Night Cruising The Pearl River In Guangzhou , China

Dear Friends  :

If you ever bring your significant other to Guangzhou make sure you take him / her on a very romantic Pearl River Night Cruise. Cam promises you that if you do , either before or after a nice dinner at The Railroad on Shamian Island you’ll get lucky. Make sure and wear a raincoat. When you get lucky I mean. D.D. supports safe sex. Have fun and enjoy your cruise — BOTH of them.


Making A Joyful Noise At The Guangzhou Shifu Baptist

Dear Readers :

When He said ”  Make a joyful noise ” this Congregation was certainly listening.

These are videos of The Guangzhou Shifu Baptist Church Choir. We hope you enjoy them.



Old Man River

Dear Readers :

Thanks to the kindhearted nature and Christian attitude of one of our readers CNBC  is now able to place our own original video directly in our posts. There will be no more re-directing to another site to view our videos. If the truth be told this benevolent person for reasons that are a complete mystery to me is addicted to my writing , photography and videography. Shhh !! There is no reason to mention anything  about her addiction to her. Addiction is such an UGLY word. Let’s just indulge her and call it as she does ” one of life’s little pleasures. ”   That doesn’t hurt anybody does it? Below is our first video. I have titled it  ” Old Man River”. It’s a video of Dongshanhu Park in the Eastern Section of Guangzhou , China and focusing on The Pearl River. We hope you enjoy it.


It’s A Disney World Guangzhou , China Style

Dear Readers :

The slide show below is of a little neighborhood park near my hotel. The Chinese have an incredible sense of the Disney aspects of life.

We hope you enjoy the photos.

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If You Go Carrying Pictures Of Chairman Mao # 3

Spaced Teacher’s Adventures In The Middle Cosmos – China

If You Go Carrying Pictures Of Chairman Mao # 3

By Spaced Teacher

I’m certain that most of you have figured out by now that these articles entitled ” If You Go Carrying Pictures Of Chairman Mao ” #’s 1 , 2 , and 3 are my way of explaining to you all why I don’t think China will ever rule the world in spite of the current political / economic orthodoxy spewed by The Higher Minds of The Western World which can’t sing China’s praises loudly enough or long enough. RELAX guys it isn’t going to happen.

The reason China will never rule the world are rooted in a few basic aspects of the Chinese culture and mentality.

1. The vast majority of the Chinese people suffer from fecal occulus. That is known as shitty outlook for you lay people. The vast majority of the Chinese people have an absolutely shitty attitude about life in general and business in particular.

2.  The education system. The Chinese education system is based upon rote learning. The ONLY thing that is important in China is to pass the test. To do that you need to know the answers. You do NOT need to know how or why something came to be the way it is. The details are unimportant. Creative thinking and critical analysis are discouraged to the point that if you persist in exercising those traits and you annoy the wrong person by doing so you may find yourself in very serious trouble. Chinese people believe that they can never be more than a slave on Chairman Mao’s Plantation.The think the highest aspiration they can have is to be a ” House Slave “.

Now imagine the Chinese mind fuck they endure when they get a crazy ass American teacher that DEMANDS these things from them? LoL I LOVE my job. If torturing Chinese students were an Olympic Sport I’d win the Gold Medal every time. lol I can only dream

3. Political corruption. I’m sure this doesn’t surprise any of you. EVERYBODY knows that when there is only one game  in town then you can bet the house that the game will be rigged. Corruption is rampant throughout the Chinese system. I realize that it’s corrupt in the American system also but the difference is American politicians are smart enough to leave the populace just barely enough to survive but the Chinese politicians will take EVERYTHING if they so choose. Who ya gonna call Commie Busters?

I’ll now give you a couple of examples of these phenomena which I’ve been dealing with this week. As follows below.

Strange things have an uncanny way of happening at the most inopportune times in China. My cell phone ran out of time on Chinese New Years Day. Now as I’ve explained to you in previous chapters China comes to a standstill during New Years and Spring Festival.

So here I am in a Chinese city on vacation alone and without a phone because the cell phone company is CLOSED for The New Years Celebration and NOBODY knows for how long. In China the cell phone companies are owned by the government so apparently they can do whatever the Hell they damn well please and are NOT obligated to inform anybody of their plans. Now correct me if I’m wrong but when China came into the W.T.O. weren’t they supposed to open up ALL their markets to foreign competition? Wasn’t the government supposed to get out of ALL of their previously owned State Owned Enterprise? And here we are 20 something years later and it STILL hasn’t happened. And here I am in a foreign city by myself unable to get cell phone service because nobody can tell me how to solve the problem? Worse yet nobody gives a damn about my problem. Can any of you imagine a Western cell phone company with such abysmal business practices?

