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Dateline : Kansas City , Mo. July 11 , 2011

Today Mr. Ben Envious of the N.A.A.C.P. in conjunction with the usual Rogues Gallery of Ludicrous Litigants , Rev. Al ” Tawana ” Sharpton of  Operation Push , Rev. Jessie ” Hymietown ” Jackson of The Rainbow Coalition , Mr. Morris ” Money Man ” Dees of The Southern Poverty Law Center and the Rev. ” Calypso ” Louis Farrakhan of The Nation Of Islam made a stunning announcement. As follows below.

 “In these troubled times for our country everybody has become too emotionally entrenched in their political positions. Yes I said everybody including all of us that stand before you today. It is time to end the vitriolic language and uncivil discourse and find some common ground amongst all people. In that regard I’m pleased to announce that as a gesture towards our Melanin Deficient Sisters and Brothers all of our organizations will be offering ten full academic scholarships each to poor but worthy Melanin Deficient students to attend our historically Black colleges and universities. We have recently discovered that there are many poor Melanin Deficient folks in America that are worthy of our help. After all ” A mind is a terrible thing to waste ” even a Melanin Deficient one. We believe that the diversity of cultures and ideas on our historically Black colleges will be beneficial to all involved. We look forward to greeting our new Melanin Deficient students for the Fall semester. Thank you for your attention and courtesy. “

WoW !!! CNBC  thinks that to say this announcement is stunning would be an understatement. Yes yes I know that was an editorial comment. Duck !!! Here comes another one!!!

CNBC also thinks that if you are dumb enough to believe this announcement you are a Liberal and too stupid to live. We do NOT live in a dream world you Dumbass. As much as this should happen and as smart as it would be from a Public Relations view point for these organizations to indeed do something of this nature these folks just aren’t that bright.

This will happen when Satan has a lemonade stand in Hell.

Reporting from K.C. , Mo. For CNBC  Leroy  Hawkins

Flour to the Crackers !! We SHALL bake !!

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Has There Been A Tear In The Cosmic Fabric?


Cracker News Broadcasting Corp.

Dateline : Kansas City Mo. Nov. 15 , 2011

CNBC investigative reporters have been able to confirm that the usual Rogues Gallery of Ludicrous Litigants , Mr. Ben Envious of the N.A.A.C.P. ,  Rev. Al ” Tawana ” Sharpton of Operation Push , Rev. Jessie ” Hymie Town ” Jackson of  The Rainbow Coalition , ” Minister ” Calypso ” Louis Farrakhan of The Nation of Islam , Mr. Morris ” Money Man ” Dees of The Southern Poverty Law Center and Mr. Clarence ” Trashmouth ” Hankins of The Confused Man – Children of Philadelphia A.K.A. The New Black Panther Party have not accused anybody of racism or filed a racially motivated suit against anybody today.

C.N.B.C. finds this curious to the point of being suspicious and has assigned more investigative reporters to find out the reason for this strange behavior on the parts of The Rogues Gallery of Ludicrous Litigants. We are currently working on two theories the first of which is that these ” gentlemen” have been iced and the second that FINALLY these Dumbasses have gotten the message. NOBODY freaking cares about anything they have to say.

I’m betting that somebody has iced them since I believe that all of them are too damn stupid to just STFU. On the other hand though America hasn’t had that sort of good luck in quite a while now. One can only hope and pray that my theory proves out to be the correct one. Yes yes I know that was an editorial comment on my part. I’m getting really tired of  you folks pointing that out to me every chance you get. It IS after all MY blog so I can say whatever the Hell I damn well please. lol

Reporting from Kansas City for CNBC  Willa Randolph

Flour to the Crackers !! We SHALL bake. !!

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N.A.A.C.P. To Sue The National Asscociation Of Lesbian Actresses Producers And Directors

Breaking News !!! Breaking News !!!

Dateline Hollywood , Ca. July 17 , 2011

The N.A.A.C.P. in conjunction with the usual Rogues Gallery of Ludicrous Litigants , ” Calypso ” Louis Farrakhan of The Nation Of Islam , Morris Dees of The Southern Poverty Law Center , The ” Reverend ” Jessie ” Hymie Town ” Jackson of  The Rainbow Coalition , Al ” Tawana ” Sharpton of Operation Push and of course Clarence ” Trash Mouth ” Hankins of  The Confused Man – Children of  Philadelphia A.K.A. The New Black Panther Party today announced a law suit against  The National Association of Lesbian Actresses Producers And Directors. The basis of the new suit is that an upcoming show produced by NALAPD is a vile evil racist plot to denigrate the Powerful and Noble Men of Color of America. As best as CNBC can determine what has the Melanin Enhanced Man – Children upset is that this new show called  ” The Talk ” is an all female and all Lesbian production. When asked for a comment by CNBC regarding this development  Clarence ” Trash Mouth ” Hankins replied thusly ” This is yet another vile evil racist plot perpetrated by dem White Cracka mofos. The only thing different about this one is that it specifically targets The Powerful and Noble Men of Color of  America and The Mighty Panther Nation. By denying Black men of their rightful place as the head of The Black Family they denigrate and emasculate him to the point where he can’t overcome his White imposed handicaps. If this show goes on the air we will send a team of our toughest Panther Sistas to rumble with these Cracka Dykes on their own Hollywood sets.”

CNBC  is fervently hoping that ” The Talk ” will indeed go on the air. Can you imagine the comedic joy in seeing a bunch of Craka Dykes kicking the shit  out of some Panther Sista ? lol Yes yes I know yet ANOTHER editorial comment. Are you ready? Here comes another one.

When reached by CNBC for a comment as to ” Trash Mouth’s ”  threats  Ms. Windy Storm the producer of the show replied thusly . ” While it’s true that the show focuses on FEMALE contributions to society and the family and therefore stars and is produced and directed by females we will be having male guest stars to discuss their familial roles also. It is true that the vast majority of those men will be White , however that was not a conscious decision on our parts. We wanted and indeed invited many Black men to appear on our show. The problem we ran into was that the 30 % of Black males that actually do have a role in their families had a problem that would not allow them to participate. THEY HAD A JOB !!! ” ” Perhaps in 100 years or so when the other 70 % of Black men take responsibility for their families we will have a big enough pool to draw our guests from”

Reporting for CNBC from Hollywood Wink Tisdale.

To see what fomented this fiasco please click here

Flour to the Crackers !! We SHALL bake !!

Now go spread your crumbs around Crackers !!!

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