The Bonfire Of The Sanities { Kinky Does It AGAIN !! }



Dateline N.Y.C. :  April 5 , 2011 Cracker News Broadcasting Corp. — The OTHER CNBC

Lady and Gentlemen Crackers CNBC has a huge scoop from the world of entertainment for you today. The Man With The Midas Touch A.K.A. Mr. Richard ” Kinky ” Friedman in conjunction with his good Cracker buddies Snoop Dogg and The Village People have scheduled a trifecta of world class entertainment that will commence with Kinky’s  Good Friday “Friday Night Rocking With The Soldiers Of Allah Concert And Pig Roast. ” The theme for this concert will be ” Burn A Koran Night ” Anybody that brings a Koran to throw on The Bonfire Of  The Sanities will be rewarded with some very special gifts. More on that  in a moment. The very special Master Of The Bonfire for this evening will be none other than the Reverend Terry Jones. God knows he’s earned that right. Yes yes I know — editorial comment. Do we have to go through this EVERY time?? !! lol

Reverend Jones will commence the evening’s festivities with The Lord’s Prayer and then ignite the Bonfire Of The Sanities. Reverend Jones will also have the honor of toasting the first marshmallow. In a particularly  humorous touch Kinky has arranged for Rev. Jones personal body guard to be none other then the Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man from the movie Ghost Busters. ” Who ya gonna call Jihadis? ” Kinky does have a delicious streak of humor in his make up. lol Yes yes I know — editorial comment again. Do you guys EVER get tired of pointing that out to me?

The schedule of the evening’s entertainment is as announced below.

The Gaither Vocal Band ” Second Fiddle “

The Reverend Jeremiah Kright singing ” Oh Sweet Jesus “

Please be advised that this is a love song written by The Rev for The Rocking Burqa Babes whom the Rev became smitten with at one of Kinky’s concerts.

The 16 Guns Lady Fighter Pilot Revue singing ” 16 Guns “

” 16 guns and what do you get ? Another day older and closer to death ” You can run Jihadis but you can’t hide from these VERY angry Lady fighter pilots. lol Do you really NEED to remind me that that was yet another editorial comment? lol

The Reverend Matthias MacPherson singing ” The Battle Hymn Of The Republic “

This segment of the evening’s entertainment will conclude as always with Kinky Friedman and His Texas Jewboys singing ” They Ain’t Making Jews Like Jesus Anymore “

Unconfirmed rumors have it that that explosive musical group ” One Way Ticket ” from Damascus Syria have converted to Christianity and may make an appearance at Kinky’s show to sing ” Ask The Blind Man — He Saw It All ” Kinky will neither confirm nor deny this rumor. The Devil makes him do that. lol

And now as promised a word about Kinky’s , Snoops and TVP’s gifts  to you.

Upon tossing your Koran into The Bonfire Of  The Sanities and a pledge of  $ 10.00 to the 911 Survivors Fund you will receive a voucher for a roast pork dinner and a Burqa Lap Dance at Snoop Dogg’s nightclub ” Mo’s Palace Of The Heavenly Virgins ” Admit it guys you’ve ALWAYS wondered what’s behind that burqa. lol Unconfirmed rumors have it that Mo’s Ladies will be mixing with the audience guys. In addition to these gifts you will also be treated to a concert by The Village People in which they will debut their newest song ” The Flaming Jihadi Blues “. This is a singular honor readers in that since The Village People’s opening of their own club ” The Flaming Infidel ” they NEVER perform anywhere else anymore. Kinky and Snoop apparently are very persuasive.

CNBC can’t wait for Good Friday. We look forward to seeing many of our readers there.


Reporting from N.Y.C. for CNBC   Honey Huggins

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Flour to the Crackers !!! We SHALL bake !!!

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And That’s The Way It Is Because Queen Yes Dear Said So

Dear Readers :

About ten days ago my boss , Queen Yes Dear of the Empire Of Feminaterre told me she was feeling a bit blue because of the consistent snowy weather over the last couple of weeks and instructed me to post some photos of as she put it ” The Chinese flora ” in order to hopefully cheer her up. I can assure you that Queen Yes Dear is a benevolent dictator who dearly loves her subjects so normally her wish is my command.Unfortunately circumstances beyond my control at the time such as the lousy weather here and pressing business concerns prevented me from granting my Queen’s wish at the time. Today I found the time. Here are your flowers Queen Yes Dear.

I may be crazy but it seems to my eye that flowers in China for some reason are more vibrant and colorful. After you guys look at these photos I’d be curious to hear your opinions on my theory.

In my opinion the flower in the last photo is the most beautiful flower in this bouquet. This flower was prevalent in the Qing Dymasty period of Chinese history. Why doesn’t MY garden have this type of flower?

