The South SHALL Rise Again !!

I have a question for you all to ponder today . Are you getting sick and tired of ” minorities ” constantly lecturing the ” majority ” about how  ” insensitive ” they are? Why is it that we incessantly hear these    “minorities ” of all stripes lecturing us about their rights but we never hear them utter a word about their responsibilities? I’m getting damn sick and  tired of  hearing trite foolishness such as ” no justice no peace ” ” hope” “diversity ” ” change ” ad infintum ad nauseum. How refreshing it would be to hear from a ” minority ”  about his / her / their obligations and responsibilities towards the ” majority “. I think we all can be certain of when exactly that will happen.

During the run up to the Beijing Olympics and especially during The Olympic Flame World Tour Chinese citizens of all Western countries and China itself were very badly behaved. Were I a S. Korean who was holding a peaceful legal protest of China’s record during this period and were attacked by rampaging hordes of Chinese students attending university in MY country I would certainly find their behavior highly objectionable and insensitive. Were I a Frenchman and had to endure French people being attacked by hordes of badly behaved Chinese students some of whom were legally though certainly not culturally French citizens I would be asking my government a whole lot of very serious questions. I found their behavior highly objectionable and insensitive. Were I a British citizen who endured an armed Chinese Secret Police security force beating up British citizens in my own country I’d be demanding answers from my government.I found their behavior in The United Kingdom extremely objectionable and highly insensitive. I am an American and I can assure you that I found the behavior of a substantial number of freshly minted Chinese American citizens when they flew the flag of the most repressive regime on Earth in my country extremely objectionable and very insensitive. When I ask my leaders why this kind of behavior is allowed I am invariably told two things. It’s their right of free speech and we don’t want to upset their delicate sensibilities. While I would certainly respect any American’s right of free speech I also reserve to myself the right not to give a damn about your sensibilities when you defame my country. I would suggest that if you do not want your ever so delicate sensibilities offended then don’t offend those of us whose first allegiance is to America and not some foreign repressive regime. I can assure you  readers that these Chinese American citizens would not have the stones to protest anything the government of their ancestral homeland does. How curious that they are so adamant about exercising the rights granted to them by their adopted lands to spit in the face of their fellow countrymen.Yes sir folks we are dealing with some  real quality ” Americans ” here.I can also assure you that I have lived in China far longer and know more about China than these morons do.Until you folks can learn how to behave in a Western civilized Democracy you can kiss my ass. There will be no sensitivity shown  to you by this American. I also refuse to give you the one thing you Chinese say you want the most —–RESPECT !!! Respect is earned. When you behave as you did during this period and so frequently do in other situations you have not earned my or most people’s respect. China can kiss my ass !!



Fuck you China !!!

I could go on at great length about the various minorities and their sensitivity issues but time and space are limited so I will accelerate to the short version.

I’m sure that you all remember the illegal immigration battles of last year.Wasn’t it a charming picture to see so many illegal immigrants and newly minted Mexican American ” citizens ” flying the Mexican flag in American cities ?  Until you folks can accept the following and change your behavior accordingly  thereby showing some respect and sensitivity  this American will be showing you neither respect nor sensitivity.

1. That George Washington is the Father of this country not Simon Bolivar or some other Hispanic.

2. That English is the language that all of the documents that founded the country are written in and thusly English should be spoken at ALL times as a way of honoring The Founding Fathers and sharing a common heritage with your fellow Americans.

3. That immigration to this land is not a right. Mexico can kiss my ass !!!




Fuck you Mexico

I’m certain that many of you find the behavior of The Gay Militant Terrorist Rabble and Their Enablers  extremely offensive and insulting. Until you folks can accept the following and change your behavior accordingly  thereby showing some respect and sensitivity you’ll receive neither respect nor sensitivity from this American.

1. That defacing churches and other places of worship is not a valid form of protest.

2. That mocking Christianity is not a valid form of protest .

3. That attacking religious services while in progress is not a valid form of protest.

4. That destroying your political and cultural opponents character is not an acceptable tactic.

5. That negating the voted will of  the people by judicial fiat is not an acceptable tactic.

6. That labeling your political and cultural opponents who have honestly held differences of opinion with you as homophobic is not an acceptable tactic. The Militant Gay Terrorist Rabble And Their Enabling Hordes can kiss my ass !!!




Fuck you Gay Militant Terrorist Rabble !!!

I’m certain that many of you find the behavior of the various Poverty Pimps and other assorted Black racists extremely offensive and insensitive. Until Jessie , Al , ” Calypso Louie ” Jeremiah , The Congressional Black Caucus etc etc ad nauseum can accept the following and change their respective behaviors accordingly thereby showing some respect and sensitivity this American will be showing  them neither respect nor sensitivity.

1. That Rap music and culture is part of The Culture Of Death and is far more destructive than anything that Don Imus has said.

2. That Chris Rock { Henry Hyde comments}, Wanda Sykes { Rush Limbaugh comments}  , Jessie Jackson {” hymie town “},Al Sharpton { Tawana Brawley , and the Louisiana Case } , “Calypso”  Louie Farrakhan { Constant Anti Jewish diatribes }Jeremiah Wright { God DAMN America }etc etc etc have said far more dangerous things than Don Imus, Rush Limbaugh , Anne Coulter, Sean Hannity , Glenn Beck , Star Parker or Allen Keyes have ever said.

