All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go

All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go

By Paul Stanner

  Why is it that I constantly here the Libertarians advocate for the repeal of all drug laws based upon the idea that drug use is a matter of personal choice but I never hear them advocate for the abolition of the Diminished Capacity legal defense? It seems to me that if you are man / woman enough to make the dumbass decision to use drugs then you should be man / woman enough to face the consequences of your actions when you go out and murder somebody in a drug fueled rage or to get money to feed your habit. How typical of the Libertarians and other folks with a teenage mentality to say on the one hand ” I want to do what I want to do because it’s my right ” while on the other hand saying ” Yes I took those drugs willingly but I should not be held accountable for my crimes because I had Diminished Capacity due to the drugs.” Talk about wanting it all your own way. I am not surprised by this position of the Libertarians since that is what all teenagers want and the Libertarians at heart are just older but certainly not wiser teenagers. Until I hear the Libertarians and other like minded teenagers advocate for the abolition of The Diminished Capacity legal defense I won’t even consider eliminating all drug laws or surrendering in The War On Drugs. Quite to the contrary . I think the time has come to support Chairman Mao’s position on the drug problem. Chairman Mao believed as I do that both the user and the pusher were a scourge on society and should be dealt with via the 11 cent solution.I support that position wholeheartedly. A bullet between the eyes solves the problem quickly and permanently. It’s a whole lot cheaper then endless legal battles also. Chairman Mao also billed the family for the cost of the bullet.

The man had style!!!

How can the Libertarians be so foolish as to attempt to persuade the American people that their desire to lower The Age Of Consent Laws and their rabid support of NAMBLA’s free speech rights are correct political positions to take and should be adopted as social policy? Can the Libertarians convince me that if those policies are adopted they won’t lead to violence against and manipulation of society’s most vulnerable citizens? They can’t convince me  on either of those counts and I seriously doubt that they’ll be able to convince the vast majority of Americans of it. I’m very suspicious that the Libertarians advocate for these issues as a means to be able to legally sate their own salacious desires. I would remind my Libertarian friends that nobody’s free speech or free association rights are unconditional. Randal Weaver’s family were killed for his political beliefs which were not inclusive of advocating violence towards anybody. The Aryan Nation was successfully sued for millions of dollars and effectively put out of business as a result of  advocating violence. Step lightly my friends. It’s a dangerous world out there.      

                The teenager’s hormones run wild . They want what they want.   

In The Fairyland Of Libertaria The Theory Of Free Trade works amazingly well. That is not surprising since all theories work well in all fantasy lands. In the real world it’s quite a different story. How could the Libertarians be so willfully blind in spite of the facts as to sacrifice their own country at The Altar Of Free Trade for the benefit of cheap goods , and I do mean cheap in it’s worst possible context , and the pipe dream of the rise of a Chinese Middle Class which will act as a check against the more militant factions of their government that want to play war with all of their new military toys against America. Talk about ” fiddling while Rome burns ” !!!

 But what difference does it make since the teenager has his cheap C.D. player? The consequences to the rest of the nation be damned. We’ll deal with them later.    

  You can take the most common low class cheap streetwalker and have her wear a $1,000 dress, give her the best hairdo and make up , accessorize her with the finest jewelry and other assorted trinkets , teach her to speak and act all classy and sophisticated  , and get her the finest education in the world but at the end of the day she’ll still be a whore. The Libertarian Lady is indeed all dressed up with nowhere to go. That is the way it should be. Thank God the American people can still recognize a whore when they see one. The Libertarians are the whores of the American political spectrum. They’ve gotten a lot more sophisticated and seemingly high class over the years but —-

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