The Cracka Dykes Respond To Trashmouth


Cracker News Broadcasting Corp. — The Other CNBC.

Dateline : Hollywood , Ca.  July 30 , 2010

CNBC sources within The Confused Man – Children of Philadelphia A.K.A. The New Black Panther Party  organization confirm that Mr. Clarence ” Trashmouth” Hankins The Director of Communications for the Confused Man – Children of Philadelphia has received the following message from the NAGS { National Association Of Gals – Lesbian Division } As follows :

Dear Mr. Hankins my name is Wendy Emily Bustnuttz , I am an attorney representing the young Ladies you threatened yesterday with regards to the T.V. program ” The Talk “. The reason I’m am writing you Mr. Hankins is to warn you and your organization The Confused Man – Children of Philadelphia that if you personally or any member of your organization ever threatens one of my Cracka Dyke clients or indeed ANY woman in this manner again I will have your balls sitting on my fireplace mantle. I assure you Mr. Hankins that this is no idle threat  , I castrate Boys like you for sport. Should you wish to try your  luck though  then just feel free to go ahead and make my day. I will represent any client that seeks my help pertaining to threats by you or any member of  your Man – Child partners in crime pro bono just for the sheer joy of emasculating  any of you that dares to cross me. Now for your ebonics speakers that means I will represent any woman threatened by you  for free just  for the joy of turning you into a whimpering little girl. Oh and Mr. Hankins just so you’ll not have any trouble finding me I’ve included my address , phone number and e-mail below. In closing Mr. Hankins I want you to know that ” Trashmouth ” is an appropriate nickname for you.

Hoping  YOU will be making MY day soon

W.E. Bustnutzz

Chief : Feminist Law Division

Dewey , Cheatum and Howe

331/3 Crooked La.

San Francisco , Ca. 92871


Our sources inform us that ” Trashmouth ” is planning his move to Liberia and will be gone very soon.



You go Wendy Emily !!! Good job girl !!! Yes yes I know that is an editorial comment.

Reporting from Philadelphia for CNBC  Savanah Coker

To see what caused this whole fiasco click here.

Flour to the Crackers !! We SHALL bake.

Now go spread your crumbs around  Crackers !!!


The New Black Panther Party Declares War ——- On France !!!


Cracker Nation News Broadcasting

Dateline Philadelphia Pa. July 23 , 2010

The Minister of War for The New Black Panther Party Mr. Hakim ” Black Thunder ” O’Sullivan has just announced that The New Black Panther Party has declared war on France. When asked why The New Black Panther Party declared war on France ” Black Thunder ” er er Mr. O ‘ Sullivan replied thusly. ” We need money to finance our operations against our true enemy  The Mighty Cracker Nation of America. We figured that those French Crackas would surrender quickly and pay us reparations rather than have Popeye’s Fried Chicken joints springing up all over Paris. We’re ready to rumble with those French Crackas on their own surrender fields.”  They are also not nearly as tough as The Girl Scouts of America.”

Oh WAIT !! That’s a Florida Panther


When reached in Paris by CNBC for a comment the French defense minister Madame Louise Marie Ducharme said the following ” We surrender unconditionally.Would you nice Panther gentlemen like some cafe and a croissant as you march down the Champs Elysse?” Psst Jean Phillipe call Washington. Toute suite !!!

I find myself in a bit of a quandry over this situation. I might actually have to root for the French. The HORRORS !! Yes Yes I know that was an editorial comment. lol

Reporting live from Philadelphia ,  Pa.  for  C.N.B.C. Kristianne Marie Andipour

Flour to the Crackers !!! We SHALL overcome !!!

Now go spread your crumbs around Crackers !!!

Inspiration for this story came from Cracker Jodi Klyman

Keep on Crackering Cracker Jodi.

The C.I.A.’ s Theory On The Da Ray Clements Murder Case.

The Havana Sugar Cartel STRIKES!! The Cute Brown Kitties and The Cubans Allied?

Breaking News !!!! Breaking News !!!!

