The Cracker Salute

Dear Fellow Crackers :

CNBC thinks that it’s time that we had our own Cracker handshake  / greeting / salute.  The Brothas have their own 37 gyration and 22 twists handshake. Crackers have their own also. It’s a very simple yet effective greeting. As follows : L hand just below left cheek , forefinger and thumb in the shape of a C , remaining three fingers sticking straight up ,a cracker of any variety in R hand when possible , a big smile on your face and a warm hello in your heart.

CNBC suggests that the next time a Brotha or Sista gives you the 37  Gyrations and 22 twists you just simply confuse them by doing the elegant and understated Cracker greeting as described above. I’m sure that the Brothas and Sistas will be confounded at  first but in no time they’ll see the humor.

Cracker Culture NOW and forever. Flour to the Crackers !!!

We SHALL bake !!!

Now go spread your salute Crackers.

P.S. :  Brothas and Sistas please forgive me for my good natured humor towards you guys. The Cracker Devil made me do it.

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