Obama Stilfes N. Korean Threat

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Reliable sources inform CNBC that the tense situation with N. Korea has been defused by the heroic efforts of President Obama and his team. Negotiations between the two governments have produced the following agreement. The N. Koreans agree to give up their nuclear weapons program , to stop sending Kim Jong  Il’s sons to Disney World Tokyo and to stop lobbing missiles over Japan , S. Korea and Hawaii. The United States has agreed that President Obama shall issue a public apology for persecuting The Noble People of  N . Korea , to bow to Kim Jong Il publicly and in front of the cameras for all the world to see , to import  3 million pounds of kimchee and dog meat and to supply Kim Jong Il with an endless supply of the latest Hollywood movies in perpetuity.

When reached by CNBC for a comment Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the following ” I think this deal will insure peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula far into the future. We are pleased that an agreement has been reached. “

CNBC thinks this deal will probably last until next Tuesday. Yes yes I know that is an editorial comment.

Reporting from Washington for CNBC  Hiroshi Akomaya

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