The Havana Sugar Cartel STRIKES!! The Cute Brown Kitties and The Cubans Allied?

Breaking News !!!! Breaking News !!!!

Cracker News Broadcasting Corp The OTHER CNBC

Dateline :  Philadelphia,  Pa. July 14 , 2010

Acting on a tip from Karen ” Cracka ” Hopkins the Director of the C.I.A. Cracker News Broadcasting Corp. has launched an investigation into The News Black Panther Party.  We have uncovered a heinous plot against the American people. Normally we would not publish this story until we had ALL the facts but we feel that this plot is so dangerous the public needs to be warned IMMEDIATELY !! FOREWARNED IS FOREARMED. !!! Our Field Agents are highly suspicious that The New Black Panther Party acting out of their hatred of all things White and The Havana Sugar Cartel acting out of their hatred of America have allied themselves. The details that we currently have are below.

Flour to the Crackers!!!!

Now  go spread your crumbs around Crackers

The Great  Sugar Assassin Conspiracy Of Sweetwater Tx.

She’s beautiful , charming , sexy and DEADLY!!!

She’s A Sugar Assassin

” Havana Day Dreaming”


” The Havana Sugar Cartel Strikes”

In the Spring of 2010 a rather elderly but alert gentleman by the Name of Mr. Barton Park of Sweetwater , Texas began receiving,anonymously, baked goods from bakeries     all over the country. Mr.Park being a diabetic and a naturally suspicious man,and ever mindful of the extremely difficult security situation his country was facing as a result of the events of Sept.11,2001 did what all good Americans would do. He called the authorities. In this case that was the Sugar Awareness Police A.K.A., known affectionately we hope, as  the SAPS

SAP Agents in hot pursuit of a Sugar Assassin

The SAPS are Federal Agents under the direct supervision of The Cracker Nation Department Of Internal Security.The case was assigned to me as the Lead Investigator. My name is Major Dee Mentia. An investigation was launched. Preliminary field intelligence seemed to indicate that vile , despicable , nefarious terrorist group The Havana Sugar Cartel was behind the attempted assassination of Mr.Park. We have no idea why they would want to assassinate an elderly retired gentleman such as Mr.Park. I assure all citizens that we will get to the bottom of this.

What we do know of the Havana Sugar Cartel is that they employ assassins,known as Sugar Assassins,to do their dirty work. In a rather cruel and ironic twist the Sugar Assassins always use sugar in one form or another to kill their victims. Since we now know that there is a Sugar Assassin operating in the Sweetwater Tx. area we urge all citizens of Texas to be extremely vigilant!!If you should go out to dinner in the immediate future you might want to think carefully about ordering that apple pie or carrot cake.

We ask for the cooperation of the public at large in the on going investigation.If you have any information that may pertain to this investigation please feel free to call us at our toll free hot line 1-800-THE-SAPS or leave your tips in this forum as comments. Do not worry WordPress is a secure site. They have TOP SECRET or T.S.15 clearance.

WordPress has a T.S. 15 Security Rating. You needn’t be in fear.

In the coming weeks and months I will bring you up to date on past developments as well as current ones. In the meantime be——


Major Dee Mentia
Lead Investigator{T.G.S.A.C.S.T.}
Area 61
Maple Sugar Country


” The Great  Sugar Assassin Conspiracy Of Sweetwater Texas ” and all characters ,places,plot lines , mythology or ANYTHING else even REMOTLEY associated with it are the intellectual property of Spaced Teacher D.B.A. Bea Wildered Enterprises and may not be used for ANY purposes without the express written permission of Spaced Teacher.

“The Great  Sugar Assassination Conspiracy Of Sweetwater Tx.” while obviously the victim of a great deal of literary license by the author is based on true events. This actually happened to a diabetic friend of mine. To the best of my knowledge he never did resolve the mystery. This was a cause of great concern to him. The names have been fictionalized to insure the guilty from liability be that criminal or civil and  to protect the author,me against a Sugar Assassination attempt. That damn Havana Sugar Cartel is VICIOUS!!!!

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