3. That Marcus Garvey , Malcolm X , The N.O.I. , F.E.B.Dubois etc etc are not the Fathers of this country.

4. That all of you stood by and watched while the honorable , learned Black man Clarence Thomas was indeed damn near career lynched by the Liberal trash amongst us. How curious that such distinguished and powerful Black men such as your selves let this happen without even a raised voice on your parts. Thank God for that mean spirited , racist , misogynist , homophobic Republican Party.

5. That Crispus Attucks , Booker T. Washington , Allen West and Allen Keyes are true American Patriots who just happened to be Black.




“Nuff said !!!

I’m certain that most of you find the behavior of the abortionists extremely objectionable and insensitive. Until you folks can accept the following and change your behaviors accordingly thereby showing some respect and sensitivity this American will show you neither respect nor sensitivity.

1. That life begins at conception and deserves the full protection of the law.

2. That a holocaust memorial for the unborn should be built and funded from your ill gotten proceeds.



Fuck you abortionists !!

I’m certain that the vast majority of you find the behavior of The Dumbasses / Liberons / Democrats extremely offensive and insensitive. Until you folks can accept the following and change your behavior accordingly thereby showing some respect and sensitivity this American will show you neither respect nor sensitivity.

1. That while you may think you look real cool and are on the side of         ” social justice ” when you wear that Che Gueverra T shirt in reality you are neither.The man was a murdering thug who was gunned down by his own people. When you wear that T shirt you are in fact  just telling everybody what a complete and total fuckwit you really are.

2. That none of you has the requisite faculties to make an intelligent choice at the ballot box so thusly you should not be allowed to vote.

3. That the vast majority of you are too stupid to live.



Fuck you Commies!!!

There are far too many ” minority ” groups I have ” sensitivity ” issues with to go into in this forum but I think you get my point.

As for the article below I think the time for all of us in the ” majority ” to fly the Confederate Flag again as a sign of our displeasure with our current crop of leaders and with the way things are going is long overdue..
The Ideological South Shall Rise Again!!!!!

I invite your comments and participation if you choose.

Kappa Alpha’s ‘Old South’ Celebration Under Fire In Alabama



Thursday, May 14, 2009

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — A fraternity that traces its roots to the Civil War and Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee is again facing complaints over its antebellum-themed events.

This time, some University of Alabama alumnae are upset after Kappa Alpha Order members wearing Confederate uniforms and carrying battle flags paraded past a historically black sorority as the women celebrated the group’s 35th anniversary

The fraternity has been forced to halt its “Old South” festivities on some campuses because of claims of racial insensitivity, and Alabama members have apologized for pausing in front of Alpha Kappa Alpha’s sorority house during this year’s parade.

Alpha Kappa Alpha members said there was no confrontation or taunting, but they were shocked to see fraternity members in rebel uniforms and white women from another sorority in hoop skirts.

“I don’t believe these young folks were in any way trying to be racist,” said Joyce Stallworth, an Alpha Kappa Alpha alumna who saw the April 29 parade in Tuscaloosa and is an associate education dean at Alabama. “But they were being insensitive. I don’t think they understood the broader implications of what they were doing.”

While 71 alumnae sent a petition to Alabama President Robert Witt complaining about the use of Confederate flags and uniforms on campus, administrators haven’t taken any formal action against the fraternity.

Some sorority members said the only solution is to stop the Old South event.

“The only acceptable apology would come with a promise to discontinue this event and recognizing that such an activity is hurtful and divisive,” said Willie Mae Worthey, an Alabama native who graduated in 1995 and now lives in Nevada.

Kappa Alpha was founded in 1865 at Washington & Lee University, and the group calls Lee its “spiritual founder.” With 131 chapters from coast to coast, KA’s “Old South” events were a fixture on many Southern campuses for years.

But those celebrations have met resistance at some schools.

The Auburn University chapter ended its annual parades in 1992 after black students confronted white students with Confederate flags. The chapter also stopped a tradition of covering the front of its house with a huge rebel banner.

Kappa Alphas at Centenary College in Shreveport, La., moved their Old South events off campus in 2002 after drawing protests from the Black Student Alliance and others over the Confederate garb.

The University of Georgia chapter canceled its Old South parade in 2006 following complaints by residents of a mostly black neighborhood, and administrators worked with the group to come up with a compromise.

There, members mounted horses and sorority members donned hoop dresses last month for what is now called the Founder’s Day parade, but the festivities no longer include Confederate symbols and haven’t created the same controversy as in the past, said associate dean Claudia Shamp.

“The elimination of the Confederate uniforms has helped. They have taken away some of the visual stimuli that led to rage and anger on some people’s part,” said Shamp, who oversees Greek life at Georgia.

At Alabama, Kappa Alpha said it was sorry for interrupting the sorority’s anniversary ceremony.

“The Old South celebration, including the parade, has been a Kappa Alpha tradition at Alabama for many years but we are sensitive to the concerns of students, faculty and the community,” Larry Wiese, executive director of the Kappa Alpha Order, said in the statement.

Tradition is important at Alabama, which Union troops burned in 1865 near the end of the war. About a century later, then-Gov. George C. Wallace staged his “stand in the schoolhouse door” to protest forced racial integration of the campus.

The school now has more than 25,000 students, and university statistics show that in 2007, 11 percent were black.

University administrators said they appreciated the fraternity reaching out to the sorority.

“We will continue to address issues related to the concerns of both these organizations over the next several months, emphasizing, as always, the importance of a respectful and inclusive environment for all members of our campus community,” said Mark Nelson, the vice president for student affairs.

How many of you would be willing to bet that this university has a Black Student Union , a Black Prom ,  Black Holidays etc etc.?



Fuck you NAACP !!!

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