The Honey Grahams To The Rescue

Breaking News !!!! Breaking News !!!! Breaking News !!!!

CNBC { Cracker Nation Broadcasting Corp } Dateline : Cracker Nation Dept. Of Internal Security Area 61 .C.N.A.  July 12 , 2010

General Mei Leize The Director of The Cracker Nation Dept. Of Internal Security  made the following announcement about 10 minutes ago. ” Dear Cracker Nation Citizenry I’m pleased to announce that the beloved Cracker Nation Icon Famous Amos has been rescued from The Cute Brown Kitty’s A.K.A. The Black Panthers unharmed. He is currently resting comfortably at a secure location. I wish to thank our citizenry for their help in Crackering this case.”

Further details provided by The Cracker Nation Dept. Of Internal Security reveal that Famous Amos was rescued  by an all female elite , highly trained and effective and until this incident top secret  Special Forces Unit known as The Honey Grahams under the Command of Major Dee Mentia. For security reason no further details of The Honey Grahams can be revealed at this time.

A grateful nation says ” Well done ladies .” You can run Cute Brown Kittys but you CAN’T hide.  The Honey Grahams have your number.

Reporting live from C.N.D.I.S. Area 61 C.N.A. for CNBC   Amy ” Honey ”  Lighthouse

Flour to the Crackers !!! We SHALL bake !!!

Now go spread your crumbs around Crackers

The picture below is of one of The Honey Grahams. Go ahead Cute Brown Kittys and threaten HER Cracka baby and see what happens to you.

If you wish to see what precipitaed the call to action of The Honey Grahams click here.

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