China Through D.D.’s Lens – Shenyang : China Has Hope.

Dear Friends :

This is D.D. speaking. Recently while in Shenyang , Liaoning Province , China on vacation I visited The Botanical Gardens where I happened to stumble upon the nice folks you see in the pics and vids below. They are a group of Chinese Christians on holiday in Shenyang. When they found out that I was an American Christian they regaled me with an a capella version of the Chinese Christian Hymn ” China Has Hope “. What a joy it was to listen to them and speak with them even though our time together was all to brief. China does indeed have hope thanks to folks like this.

I hope you enjoy the performance. To learn more about Christians in China click here.

Stay tuned folks there will be more , much more , coming about my trip to Shenyang.

China Has Hope from Lynne Slanner on Vimeo.


Who Says We Live In A Graceless Age ?

                                           Dear Friends                                                              

This is S.T. speaking. Assuming that you are of an Advanced Chronological state as am I or that you are a young person with class and taste who is concerned about the cultural rot infecting America as most of your elders are you probably believe as I and they do that we are currently living in a Graceless Age. I have good news for you though. Not everybody has succumbed to that insidious Hollywood influence.

Recently while on vacation in Shenyang , Liaoning Province , China I visited Beiling Park and stumbled upon the folks you see in the pics and vids below engaging in some truly classy culture. I hope you enjoy watching them being blissfully unaware of Hollywood. As for me I'll take Glenn Miller and Frank Sinatra over Kanye West EVERY time. Hell even the Rockers Of The 60's weren't stupid enough to partake in The Culture Of Death.

Stay tuned folks there will be more , much more , of my Shenyang trip coming sooon.

Jesus Inc.

Jesus Inc. And The Kumbaya Christians

 By Paul Stanner

 Mahatma Ghandi once said ” I love your Jesus but I hate your Christians !! ” After dealing with the foreign Christians in China and those at home for ten years I can certainly understand what he meant. I have had American Christian teachers in China who’s sole purpose in being here is to recruit do some incredibly stupid and more importantly un – Christian things to the Chinese people. What’s that you say? You want an example.Your wish is my command. I once had a Chinese student who’s teacher was one of these ” Christians ” come to me crying. She told me that her teacher told her that God only understands English and wouldn’t understand her if she prayed in Chinese . She wanted to know if that was true. I of course told her that it wasn’t . God hears all people in all languages I told her. She was very relieved. How could any professed ” Christian ” say such a thing? How could the Church leaders send them to China to recruit with such an ignorant and arrogant attitude? How can these types of Christians be allowed to give the rest such a bad reputation ? How can these types of Christians not understand why they are so hated ? In China the Chinese governement is very suspicious of religion and not entirely incorrectly so. Any meeting of 21 people or more where God is even mentioned is considered a ” House Church ” and is illegal. Anybody , including American foreigners , that cross this line will find themselves in some serious trouble. I’ve seen American teachers invite Chinese people to these types of services with assurances that nothing will happen to them. They ABSOLUTLEY have no basis in fact to make that claim. They play very fast and loose quite frequently with the Chinese people’s physical well being. I’ve seen American teachers solicit and accept donations from dirt poor Chinese families knowing full well that these folks can’t afford it. I’ve seen American teachers solicit funds from their Churches and other Americans because ” we are over here putting our lives on the line for Jesus and America ” This is pure unadulterated 100 % BULLSHIT !! Stay out of the Chinese people’s business and you are safer here than in any big city in America. When you come here you’ll be told what the forbidden things are. Generally they are the four T’s , Taiwan , Tibet , Tianneman , The Falun Gong and no proslytizing. If you know the rules and you’re dumb enough to push them then trust me the Chinese will push back hard. Don’t break the rules and they’ll make damn sure your safe. Believe me they do not want to be talking to any Western , especially the American , Embassy about their citizens being endangered in China. They make it very well known to their own people that if they harm a foreigner they are in big trouble. Obey their rules and they’ll also see that you live well.

There is a group of Christians that I refer to as the Kumbaya Christians. These are the Christians that would get upset with you for your use of bad language if you told Satan himself to get the fuck out of America rather than praise you for fighting Satan on his turf and using his tactics. These are the types of Christians that don’t realize that it’s a fight not a game , a battlefiled not a rec room. They want to invite Satan in for a cup of TEA and everybody sings Kumbaya. These are the types of Christians that keep electing RINOS over and over again because they think the TEA Party and Conservative candidates are all too harsh. Give me a Hellfire and Damnation God fearing Christian Preacher every time please. At least when the shit hits the fan you’ll no where they stand. No Rick Warren types for me thanks.

