Calling ALL Crackers.

DearĀ  Cracker Friends :

Please be advised that Cracker Nation welcomes Crackers of all types. You may feel feel free to encourage all of your Cracker friends and family to apply for citizenship.If they are quality Crackers they will be invited to become a citizen of Cracker Nation. Should they be blessed with such a wondrous new direction in their lives please tell them that when they arrive in Cracker Nation they areĀ  to report IMMEDIATELY to the local Cracker Barrel restaurant for their swearing in ceremony. At the conclusion of this ceremony please walk towards the light and cheese nips where a reception in honor of our new citizens will be held with CLOTUS { Cracker Leader Of The United States } and many other dignitaries of Cracker Nation as well as some of their new fellow citizens. Pass the onion dip please.



For those Crackers out there that STILL have not jumped in the Cracker Barrel I’d like to invite you to read Cracker Nation Broadcasting Corp. — the other CNBC and the affiliated blog of Cracker Nation , Cracker Intelligence Agency , The American Cracker Lovers Union — The OTHER A.C.L.U. and The White Panthers which are all Cracker related groups here at Facebook that you should check out. Cracker News Broadcasting Network is read by Matt ” The Big Biscuit ” Morgan the Leader of Cracker Nation and the leaders of the above mentioned groups,. Go ahead — ask them.

Flour to the Crackers !!! We SHALL bake. !!!



Now go spread your crumbs around Crackers.



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