Arizona Courthouse Attacked By Mexicans


Cracker News Broadcasting Corp — The Other C.N.B

C.N.B.C. reporters at the Az. court house where the Az. Immigration Hearings are being held report that The Frito Bandito and His Posse of Mexican Badasses have attacked the courthouse and kidnapped the judge.

Sheriff Joe has called in the superhero and all around Champion of the People Zorro for help and they are hot on the trail of this nefarious gang.

Stay tuned to CNBC for further details as they emerge.

Reporting live for CNBC Consuelo Magarita Narrezz Perez Spicy Nacho

Flour to the Crackers ! We SHALL bake!

Now go spread your crumbs around Crackers.

Inspiration for this story came from Cracker Susan Hill

Keep on Crackering Cracker Susan!!! lol


The C.I.A.’ s Theory On The Da Ray Clements Murder Case.

Is THIS How It Starts?

Breaking News From CNBC  { Cracker Nation Broadcasting Corp.} — The Other CNBC

Dateline : Chattanooga   Tn. July 16 , 2011

Police in Chattanooga Tennessee are on the scene of a rather gruesome murder . The Victim is DaRay Clements a member of  the local New Black Panther Party. Mr. Clements was drowned in a giant vat of melted white cheddar cheese at the local Cee Bee restaurant on Oakdale Avenue. Police as yet have no motive or perpetrator for the murder although the bizarre method of the murder would seem to point to a disgruntled member of  The Cracker Nation. When contacted by CNBC for a comment regarding this matter CLOTUS { Cracker Leader of The United States} Mr. Matt ” The Big Biscuit ” Morgan said the following ” My condolences go out to the man’s family. If it is found that a member of The Cracker Nation was responsible for this mans death I will instruct our courts to prosecute this criminal to the full extent of the law. We do NOT support unjustified  violence against anyone.” We also asked Mr. Mike Lorie of  The  American  Cracker Lovers Union — The Other A.C.L.U. for comment. Mr. Lorie replied thusly. ” While I find it difficult to believe that any member of Cracker Nation would so dumb as to murder a Black Panther in such an obvious fashion should the facts bear out that that is indeed the case the A.C.L.U. will sue the criminal and his family for every dime they have and for reparations in perpetuity. The dumb cracker would deserve everything he got.”

Stay tuned for further details as they emerge.

Reporting live for CNBC from Chattanooga , Tn.  Graham T. Wheat.

To learn more about the investigation into Mr. Clements murder click here.

Flour to the people!!! We SHALL bake !!!

Now go spread your crumbs around Crackers.

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