These ideas and practice of the Chinese are rooted in ancient thought and STILL pervade their society 5,000 years into it now. This particular one is rooted in the concept that ” Nothing Or Nobody In All Of China May Move Faster Than The Napping Panda Of Sichuan ” How nice it would be if somebody would drive a stake through the heart of this ancient philosophy and for once and all kill the beast and then drag China and the Chinese people into the 21 st Century kicking and screaming if necessary. There is a saying in China that states ” The ox is slow but the Earth is patient ” I think the world is beginning to run out of patience with China. What do you think?

Earlier this week I wanted to send a gift for a friend home to America and since there was no particular rush and it’s cheaper I decided to use the Chinese post office. HUGE mistake on my part. Trust me friend if you ever come to China you’ll want to avoid ALL contact with Chinese Civil Servants. Now I’m sure you think it’s horrendous in America and it is but American Civil Servants can’t even begin to compare to their Chinese compatriots in the Chinese Government in the stupidity and laziness departments. This is what I was told. ” Well sir due to the fact that it’s Chinese New Year and due to the fact that the Asian Games which took place in Guangzhou just concluded we can’t guarantee that your package will get to it’s destination.” Did you understand that clearly? It was not that they couldn’t guarantee that it would get there on time but rather that they couldn’t guarantee that it would get there AT ALL !!  Your Civil Servants at work for you. lol Now I’ve been in China long enough to know what he was really saying to me. He just didn’t FEEL like doing the necessary work required and he was pissed that I was sending it the cheapest way possible.Now keep in mind that this gentlemen is a Civil Servant. His dreams and aspirations have come true. He is a ” House Slave ”  House Slaves in China are very annoying and sometimes very dangerous because they’ve managed to attain some low level fairly inconsequential power that will allow them to make your life a living Hell. Who ya gonna call — Commie Busters?It’s not wise to cross them. I frequently do. It’s good sport. lol Ultimately I ended up shipping the package with Fed Ex at  FIVE times the cost. Some things are worth it no matter the cost. For me avoiding the stress and aggravation of having to deal with these Dumbasses is worth the increased cost 99 % of the time.

By the way Civil Servants are the same the world over. I suggest that you read my article ” The International University Of The Perpetually Intellectually Challenged. ” Just click on the link

Well that will conclude our discussion for today. I’ll see you soon for ” If You Go Carrying Pictures Of Chairman Mao # 4 “

zaijian wo de pengyoumen / good bye for now my friends.

The slide show is of various residential alleyways or as the Chinese call them hutongs in the Liwan section of Guangzhou. China as it was in other words.

Other related articles by me that you may find interesting.

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Urban Exploring In Guangzhou , China’s Liwan Lake Park Feb. 2011

Dear Readers :

Today was another glorious day in Guangzhou so I decided to pack up D.D. . C.C. and Fred and go urban exploring.

 No matter what city or town in China you’re in you can always be assured of finding at least one good restaurant and one good park. Guangzhou is loaded with both. Today we explored Liwan Lake Park which is located in the West of the city in the Liwan District and not far from Shamian Island which is also in the Liwan District.

We hope you enjoy the photos.

This pictures of my adventures in Guangzhou is a gift for my very special friend Queen Yes Dear. I hope you enjoy it Q.Y.D. Thanks for all of your help.

If you wish to see the photo BIGGER just click on it.



When The Saints Go Marching In { To Guangzhou }

Dear Readers :

This is S.T. speaking. Last Thursday The Gang and I set off to do a little urban exploring in Guangzhou’s Liwan Lake Park. On the way there I happened to stumble upon the Guangzhou Shifu Baptist Church. Since that day was Chinese New Years Day they were having their New Years service. I was invited in and treated very well. The truth be told these Christians treated me far better than the vast majority of alleged American Christians do. I think I know why too. I think these folks unlike a significant portion of American Christendom are not Kumbaya Christians. In other words these folks unlike many American Christians talk the talk AND walk the walk. It was a nice hour of true Christian fellowship. How curious that I had to go all the way to China to get it.

For any of you that may be interested this church is a government approved Church. According to Wendy the government gave them the land and building and encourages their activities. There is also a very interesting history of this church. As I tell my students frequently ” some things you need to find out for yourselves.” If you readers want to know the history of this Church get on the net and google it.

The pictures are of Wendy who was my very kind and warm English speaking helper on this day and a choir member , the front of the Church and as best I can determine a Church members group that just likes to sing the Gospel every now and then. Isn’t it fabulous to see that cross sticking up tall and proud right in the heart of China? He does work in mysterious ways indeed.Make sure and check out the video of this Church’s choir here.

This post is dedicated to Queen Yes Dear of the Femina Nation who has an affinity for churches of all types. I hope you enjoyed this Q.Y.D.

You , the Prysbeterian in the back. You’d better be careful God is listening so stop bad mouthing the Baptists , they are Christians also. Do you really want to risk eternal damnation because you don’t like Baptists and Chinese?

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