The NAACP is at it AGAIN !!


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Informed sources report that the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People , The Nation Of Islam , The Southern Poverty Law Center and The New Black Panther Party will file a suit against the U.S. Geological Society and The U.S. Department of the Interior. The basis of the suit is that these two racist entities knew that the general Potomac Region of the U.S.A. sits on a well known , to them , earthquake fault that they have never bothered to inform the public about. According to the leader of The Nation of Islam ” Calypso” Louis Farrakhan  ” This is yet another example of a heinous racist plot perpetrated against the Noble People of Color by the Jewish Cabal that controls the whole media apparatus in America and those nasty Republicans under the direction of George Bush. Their desire was to see this earthquake wipe out the colored populations of the Potomac Region so that they could buy up all the property at dirt cheap rates.” Clarence ” Trash Mouth “

Hankins The Director of Communications for The New Black Panther Party said the following ” Those racist geologists had better watch their Cracka backs. We are ready to rumble with them in their own labs. “

We at CNBC pray that ” Trash Mouth ” gets his wish. What huge fun it would be to see a bunch of  Lady geologists armed with ball point pens and clip boards hand the Black Panthers their collective heads. Yes yes we know that was an editorial comment. Here are a couple of more. CNBC wonders if these folks realize that White people also live in the Potomac region? CNBC is also wondering if this turn of events will prevent the Reverend Mr. ” Calypso ” Louis Farrakhan from attending the One Million Cracker Picnic as he had earlier promised?

In conclusion CNBC has been able to confirm that the earthquake fault which lies under the Potomac Region of the United States will not be named The George Bush Fault.

Reporting live for the Cracker News Broadcasting Network the OTHER CNBC  from the quake zone Mike ” Shaky ” Walton

Flour to the Crackers !!! We SHALL bake !!!!

Now go spread your crumbs around Crackers !!

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