Kenyan Camelot

Cracker News Broadcasting Corp. —  The OTHER CNBC is pleased to announce a new feature in our programming line-up. Today begins our occaisonal  Movie Review feature.

”  Kenyan Camelot “

Directed by Oliver North oooppppsss I meant Oliver Stone.

Produced by Clarence ” Trashmouth ” Hankins

Music by 50 Cent

Starring :

Barry Soetero     as  J.F.K.

Michelle Obama as Jackie

Nancy Pelosi  as Rose Kennedy

Harry Reid as Joe Kennedy Sr.

Reverend Jessie ” Hymie Town ” Jackson as Bobby Kennedy

” Calypso ” Louis Farrakhan as Ted Kennedy

Reverend Al ” Tawana ” Sharpton as Jimmy Hoffa

Jackie Gleason as Nikita Kruschev

Sean Penn as Fidel Castro

Lady Gaga as Marilyn Monroe

The U.S.S. Minnow as P.T. 103

Bob ” Gilligan ” Denver as J.F.K. { P.T.103 Skipper }

The General Lee as The Cursed Chappaquidick Chariot

In various supporting roles :

Rep. Maxine  “Troubled ” Waters

Rep. John Lewis

The Congressional Black Caucus

La Raza

Rep. Barney ”  The Banking Queen ” Frank

And a supporting cast of 535 Morons.

” Kenyan Camelot ” is the story of a poor nondescript not terribly bright Kenyan boy who immigrates to America from the Madrassas of Indonesia via Hawaii and parts unknown to masterfully execute the biggest fraud ever perpetrated against the American people by bringing them much sought Hope and Change with the help of his expert enablers. ” Kenyan Camelot ” further examines  “The One’s ” life of luxury after stealing the highest office of his adopted land. Talk about Gypsies In The Palace lol. Yes yes I know editorial comment. I just can’t help myself.

” Kenyan Camelot ” is as I’m sure many of you suspect entirely the product of my twisted yet fertile sense of humor. For that reason we would like to invite our readers for suggestions as to whom you think would be better to star in this movie as well as fill the other concurrent roles involved with it’s production.

Flour to the Crackers !! We SHALL bake !!

Now go spread your crumbs around Crackers !!

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