Over the course of the last couple of months I have been submitting to ” Christian Magazines ” two articles I wrote about the Chinese Christians walk in China at the behest of some of my blog readers.Please keep in mind that I realize that I’m no H.L. Mencken or Mark Twain but in this literary day and age of murder , mayhem , and misogyny being passed off as great literary fare I’m easily in the top 10 % of current authors. I also know that these two articles ” There Is A Promise Coming Down That Dusty Road “ and ” Making A Joyful Noise at The Guangzhou Shifu Baptist Church “ are excellent tales of The Good News being spread in The Land Of Chairman Mao’s Miracle”. It is not just me that believes that either. Those are two of the more popular articles with my readers. I realize that that means little to the entrenched powers that be in all fields of entertainment , Christian Literature included , but I think it does speak to the failings of those entrenched powers that I am all alone in China with no real effective means of reaching the outside world and thus entry to a mass audience yet I still manage to generate 200 hits a day on my website. I think the powers that be are asleep at the wheel as far as actively pursuing and developing new talent. There is an abundance of talent in all fileds out there. Perhaps these corporate entertainment executives need to leave their cushy offices and get out in the streets where the talent actually is. I think we all know exactly when that will happen. The Second Coming will have no commercail interruptions. Under the current system unfortunately my articles apparently did not appeal to the lowest common literary denominator. In both cases I donated these articles in The Spirit Of Christian Fellowship. Foolish me to believe that the ” Christians ” that run Jesus Inc. would be interested in Jesus’s miracles being wrought in China. In both cases these articles were sent back with a form e-mail stating that they did not meet their editorial standards. There was no explanantion of how exactly that was so. I wonder what Jesus would think about these ” Christians ” refusing a gift of the stories of The Good News in China?

In a related matter I’m getting very tired of these ” Christian ” Preachers starting Facebook pages and groups dedicated to the Conservative Movement while all the while they suppress free speech on their pages. I was told to stop promoting my site on one of these types of Preacher’s pages. Please keep in mind that all of my content is free. I don’t make a dime on my site. I do it because I firmly believe in both the Christian and Conservative messages.Perhaps this Preacher doesn’t like the competition. Apparently it’s HIS cyber street corner and HIS alone. I’m also getting very tired of alleged ” Christians ” that adamantly refuse to help their own. I guess these powers are far too busy making millions off of Jesus Memorabilia and Conservative / TEA Party t-shirts , key chains , mugs etc etc and advertising from their TV and radio shows. How very unseemly to turn Jesus into a cottage industry. Foolish me to think that Jesus and his message are Holy and are to be treated with reverence. How foolish of me to believe that saving the country is more important than the next commercial? How foolish of me to believe that Christians are obligated to help each other out.

These are the reasons folks that we should not allow the internet to be taken away from us. At least with the internet those of us with something to say but without the necessary connections to the corporate literary machine and indeed all corporate machines of any type of expression would have absolutely no voice. He who controls the medium controls the message. It’s no accident that the current political and corporate powers that be want to regulate the internet. They do not want you to have a voice. In closing I have one question to ask my fellow ” Christians” in all fields of human Christian endeavor.
 Is the future going to be the tacky and un- Christian bottom line of Jesus Inc. or the Holy Reverence of The Good News? You won’t be able to have it both ways for much longer my Christian friends. His day is coming soon.

The Goddess Of The Lake { Tuesday Evening Aug. 9 , 2011 Edition }

Dear Cracker Ladies and Gentlemen :

Honey Graham Productions the entertainment division of Cracker News Broadcasting Corp. is pleased to present a Queen Yes Dear production of ” The Goddess Of The Lake “. This is the story of the kind and gentle Goddess Of The Lake who entertains the local children in charming and enchanting ways. Queen Yes Dear guarantees that you will immensely enjoy this program. She encourages you to watch it with your children. The smiles and look of wonderment on their faces will add five years to your lives.I think it’s safe to say that when somebody as chronologically advanced as I am can be so delightfully charmed by The Goddess Of The Lake that she is indeed an enchanting and mysterious Divine Personna. Check it out and you’ll be charmed too. Queen Yes Dear guarantees it. I suggest that you watch this on as big a full screen as you can muster.

Please be aware that this story is 11 minutes long. It may appear during the course of the telling that it’s over but trust me let the video run the entire 11 minutes. Even a Goddess as omnipotent and mysterious as The Goddess Of The Lake needs to catch her breath a bit.

C.C. Has Done It Again

Dear Readers :

This is C.C. speaking. I don’t mean to flash my own pixels but I’ve done it yet again !! As per their respective natures S.T., D.D. and Fred ALL missed this for the obvious reasons. Check out the video here.

S.T. tells me that his Chinese students would tell you that this sort of thing doesn’t happen ANYWHERE in China. According to them ” Chinese people don’t act so undignified. ” I agree with S.T.’s assessment of his students. What the Hell  do they know about China? The vast majority of them have never been anywhere even in China. It’s hard to know what is going on in the world when you never leave your village and your government censors the media. S.T. , D.D. , Fred and myself know more about China than the vast majority of Chinese people.

The photo below is of a sculpture you’ll find on Shamian Island in Guangzhou , China. There are many of these types of sculptures all over the Island. I don’t know who the artist is but I do know he / she is very good. They are so lifelike and very topical to Shamian Island.


Yet More Art Work From The Chen Family Homestead Galleries In Guangzhou , China

Dear Readers :

The photo uploads are lightening fast today so here is the third installment for today. I hope you enjoy them.

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What Are S.T. And The DigiFems And The Mooching Pooch Up To?

Dear Readers :

I’m sure by now you are wondering why is S.T. posting all the Chinese material lately. Well the short answer is that I’m on an extended paid vacation. However if you’d like a more detailed explanation just click on the links below.

1. An explanation of who and what we are and what we are doing in China.

2. Where we are currently.

3. Some of the other places we’ve been. 1. 2.

4. Our stories of our Chinese { Mis } Adventures.

I hope you enjoy your cyber tour of China.

S.T. and The Gang