Arizona Courthouse Attacked By Mexicans


Cracker News Broadcasting Corp — The Other C.N.B

C.N.B.C. reporters at the Az. court house where the Az. Immigration Hearings are being held report that The Frito Bandito and His Posse of Mexican Badasses have attacked the courthouse and kidnapped the judge.

Sheriff Joe has called in the superhero and all around Champion of the People Zorro for help and they are hot on the trail of this nefarious gang.

Stay tuned to CNBC for further details as they emerge.

Reporting live for CNBC Consuelo Magarita Narrezz Perez Spicy Nacho

Flour to the Crackers ! We SHALL bake!

Now go spread your crumbs around Crackers.

Inspiration for this story came from Cracker Susan Hill

Keep on Crackering Cracker Susan!!! lol

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