Cracker Nation ADD Study

Cracker News Broadcasting Corp —- the Other CNBC

Dr. Elyse ” Ten Toes ” Buongiorno theĀ  Secretary of Heath for The Cracker Nation of America when addressing the C.N.A. Academy of Heath Sciences today made the following comments. ” Attention Deficit Disorder is a very serious disease that afflicts many of the citizens

of Cracker Nation. In order to eliminate the scourges of this disease from our citizenry we need to

Where was I?”

Reporting from Princeton , N.J. for C.N.B.C. Amanda Nurse

Flour to the Crackers !! Especially the ADD afflicted ones. We SHALL bake !!



Now go spread your crumbs around Crackers !!



Inspiration for this story came from the esteemed and learned Cracker Dr. Elyse ” Ten Toes ” Buongiorno

Keep on Crackering good Dr. Cracker ” Ten Toes “

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