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Every Now And The You Find A Real Gem On The Pearl River

Dear Readers :

This is C.C. speaking. Yesterday D.D. , S.T. , Fred and myself went urban exploring. We walked along Thhe Pearl River Esplanade from West to East starting from Shamian Island and proceeding all the way out to Donghu Park. That is about 7 miles each way. I don’t mind telling you that my dogs were barking by the time we got home and I don’t mean Fred. Now as usual S. T. was checking out the pretty girls , D.D. was futzzing with her aperture , Fred was trying to mooch a meal as best  he could and I was taking care of business. Check out my videos of the gem I found on The Pearl River below.

The photo was taken from Donghu Park.

Untitled from Lynne Slanner on Vimeo.

Untitled from Lynne Slanner on Vimeo.

A Pearl River Gem 3 from Lynne Slanner on Vimeo.

People Who Worship In Glass Temples Shouldn’t Throw Stones

Dear Readers :

I promised myself that when I went on this vacation I would put politics and all other worldly cares aside and just try to relax and enjoy myself. The world had other ideas. One of you can tell me later which of you won the reader poll about how long I’d last. lol

It never ceases to astound me that Sara Palin who is so consistently right about the vast majority of the issues of the day can without even trying engender such vicious commentary and from such varied quarters. While it’s undoubtedly true that the term ” blood libel ” WAS a derogatory term used as a vicious false accusation against Jews 2,000 years ago it is also undoubtedly true that NOW it has come to mean falsely and viciously accusing anybody. How could you be alive in this day and age and not know that? Why all the hateful comments about Sara’s remarks from many of the Jewish Civil Rights organizations? That was 2000 years ago , nobody today , save possibly the most radical Islamics , believes Jews do that or did that. I swear the same people that run the N.A.A.C.P and the rest of the Poverty Pimps organizations runs the Jewish groups too. Why is it that many people are just too damn stupid to know when it’s in their own best interests to know when and why to simply STFU ? I was so proud of Sara standing up and telling these folks that they would not be silencing her with their tactics of intimidation. How great would it be if our male politicians had her ” stones” ? Give ’em Hell Sara.

Not being a shrinking violet by any means I’m going to now give you my opinion on this matter. Until ALL Jews condemn in the most forceful of terms Jewish Doctors who are engaged in the blood commerce of genocidal abortion against largely non Jewish babies and actively crusade to end the practice I really don’t want to hear how ” offended ” they are about one lonely Christian woman who uses the term ” blood libel ” in my opinion in an entirely accurate way. Who should know better than not to engage in this blood commerce than the very descendants of the victims of the Shoah? Jews should be leading the fight against abortion NOT supporting it in any way shape manner or form. The money for the financing of The Yad Vashem Of The Unborn should be Jewish money. The fact of the matter however is that the Jews are no different than any other group. They too will always have a few that will actively participate in blood commerce much in the same way as there were Black slave owners.

I’m certain that this article will engender some very nasty comments from the Jews and Kumbaya Christians that believe that absolutely zero criticism of Jews / Israel is to be tolerated. Please send your cards and letters care of this web site guys. The list of people that want a piece of me is a very long and not so distinguished one so just step to the rear and I’ll get to you in due course. One of the great advantages of getting chronologically advanced is that I can say things like this ” Frankly my Jewish friends I just don’t give a damn if you’re insulted by Sara’s or my remarks.”

Abortion may indeed not be a ” blood libel ” but no matter how badly the people that support it want to spin it to a more noble endeavor there are three incontrovertible facts regarding abortion. It IS murder — it IS genocide and it IS blood commerce.

People that worship in  glass temples should not be throwing stones at the nice Christian Lady.

If you’d like to read one of my other articles about Sara Palin click here.

Tugging On Superman’s Cape !!


Cracker Nation Broadcasting Corp. — The OTHER CNBC

Dateline The Whitehouse , Washington D.C. Nov. 3 , 2010

Reliable CNBC sources within the White House inform us that yet another gigantic government takeover of private enterprises is going to be announced soon. It would seem that all children that trick or treated in Democratic precincts were given I.O.U.s that are redeemable  in twenty years. Now as any of you that have a six year old child know this  is an entirely unacceptable situation. The parents did what any kind loving parent would do. ” It’s for the children ” after all. They marched right down to their local Mom and Pop candy stores and demanded their candy. The proprietors being clueless about this arrangement since it was made as usual with the Dumbasses behind closed doors and with no consultation with anybody but their own Comrades did what any business person with a grain of common sense would do. They refused to pay. Word has reached Washington. The Usurper In Chief is said to be livid. He cancelled his golf game in Mumbai to deal with this problem. The World Apology Tour will of course go on as scheduled.

It will be announced next Monday that all Mom and Pop candy stores in the country will be nationalized. A Candy Czar will be appointed post haste. The Reese’s Pieces are going to hit the fan.

WoW !!!  The Magic Negro can mess with General Motors ,A.I.G. and Wall Street but messing with Mom and Pop America ?? !! Talk about ” tugging on Superman’s Cape!!! lol Yes yes I know that was an editorial coment. DUCK !!  Here comes another one. If he gets this agitated over this can you imagine what will happen the first time Speaker Of The House John Boehner doesn’t cave and give him his way. He’ll probably sell America to Costa Rica. lol

Stay tuned to CNBC for further details in this story as they emerge.