Cracker News Broadcasting Corp The OTHER CNBC

Dateline :  Philadelphia,  Pa. July 14 , 2010

Acting on a tip from Karen ” Cracka ” Hopkins the Director of the C.I.A. Cracker News Broadcasting Corp. has launched an investigation into The News Black Panther Party.  We have uncovered a heinous plot against the American people. Normally we would not publish this story until we had ALL the facts but we feel that this plot is so dangerous the public needs to be warned IMMEDIATELY !! FOREWARNED IS FOREARMED. !!! Our Field Agents are highly suspicious that The New Black Panther Party acting out of their hatred of all things White and The Havana Sugar Cartel acting out of their hatred of America have allied themselves. The details that we currently have are below.

Flour to the Crackers!!!!

Now  go spread your crumbs around Crackers

The Great  Sugar Assassin Conspiracy Of Sweetwater Tx.

She’s beautiful , charming , sexy and DEADLY!!!

She’s A Sugar Assassin

” Havana Day Dreaming”


” The Havana Sugar Cartel Strikes”

In the Spring of 2010 a rather elderly but alert gentleman by the Name of Mr. Barton Park of Sweetwater , Texas began receiving,anonymously, baked goods from bakeries     all over the country. Mr.Park being a diabetic and a naturally suspicious man,and ever mindful of the extremely difficult security situation his country was facing as a result of the events of Sept.11,2001 did what all good Americans would do. He called the authorities. In this case that was the Sugar Awareness Police A.K.A., known affectionately we hope, as  the SAPS

SAP Agents in hot pursuit of a Sugar Assassin

The SAPS are Federal Agents under the direct supervision of The Cracker Nation Department Of Internal Security.The case was assigned to me as the Lead Investigator. My name is Major Dee Mentia. An investigation was launched. Preliminary field intelligence seemed to indicate that vile , despicable , nefarious terrorist group The Havana Sugar Cartel was behind the attempted assassination of Mr.Park. We have no idea why they would want to assassinate an elderly retired gentleman such as Mr.Park. I assure all citizens that we will get to the bottom of this.

What we do know of the Havana Sugar Cartel is that they employ assassins,known as Sugar Assassins,to do their dirty work. In a rather cruel and ironic twist the Sugar Assassins always use sugar in one form or another to kill their victims. Since we now know that there is a Sugar Assassin operating in the Sweetwater Tx. area we urge all citizens of Texas to be extremely vigilant!!If you should go out to dinner in the immediate future you might want to think carefully about ordering that apple pie or carrot cake.

We ask for the cooperation of the public at large in the on going investigation.If you have any information that may pertain to this investigation please feel free to call us at our toll free hot line 1-800-THE-SAPS or leave your tips in this forum as comments. Do not worry WordPress is a secure site. They have TOP SECRET or T.S.15 clearance.

WordPress has a T.S. 15 Security Rating. You needn’t be in fear.

In the coming weeks and months I will bring you up to date on past developments as well as current ones. In the meantime be——


Major Dee Mentia
Lead Investigator{T.G.S.A.C.S.T.}
Area 61
Maple Sugar Country


” The Great  Sugar Assassin Conspiracy Of Sweetwater Texas ” and all characters ,places,plot lines , mythology or ANYTHING else even REMOTLEY associated with it are the intellectual property of Spaced Teacher D.B.A. Bea Wildered Enterprises and may not be used for ANY purposes without the express written permission of Spaced Teacher.

“The Great  Sugar Assassination Conspiracy Of Sweetwater Tx.” while obviously the victim of a great deal of literary license by the author is based on true events. This actually happened to a diabetic friend of mine. To the best of my knowledge he never did resolve the mystery. This was a cause of great concern to him. The names have been fictionalized to insure the guilty from liability be that criminal or civil and  to protect the author,me against a Sugar Assassination attempt. That damn Havana Sugar Cartel is VICIOUS!!!!

First The Craka Babies Now The Cracka Farmers !!!

Breaking News !!! Breaking News !!!      

