Cordoba Center To Sponsor Friendship Concerts


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Dateline : New York City Nov. 20 , 2010

C.N.B.C. sources within the  entertainment industry are reporting that the powers behind the Cordoba Center Mosque at  Ground Zero in N.Y.C. have grown increasing annoyed with the Islamophobia of Mr. Kinky Friedman and Mr. Snoop Dogg and their business ventures which to them are insulting to Islam. In reply to that perceived Islamophobia  The Imams  of Insensitivity  will  launch a cultural counter attack. Our sources indicate that the leaders of the Cordoba Center will be teaming with various Christian Churches of the Kumbaya Christian Denomination to bring a series of ” Friendship Events “,think Rick Warren and the like ,to bring Islamic music and art to America. Rumors are circulating that the first endeavor will be a musical concert that will be the Cordoba Center’s reply to Mr. Friedman’s ” Friday Night Rocking With Allah Hoedown And Pig Roast “ to be held at Reverend Rick Warren’s Church in  California. The talent line-up for that evening is tentatively announced below. All of these artists will appear pending the granting of Visas by the American government and the passing of The Burqa Love Pat by The Pervert Patrols of T.S.A. upon arrival in America . Please note that all of the acts will be performing one of their smash hits that American audiences will know and the rest of the program will consist of brand new material written exclusively for this ” Friendship Concert ” As Follows :

From Damascus Syria that Rocking Ensemble

One Way Ticket

One Way Ticket will be performing their smash hit remake of the classic  ” Suicide Is Painless “

From Tehran , Iran the inspiring and beautiful

The 72 Virgins Heavenly Choir

The 72 Virgins Heavenly Choir will be performing their  smash hit remake of the Bernadette  Peters classic ” Making Love Alone “.

From Beirut Lebanaon that fun loving rocking band The Jolly Jihadists

The Jolly Jihadists will be performing their burn the house down smash hit remake  rendition of ” Fire — I Bring You To Burn “

From Mecca , Saudi Arabia The Burqa Babes.

The Burqa Babes will be performing their kick ass remake smash hit version of  Maria Muldaur’s  hit ” Don’t You Feel My Leg “

This one promises to drive the infidel males freaking nuts. Yes yes I know editorial comment. lol

The Cordoba Center will be providing free Middle Eastern food for all non Moslems to sample. Some of the dishes on the menu will be as listed below :

baba ganoosh , tahini , hummous , falafel , goat , beef , and lemon yogurt.

CNBC  is looking forward  to this event. Be there or be square. Seriously guys how could you even think about turning down a chance to see the Burqa Babes doing ” Don’t You Feel My Leg ” That all by itself is a once in a life time opportunity. Yes yes I know YET ANOTHER editorial comment. DAMN guys it’s MY blog !!

Reporting from N.Y.C. for CNBC  Abdullah ” Big Horn ” Saleem

Flour to the Crackers !! We Shall Bake !!

Now go spread your crumbs around Crackers



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