Al ” Inconvenient Facts ” Gore Upset With The Big Biscuit


Dateline : Nashville , Tn. Nov. 22 , 2011

 Al Gore in a statement released to CNBC today has voiced extreme displeasure with ALL of the following people Matt ” The Big Biscuit ” Morgan the creator of the Facebook group Cracker Nation , yours truly of CNBC , Mike Florey of The American Cracker Lovers Union — The OTHER A.C.L.U. Facebook group , and Karen ” Cracka ” Hopkins of The Cracker Intelligence Agency Facebook group. It seems that these folks and their group members and readers are causing so much laughter around the internet thus releasing extremely high levels of carbon dioxide that Al is worried that the sky is going to fall.

Acting on complaints from The New Black Panther Party that this is a racist plot by this group of Crackas  and the advice of  the Global one himself  Attorney General Eric Holder has launched a civil rights investigation.

WoW !! When I was in school I was taught that Chicken Little was the cause of this problem. Who knew this small group of Crackers had this kind of power? I guess the pen really is mightier than the ak 47.  How ironic that The  Black Panthers expected to go out in a hail of bullets only to have these four Crackas cave their roof in on them.  They’re very tricky Crackers indeed.

Reporting for CNBC { Cracker News Broadcasting Corp. } the OTHER CNBC  Al ” Cool Breeze ” Shore

Flour to the the Crackers !!! We SHALL bake !!!

Now go spread your crumbs around Crackers.

Inspiration for this story came from Cracker Joe Vining. Spread your crumbs around Joe.

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