                  CNBC { Cracker Nation Broadcasting Corp. } the Other CNBC

Date Line Philadelphia , Pa. July 16, 2011

Clarence ” Trash Mouth ” Hankins The Director of  Communications  for  The  New Black Panther Party  today announced a law suit against The Watermelon Growers of America. In his communique ” Trash Mouth ” said the following. ” There is an ongoing racist plot by the C.I.A. and the White watermelon growers to  market watermelons with a higher concentration of naturally found Viagra in low income predominantly Black inner city markets. The purpose of this plot is to keep inner city Black men in such a state of constant arousal that they are unable to lift themselves out of their current condition.” Trash Mouth continued his comments thusly ” If this racist plot does not stop immediately we will kill all you Cracka farmers. We are ready to rumble with you in your own fields. We demand reparations from all White farmers for partaking in this heinous racist plot against the noble Panther people “

When asked for a comment regarding ” Trash Mouth’s ” allegations  Karen ” Cracka  ” Hopkins the Director of the C.I.A. { Cracker Intelligence  Agency } just smiled and said this ” Perhaps these strong powerful intelligent Black men should just buy peaches. “

Reporting for CNBC  live from Texarkana , Tx  Bill Melon

Flour to the Crackers !!!

We SHALL bake !!!

Now go spread your crumbs around Crackers

Al ” Inconvenient Facts ” Gore Upset With The Big Biscuit


Dateline : Nashville , Tn. Nov. 22 , 2011

 Al Gore in a statement released to CNBC today has voiced extreme displeasure with ALL of the following people Matt ” The Big Biscuit ” Morgan the creator of the Facebook group Cracker Nation , yours truly of CNBC , Mike Florey of The American Cracker Lovers Union — The OTHER A.C.L.U. Facebook group , and Karen ” Cracka ” Hopkins of The Cracker Intelligence Agency Facebook group. It seems that these folks and their group members and readers are causing so much laughter around the internet thus releasing extremely high levels of carbon dioxide that Al is worried that the sky is going to fall.

Acting on complaints from The New Black Panther Party that this is a racist plot by this group of Crackas  and the advice of  the Global one himself  Attorney General Eric Holder has launched a civil rights investigation.

WoW !! When I was in school I was taught that Chicken Little was the cause of this problem. Who knew this small group of Crackers had this kind of power? I guess the pen really is mightier than the ak 47.  How ironic that The  Black Panthers expected to go out in a hail of bullets only to have these four Crackas cave their roof in on them.  They’re very tricky Crackers indeed.

Reporting for CNBC { Cracker News Broadcasting Corp. } the OTHER CNBC  Al ” Cool Breeze ” Shore

Flour to the the Crackers !!! We SHALL bake !!!

Now go spread your crumbs around Crackers.

Inspiration for this story came from Cracker Joe Vining. Spread your crumbs around Joe.

The Honey Grahams To The Rescue

Breaking News !!!! Breaking News !!!! Breaking News !!!!

CNBC { Cracker Nation Broadcasting Corp } Dateline : Cracker Nation Dept. Of Internal Security Area 61 .C.N.A.  July 12 , 2010

General Mei Leize The Director of The Cracker Nation Dept. Of Internal Security  made the following announcement about 10 minutes ago. ” Dear Cracker Nation Citizenry I’m pleased to announce that the beloved Cracker Nation Icon Famous Amos has been rescued from The Cute Brown Kitty’s A.K.A. The Black Panthers unharmed. He is currently resting comfortably at a secure location. I wish to thank our citizenry for their help in Crackering this case.”

Further details provided by The Cracker Nation Dept. Of Internal Security reveal that Famous Amos was rescued  by an all female elite , highly trained and effective and until this incident top secret  Special Forces Unit known as The Honey Grahams under the Command of Major Dee Mentia. For security reason no further details of The Honey Grahams can be revealed at this time.

A grateful nation says ” Well done ladies .” You can run Cute Brown Kittys but you CAN’T hide.  The Honey Grahams have your number.

Reporting live from C.N.D.I.S. Area 61 C.N.A. for CNBC   Amy ” Honey ”  Lighthouse

Flour to the Crackers !!! We SHALL bake !!!

Now go spread your crumbs around Crackers

The picture below is of one of The Honey Grahams. Go ahead Cute Brown Kittys and threaten HER Cracka baby and see what happens to you.

If you wish to see what precipitaed the call to action of The Honey Grahams click here.

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