply of oil lasting for eight days? That is why it’s called faith. Mr. Romney has his and his discriminators have theirs. Who’s faith is the correct one is a question that will be answered in due course. When you alleged Christians that are slandering Mr. Romney’s faith now may be very uncomfortable come your Judgement Day. Were I you I’d give that some serious thought. Before you elect a Communist Usurping Jihad supporter to the highest office in the land and change America negatively for all time you might want to read the two stories below.

   In the early 80’s in a small New England town there was a small Catholic church that fell on hard financial times. Try as they might they could not seem to right their financial ship. They had fund raising bake sales , yard sales , raffles and carnivals. They prayed fervently for their church’s survival. They cut costs. They sold everything they had that was not of an essential nature. Nothing they tried worked. Just when the situation became the darkest God as she usually does stepped in. I’ve often said that God has a delicious sense of humor. How she solved this particualr problem was one of her all time best cosmic pranks. It also contains a lesson for us all. I picture God summoning Moroni for a chat. ” Moroni I would like your help with a problem. I have a flock that has fallen on hard financial times. They have also strayed from my teachings. I would like you to help them solve their financial problems and teach them a life lesson in the process.” ” It would be my pleasure Father.” replies Moroni. ” It will be resolved in one months time.”

    The Catholic Father is sitting in his rectory one day praying fervently for the financial salvation of his congregation perplexed as yet about how God is going to use him toward that end. A knock at the door interrupts his anguished state. ” Come in .” Good morning Father my name is ————— I am a Deacon at the local Mormon Temple. Word has come to us of your financial plight. We would like to help.” The Father sees a glimmer of hope but proceeds cautiously. ” What did you have in mind Sir.” ” A zero % interest loan. ” replies the Deacon. ” Well of course I’m interested Sir but I must ask one question. ” replies the Father. ” Please do. ” Why are you doing this? ” ” Because both congregations are Children Of God. We will not stand idly by while our brothers are having difficulty ” comes the reply. The deal is agrreed to and sealed with a handshake and without any fanfare. The Catholic congregation is saved. The loan was paid back in full and on time. The Father and Deacon beome fast friends as do their congregations. There are many inter-faith events held. The life lesson is taught. God does indeed work in mysterious ways and quite frequently with a Cosmically Divine sense of humor.

  Now I’m sure that many of you are saying to yourselves ” Well Stanner you’ve provided very few specifics of this story so how do we know it’s true? ” I would answer that the reason that there are no specifics is because the Mormons didn’t wish any recognition for doing the right Christian thing nor did they wish the Catholic congregation to be embarassed. Mormons you see have this strange idea that many alleged Christians do not have. They talk the talk AND walk the walk. They are not Kumbaya Christians. The only reason I even know about the story is because my Mormon relatives told me about it in the strictest of confidence in reply to a question I asked them about why Mormons only help other Mormons. I suppose that it’s entirely possible that they could be lying to me. God knows it wouldn’t be the first time a relative lied to me. I’m 100 % certain that many of you Kumbaya Christians probably the vast majority will do what you virtually always do and cast the first stone by looking for an ulterior motive on the part of the Mormons and by denigrating them at every chance. As for me I will do as my faith instructs and accept their generosity which I believe to this day was given in the true Christian spirit. I have no reason to do otherwise.

The patriarch of my Mormon relatives family lost his job in the early 80’s. He was a highly paid and skilled airplane mechanic who got Chronologically Stupid overnight. One day he had a good job and a thriving family and the next he didn’t and his family was suddenly in jeopardy. His thank you for fighting WW 2 was to be told that he was now too old to work and that his job was going to China. The family was in desperate shape. He and his wife took menial low paid jobs to keep the family afloat. They raided their savings account. They did everything they could to keep their family together. Being a proud man he did not tell anyone of his problems. He did not want help. Once again when things seemed their darkest God stepped to the plate. One day the Deacon from his Mormon Church came to his home and told him that he had heard of the difficulties his family was facing. A job was offered and accepted. Granted they could not pay him what he was making as an aircraft mechanic but it was more than enough for his family and it was secure , he could have it for the rest of his life. Mormons you see take care of their own. Once again that Christian belief that so bedevils the Kumbaya Christians. Talk the talk and walk the walk. How many Christians of other denominations are homeless? How many Christians of other denominations are fighting the Demons of drug and alcohol addictions alone? How many unwed Christian mothers of other denominations have no one to turn to? Where are the other Christian churches when their brothers and sisters need help? What are they doing for their congregants suffering from these afflictions ? The beat goes on and on and on and on ad infinitum.

The Mormons I’ve described in these two stories are the Mormons of today. Do not let your fear cause you to waste your vote. America may never recover if you do.

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