China Through D.D.’s Lens – Shenyang : China Has Hope.

Dear Friends :

This is D.D. speaking. Recently while in Shenyang , Liaoning Province , China on vacation I visited The Botanical Gardens where I happened to stumble upon the nice folks you see in the pics and vids below. They are a group of Chinese Christians on holiday in Shenyang. When they found out that I was an American Christian they regaled me with an a capella version of the Chinese Christian Hymn ” China Has Hope “. What a joy it was to listen to them and speak with them even though our time together was all to brief. China does indeed have hope thanks to folks like this.

I hope you enjoy the performance. To learn more about Christians in China click here.

Stay tuned folks there will be more , much more , coming about my trip to Shenyang.

China Has Hope from Lynne Slanner on Vimeo.

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