The International University Of The Perpetually Intellectually Challenged.C

CNBC is pleased to present a commentary by noted Cracker Journalist Paul Stanner. We hope you enjoy it.

As many of my regular readers know I am currently living in China while teaching English at a Chinese University. I have been doing this for ten years in various cities in China so I’m very familiar with Chinese culture and the Chinese mindset. I can assure you that living in China is never boring and usually damn frustrating.

Earlier this Spring the Chinese government acting out of it’s boundless wisdom in such matters changed the rules for all people especially foreigners in China that wish to use the internet at an internet bar. They did this with about seven days notice which is their usual modus operandi. The new rule stated that in order to access the internet from an internet bar you must produce an official Chinese government I.D. card. Now this is no problem  for Chinese citizens since they are required by Chinese law to have an I.D. It is however a huge problem for foreigners  since this very same Chinese government that requires foreigners to have an I.D. card for this purpose refuses to issue official Chinese government I.D. cards to foreigners. The Napping Panda Of Sichuan is taking a snooze.Think American government refusing to enforce their own immigration laws in Arizona and you’ll have an idea of the stupidity of this situation. It does not matter to them that the internet is the ONLY way that many  of the foreigners have of staying in touch with their friends and families as it does not matter to the American government that American citizens are being killed , raped , tortured , sexually abused and having their property stolen , vandalized and defaced.

FAST FORWARD 4 months.——-

Dateline Portland , Oregon Aug , 5 2010.

Today one of The Higher Minds of Government declared that the little girl pictured in the photo needed a $120.00  ” license ” to operate her lemonade stand. Does ANYBODY in government THINK anymore? When asked about this the local Supervisor of these particular Higher Minds of Government said the following. ” It’s the law. We were only doing our jobs.” Guess what Higher Minds that is exactly what Adolph Eichmann said. It didn’t turn out too well for him. Do you really want to maintain that stance? Apparently the Higher Minds of Government don’t read history either.

I’m sure by now you’re asking yourselves ” Well Stanner what exactly is your point?” My point is this. ALL ” Civil Servants ” everywhere attended and graduated from The International University  Of  The Perpetually Intellectually Challenged. That is by design.

Flour to the Crackers !! We SHALL bake !!

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Paul Stanner Wonders

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen Cracker News Broadcasting  Corp –The OTHER CNBC is

pleased to announce a new feature to our program lineup ” Paul Stanner Wonders ” we hope you enjoy it.

Do Moslems have Friday School ?

What would a Mormon and a Black Muslim working the same inner city street corner have to say to each other?

Why is it that every time I ask a member of the Christian Family for help they kick me right in the teeth?

Is Lady Gaga a true blonde ?

Why doesn’t it require talent to be a success in Hollywood ?

Is a Hispanic Conservative referred to by the perjorative Uncle Pedro by Hispanic Dumbasses ?

What per centage of the American military is minority ?

Who wears the pants in a Gay or Lesbian ” marriage ” ?

Why do Mormon Christians stick together and other Christians don’t ?

Will denominationalism ever pass into the dustbin of stupidity ?

Did Joseph have parental rights over Jesus ?

If Noah’s Ark were to be built today would union labor be required?

Why are the French ?

If a Black Panther crosses your path would you have seven years bad luck ?

When will the Chicago Cubs win the World Series ?

Who will be the first terrorist group to bomb the Cordoba Center in N.Y.C. ?

How could a Jewish Mayor of America’s biggest city be in support of a Mosque so near Ground Zero ?

Are Liberals suffering from a mental disease ?

How could intelligent people so willfully choose to ignore thousands of years of historical fact ?

Does FDOTUS { First Dog Of The United States } have a birth certificate. He is after all a Portuguese Water Dog.

Do Ted Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne speak ?

Did Sen Robert Byrd wear white robes when he entered Heaven? Oh wait maybe he went in the other direction.

Why do Black people support their oppressors ?

Who will be the next victim of The Cursed Chappaquidick Chariot?

Does Satan have a sense of humor?

Are the Baldwin brothers STILL living in America ?

Why are Conservatives so enamored of Glenn Beck ?

When will the American people realize that Geert Wilders is right ?

Did you ever think you’d live long enough to see the day when the French had bigger stones than the British ?

The Ten Commandments Of The Holy Church Of The Dumbasses

As a public service in order to understand our fellow humans of other persuasions CNBC  { Cracker Nation Broadcasting Corp. } is pleased to bring you  the following cultural presentation

The Ten Commandments of The Dumbasses { Dumbasses , Libertarians , Black Panthers , Feminists  , Global Warming Alarmists etc etc ad infinitum}

1 .  Thou shalt remain eternally confused for all the days of The Kingdom.

2. Thou shalt ignore all Conservatives utterly and totally no matter the validity of their position or ideas for all the days of The Kingdom.

3. Thou shalt have no other God before The God Of Secular Humanism for all the days of The Kingdom.

4. Thou shalt divide people by race, economic circumstances and sexual behavior for all the days of The Kingdom.

5. Thou shalt study no course of substance at the High School or University level for all the days of The Kingdom.

6. Thou shalt accept Saint Obama Of The Order Of The Dumbass Nubian Guys { DANGS } as my Earthly incarnation until such time as I deem his passing.

7. Thou shalt keep the Sabbath Time , Saturday night , Holy for all the days of The Kingdom.

8. Thou shalt honor thy Dumbass ancestors by celebrating a Holiday in memory of Saint Theodore Of The Cursed Chappaquidick Chariot on the 12 day of May annually.

9. Thou  shalt praise me by praying to the Most High Saint Franklin Delano daily at sunset.

10. Thou shalt not wander from The Plantation of Dumbass Righteousness for all the days of The Kingdom

Flour to the Crackers !!! We SHALL bake !!!

Now go spread your crumbs around Crackers

Saint Obama Of The Order Of The DANGS { DumbAss Nubian Guys } OOOOPPPPSSSS I forgot to tell all of you that may  not know — Saint Obama is the one on the right.

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