The Creed Of The Holy Church Of The Dumbasses

The Creed Of The Holy Church Of The Dumbasses  / Liberons

By Brother Isaac Greenwood and Brother Allen B.

And so it came to pass that in the year of 60 A.U.I. { After Unlimited Immigration } ” The Creed Of The God Of  The Dumbasses ” came to be known unto the people of  “The Holy Church Of The Dumbasses” , forevermore to be found in The Book Of Kennedy.

The Creed of  The Holy Church Of The Dumbasses

Laying down the sound doctrine of the true apostolic Church of the Liborons / Dumbasses.

1] Liborons / Dumbasses believe in a single, triune God one Holy Supreme Being comprised of three co-confused distinct persons:
The God of the Dumb Asses
Dee Lean Notlimah
The Incarnate Son
Ineek Smailliw
The Spirit of Pain
Tomas Paynee
They comprise the great Benito in cyber heaven
2] We hold that all three where factually vanquished in payment for our possession of common sense, lay in the ground for 3 to 12 to 24 hours, and then rose, again and again and again  ad infinitum.
3] We believe the Holy ones have descended into cyber heaven, where they now preside over the order of Saint Obama The Patron Saint Of The Eternally Confused. Spiritual Leader Of  The Children Of  Induced Volunteerism.
4] We believe that the Holy Ones have sent attendants, Angels , to  Earth to confuse the benighted conservative masses. We believe the Arch Angel Mot Sremlahck  may have appeared in a cave outside of Mecca, to a well known Holy man circa 600 ad.
5] We believe the Incarnate Son, was born in the   ” black flash ” of  a miraculous fatherless cyber Virgin Birth to the virtue challenged queen of cyber heaven, the wavering virgin Er Low Ryie. Thusly he shall be known to the faithful reverently as  ” The Black Flash ”  or ” The Righteous Bastard “protector of  NASCAR drivers , hockey players , bastards and Dumbasses / Liberons — EVERYWHERE !!!!

More to come, The 5th Chicago Council,  Called by His Holiness The High Priest Obama is still in session.

Flour to the Crackers !!! We SHALL bake !!!

Now go spread your crumbs around Crackers.

One of  ” The Holy Church Of The Dumbasses ”  Holy Books
dummies Pictures,  Images and Photos
” The Black Flash ” A.K.A. ” The Righteous Bastard ” Preaching to the unconverted at a NASCAR event.
Mike meets a black NASCAR pit man Pictures, Images and Photos

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