The Holy Prayer Of The Bruin Nation

Dear Congregants we are gathered here tonight in support of our heroic Army , The Badass Bruins ,which shall venture forth into The Citadel of Beliveau soon to do battle with The Hated Habs. Let  us pray.

 Yea though we skate through The Valley Of The Shadows Of Gionta And  Cammalleri we shall fear no Evil Subban of the North for we skate in the Divine Light of Our Massive God Chara , Neutralizer Of The Demons Of The Eastern And Western Realms. He shall call upon His Annointed One The Mighty Tim , Stoner Of  The Scorers and  there shall be no need to fear any Demon Of The Realms. The Demons Ovechkin , Giroux , Miller , Lecavelier , Crosby , Thornton , Doughty , Rinne , Sedin, Toews , and Datsyuk shall no longer strike fear into the hearts of the Citizens Of Bruin Nation. The Curse of Gilbert shall be lifted. O.K. O.K. we DO fear The Tricky Demon Datsyuk of The Winged Wheel A LITTLE. That’s why it’s called FAITH.

The Mighty Tim , Stoner Of The Scorers

Now go forth Badass Bruins on your journey on Lord Stanley’s road and bring home The Cherished Chalice  to Beantown.

The Curse of Gilles Gilbert is no more !!

She’s Got Game !!!

D.D. had great fun shooting the Chinese National Women’s Ice Hockey Team this day. If you look REAL carefully you might be able to see my owner in these photos !!

The Blue Dress Chronicles. October Winner.

Cracker Nation Broadcasting Corp. the OTHER CNBC is proud to announce a new program to our lineup. ” The Blue Dress Chronicles “

From time to time we will put the spotlight on our government officials as they do what they  do best. The Blue Dress Chronicles is sponsored by “The Live From The Cracker Riviera It’s The Anne Fanner Show “   The National Dry Cleaners Association and Victoria’s  Secret and

hosted by Anne Fanner herself. Our winner will  receive a $500.00 blue evening gown of his / her choice a gift certificate for $500.00 worth of dry cleaning and a  $5000 shopping spree at Victoria Secret.

I hope The Banking Queen wins. I think he’d look stunning in that blue evening gown !!! Yes yes I know that was an editorial comment. lol

October’s winner  is Ms. Krystal Ball from Virginia. Before you even ask no we didn’t make that name up and yes considering the circumstances she probably should have seen this coming. To see why Ms. Ball was our October winner and why we were so impressed with her style just click on the link. We do realize that if Ms. Ball were to be judged by our usual Bubba Judging Standards she wouldn’t even be in the running. We felt that considering Ms. Ball’s tender years and novel approach she was a worthy winner. We invite your comments on our judgment in this matter.

Congratulations Ms. Ball  you’ve made Bubba proud.Isn’t it nice to know that Gender Equality is now accepted in the field of political sleaze? “You’ve come a long way baby.” On that note we shall conclude this edition of  The Blue Dress Chronicles. Good evening from The Cracker Riviera , Coastal Carolina.


Major League Baseball Adds New Position


Cracker News Broadcasting Corp. — The OTHER CNBC

Dateline Phoenix Arizona Nov. 19 , 2011.

M.L.B. Commissioner Bud Selig today announced that all  Major League teams will be increasing their on field personnel to ten. The new position will be called  Bandito Rover. The Bandito Rover will be stationed in shallow center field just behind the second baseman. His sole and only job is to corral any loose Mexican Banditos that run onto the field.

In related developments Major League Baseball  announced that it has hired Rick Monday to be the  Bandito Rover adviser at large  for all teams. More specifically his job will be too advise each individual Bandito Rover coach on proper corralling technique. Major League Baseball also announced that it has created a new yearly award to be given to the Most Valuable Bandito Rover. The winner will receive an all expenses paid vacation to Arizona , dinner with Sheriff Joe and Governor Jan , and a Mexican Flag to burn at a time of his choosing.