Reporting live for CNBC from Washington D.C.  M.N.M. Green

Flour to the Crackers !!! We shall bake !!!

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The Stairway To Heaven Hotel

The Sweet Satanic Romance Of Laura ” Sweet Pie ” Stettler And Holly ” The Electric Rose ” Hanson { And Maybe ” The Texas Tornado”}


Ch. 2

The Stairway To Heaven Hotel


Devil Or Angel

Holly had felt the sparks also so I guess it was no great surprise to anyone that these two Satanically Romantic Ladies were destined to get together. ” The Electric Rose ” was the one that seized the moment and invited ” Sweet Pie ” to dinner at a very chic Italian restaurant. Everything was perfect. The food,the wine,the ambience , sparkling engaging conversation and a beautiful sexy lady.What more could a healthy young Satanically Romantic young woman ask of life? ” The Electric Rose ” certainly knows how to show a stranger her town. ” Sweet Pie’s heart was pounding a mile a minute with anticipation. Little did she know what ” The Electric Rose ” had planned for her , this was just the prelude. The real fun was to begin at another venue.
Holly paid the check and leaned over and whispered seductively in Laura’s ear ” would you like to visit Heaven.” Laura damn near fell off her chair she was so excited. They arrived at The Stairway To Heaven Hotel at about 9:30 P.M. Holly arranged for some refreshment to be sent to the room and then she thanked and tipped the bell boy. The lock clicked and then she sprang into action. She ripped Laura’s clothes off and threw her on the bed. She slowly and sensuosly set up the DVD equipment. Laura was quite nervous about doing anything on camera.What if her mama saw this video? What if she her strap broke ? She was a bundle of nerves, excitement and wild anticipation. Holly gave her just enough of a peek to keep her interested and then she said to her “Excuse me .I’ll go “freshen up” a bit. Enjoy the wine.” She came back in about ten minutes in her policewoman uniform looking all sexy and authoritative. She walked over to Laura slowly and put her under arrest. Laura was laying on the bed stark naked ,handcuffed to the bedposts eagerly wondering what was going to happen next.It wasn’t long before she found out. Holly walked over and gave her a long passionate kiss , laid a blue rose on her chest , put a DVD of “Charlie’s Angel’s” on the DVD player in repeat mode and left. All night long “Charlie’s Angel’s played.It was TORTURE!! The woman may be sexy and beautiful but I can assure you she is DEFINITELY Satanic!! I don’t think Laura will ever be able to have another sexual fantasy about a policewoman!!

At 9:00 A.M. Lupita came into the room.Well needless to say she was a bit shocked!! Fortunately the Gods smiled upon Laura because Lupita had four things she needed. A sense of humor , bolt cutters , a sexy body and personna and a fifteen minute break.I know,I know I thought it was a bit weird that a maid would have bolt cutters too. I guess this sort of thing happens frequently at The Stairway To Heaven Hotel.Lupita had her way with Laaura and then set her free. As Laura was walking out heading towards Holly’s Lupita thanked her  “Gracias Mi loco poco Fascist. Come again.”

The Stairway To Heaven, Holly’s house.

Laura left the hotel a happy woman. She also had new found respect for “Domestic Goddesses” and Policewomen. Thank you ‘Pita and Holly{My Rose} she whispered as she left singing ” Devil or Angel “.

Devil or angel, I can’t make up my mind
Which one you are I’d like to wake up and find
Devil or angel dear, whichever you are
I miss you, I miss you, I mi-i-iss you

Devil or angel please say you’ll be mi-i-ine
Love me or leave me, I’ll go out of my mind
Devil or angel dear, whichever you are
I need you, I need you, I need you

You look like an angel
Your smile is divine
But you keep me guessin’
Will you ever be mine?

Devil or angel please say you’ll be mi-i-ine
Love me or leave, I’ve made up my mind
Devil or angel dear, whichever you are
I love you, I love you, I-I lo-o-ove you

Devil or angel please say you’ll be mi-i-ine
Love me or leave, I’ve made up my mind
Devil or angel dear, whichever you are
I love you, I love you, I love you


If you don’t believe this story just go down to The Hideaway Lounge and ask for “Sweet Pie” or “The Electric Rose” and judge for your self how Satanic they are . Are they Devil or Angel? That is a question you must ask yourself BEFORE you get too involved. A word of caution though. Be careful or you might end up at The Stairway To Heaven Hotel. Who knows what she might have planned for you. Only The Satanically Romantic ladies themselves know for sure.{Well MAYBE “The Texas Tornado” might have a clue.}Devil or Angel? Who knows for sure?

” The Texas Tornado “

Have fun!!

By Spaced Teacher

P.S. ‘Pita if you have any photos ” Sweet Pie” will pay handsomely for them. She’ll call you Mi Sucre Nina.

D.D. Knows A Video Kodak Moment When She Ses One Too. { Chinese University Students Doing Their Military Training }

All Chinese university students are required by law to do one month of military training in their freshman years. I think we should do that in America.

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