It’s Time To Take Out The Trash


In the aftermath of the Connecticut shooting it seems like everybody is asking the same question. ” How do we stop these mass shootings? ” The truth is that we will never be able to stop them completely. Evil has been with us always. Evil will be with us always. We can however in my humble opinion curtail them severely. That solution is simple , so simple that The Higher Minds can’t conceive of it. Contrary to what those Higher Minds tell us the solution is not to disarm our law-abiding citizenry in the face of this onslaught of evil. The solution is simply to ” take out the trash “. My proposals in that regard are listed below.

1. ” If You Do The Crime You Do The Time ”

         I propose that we eliminate all plea deals for violent crimes except those that are within the parameters of the given crime. For instance if the crime committed calls for a sentence of 7 – 10 years than no plea deal shall be for a sentence of less than 7 years. No more immunity , no more supervised parole, no more reduced sentences for cooperation. You do the 7 years period!!.In short no more leniency. I further propose that the ” Diminished Capacity ” legal defense no longer be accepted as a valid defense by the legal system. If you are stupid enough to get high on drugs and murder somebody you should not be allowed to say that you committed the act because you were high on drugs and not in your right mind at the time. It’s time that these sorts of felons face adult sentences for adult crimes even if they behaved as stupid teenagers.

    2. ” Equal Before The Law “

           If Congress strips Americans of their Constitutionally protected right to bear arms then it should be for all Americans without exception. I will expect that no Congressperson will be allowed to have a weapon. I will also expect that all government buildings will no longer be protected by gun bearing troops or police just like the average American’s   schools , places of business , social gathering spots and homes. I will expect that the President will no longer have Secret Service protection. In short I will expect all of our leaders at every level and branch of government to be rendered as defenseless as the average everyday American John Q . Public. I would also expect this new policy to extend into all areas of life. For example if John Q. Public’s all over America are forced into Obamacare then I will expect all members of the government at every level and branch to also be enrolled unwillingly into Obamacare with zero exceptions. If some immigrants came to this country by following the procedures dictated by our laws then all prospective immigrants should be required to follow that procedure with zero exceptions !!!  If the average American is required to show a long form birth certificate for his child to play ball than all prospective candidates should be required to do the same before they are even allowed to get a nomination or secure certain positions within our government that require proof of Natural Born Citizen status.

   3.  ”   A New War On Drugs “

      While I’m not ready to concede defeat in the current War On Drugs I am referring to a new and different  ” War On Drugs ” It’s way past time to ban or at the very least severely regulate prescription psychotropic drugs. The days of drugging people with mental health issues into quiet submission should end. I think there is plenty of evidence to prove that this is a counter – productive policy. Too many of these highly drugged folks with legitimate mental health problems are ticking time bombs. They are disasters waiting to happen. I further propose that mental health be funded at least as well as President Obama’s Brownshirt Youth Corps. Which group would you prefer your tax dollars fund? If we don’t have the money to do this then I propose that a Congress that has no compunctions about stripping my rights should have no compunction about declaring a National Emergency and forcing Psychiatrists and other mental health workers to care for these folks pro bono for 10 – 12 hours a week. I quite frankly do not care if this is a violation of Psychiatrists and mental health workers rights there  is a higher priority involved here. Our children are far more important than  any shrink’s financial well being. It’s time to get at the real root causes of mental illness.

  4. ” Enforce The Incitement To Violence Laws “

      I’m old enough to remember the days when if you incited anyone to violence against anyone you would get a knock on your door by the local constabulary and you would be warned — once!!  I think it’s time to get back to that policy. The next time anybody calls for murdering the President of the N.R.A. as happened three or four times this past week  they should receive that knock and warning posthaste. The second time they do it they should be seeing nothing but striped sunlight for a few years. The next time The Black Panthers make comments about ” killing Cracker babies ” they should receive that knock and warning. The next time some Liberal commentator makes a comment about killing Rush Limbaugh they should receive that knock. The next time The Gay Militant Terrorist Rabble And Their Enabling Hordes attack a church they should receive that knock. I think you get my drift. If we can use these sorts of laws to take down The Aryan Nation then we can use them to take down the people and groups on the other side of the political aisle that advocate for violence against their opponents.

5.  ” Put God Back In The Schools “

 In spite of what The Usurper In Chief says we are a Christian nation founded on Christian principles. Christianity is all American’s heritage even non Christians. Quite frankly non Christians should thank the founders daily for their foresight in seeing to it that American become a tolerant nation where everybody could worship as they choose freely. If they choose to get offended that those of us whose ancestors actually founded the country insist on our heritage being the preeminent one in American society I really don’t give a damn. The train , boat , bus or plane that brought them here can bring them back to their native lands.  I think the evidence that Godly societies have far fewer of these incidents becomes more clear with every new tragedy of this sort.

   There you have it Ladies and Gentlemen my five point plan for drastically reducing these incidents. I invite your comments.

Paul Stanner

In God We Trust


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