Cracker Nation Signs Endorsement Deal


Cracker Nation Broadcasting Corp.

Dateline : Wall St. N.Y.C.

CLOUTUS { Cracker Leader Of The U.S. } Mr. Matt  ” Cracker ” Morgan announced today that Cracker Nation signed their first promotional deal  with Phillips Milk Of Magnesia. When asked for comment on why he signed the deal with the Phillips Milk of Magnesia folks CLOTUS  replied thusly : ”  If  Barack  Obama  ,Nancy Pelosi , Harry Reid , Barney Frank , The Congressional Black Caucus , The Congressional Hispanic Caucus , Rahm Emmanuel , Hilliary Clinton et tal don’t scare the shit out of you then you need another solution. As part of the endorsement deal the Phillips Milk of Magnesia folks are giving all citizens of Cracker Nation a 30 % discount on all of their products. Please get your discount cards at your local Cracker Barrel restaurant. We look forward to a long and mutually rewarding business relationship with the Phillips people.”

Reporting live for Cracker News Broadcasting Corp  the OTHER CNBC   from Wall St. N.Y.C.   Melissa ” Squirts ” Hogan

Flour to the Crackers !! We SHALL bake !!!

Now go spread your crumbs around Crakers!!!

Inspiration for this story came from Cracker Jackie Russo

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