CNBC says well done Major League Baseball. Yes yes I know that was an editorial comment.

Reporting from Phoenix , Arizona for CNBC Chico ” Baseball Been Berry Berry Good To Me ” Esquela

Flour to the Crackers  !!! We SHALL bake !!!

Now go spread your crumbs around Crackers !!!!

The Black Panthers Accept The Challenge of The White Knights Of The Court !!


Cracker News Broadcasting Corp.

Dateline Philadelphia , Pa. July 28 , 2010

CNBC has just received the following communique from Adpolh ” The Little Dribbler ” Olajuwan The Director Of Sports Education for The New Black Panther Party. ” We accept the challenge of The White Knights Of The Court. We welcome the chance to prove to the Noble People of Color of America that indeed white men CAN’T jump or pass , dribble , rebound or defend. We are ready to rumble with these Crackas on their courts or our courts. We invite the White Knights to kick off their challenge by playing an all star team of Black Panthers at the Marcus Garvey Playground Courts in the Malcolm  X Park in Philadelphia at a time  to be determined. Your serve Crackas “

When contacted by CNBC for a comment Mr. Larry Eagle of the  American Association of White Basketball Players replied thusly.       ” 2:oo P.M. Aug 12 , 2010 be there. Be prepared  to learn your lesson Boys. You can run but you can’t hide”

It should be great fun to see the Man – Children get beat by a bunch of Crackas from Appalachia. lol Yes yes I know that was an editorial comment. lol

To see what precipitated this response by The Confused  Man – Children of Philadelphia click here.

Stay tuned to CNBC for further developments as they unfold. Reporting for CNBC from Philadelphia Achmed  Threepointer

Flour to the Crackers !! We SHALL bake !!

Now go spread your crumbs around Crackers !!

The White Knights Of The C.C.C. { Caucasian Court of Comedy } Issue Challenge To Black Advocacy Groups


Dateline : Indianapolis , Indiana July 23 , 2010

The  A.A.W.B.P.  American Association of White Basketball Players
announced a suit today against the N.B.A. and The United States Equal Opportunities Commission for employment discrimination against white basketball players in the N.B.A. When asked for a comment on this suit Mr. Larry Eagle the President of the A.A.W.B.P. said the following.  ” In a country that is compromised of 70 % Caucasian people we find it hard to believe that the N.B.A. has so few White players. We do not think that is coincidence. We believe that the fact that the N.B.A. player pool is 80 %  Black is the result of a vile insipid racist plot on the part of various Black advocacy groups such as the N.A.A.C.P. , The New Black Panther Party, The Southern Poverty Law Center , The Rainbow Coalition and Operation Push. The purpose of this  plot is to ensure that all the best economically disadvantaged white players in Appalachia and other poor White regions of the country are kept where they belong thus ensuring the Black players million dollar employment in the N.B.A. and the coke dealers and purveyors of ” gangsta culture ” continued profits. We demand that this racist plot be stopped immediately and that the N.B.A. fund development programs in poor white regions and provide a  predetermined amount of scholarship money to White players. If our demands are not met by the American legal system than we shall call upon the White Knights of The Court to kick ass on every Black basketball court in the country until the legal system and our enemies have no choice but to recognize our abilities and give us the chance we deserve. “

When Clarence ” Trash Mouth ” Hankins the Director of Communications for The New Black Panther Party was asked by CNBC for a comment he replied thusly. ” Crackers can’t jump — or pass , dribble , shoot or rebound. We are ready to rumble with these Crackers on their own courts. “

Right where a Panther belongs !!

Won’t it be great fun to watch The New Black Panthers put down their nightsticks and take to the court to get soundly whipped by a bunch of Crackers. That would bring a whole new purpose to Midnite Basketball. lol Yes yes I know that was an editorial comment. lol

Reporting for Cracker News Broadcasting Network from Indianapolis , Indiana  Larry Eagle.

Flour to the Crackers !!! We SHALL bake !!!

Now go spread your crumbs around Crackers

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