Siamen Island At Night.

Dear Readers :

This is D.D. speaking. Last evening I went out for a stroll around Siamen with S.T. Trust me when I tell you that Siamen is a very romantic place. Now normally being a female personna I like that but last night I was working hard to try and get you these videos. S.T. however had other ideas. All night long I had to fight him off from trying to get into my auto-focus. I’m telling you it sucks being female sometimes !!!

I hope you enjoy the video God knows I had my hands full making it for you. The videos are of Siamen Island by night and there are two of them. To see them just click on the links provided. Video 1. Video 2.


Is there anything more beautiful than a new bride?  Siamen Island is very romantic.


Night Cruising The Pearl River With C.C. , D.D. and S.T.

Dear Readers :

C.C. , D.D. and I went night cruising on The Pearl River last evening . The links for the videos of that cruise are right here : Video 1 , Video 2 , Video 3. We hope you enjoy them. To sate your curiosity about  D.D. and her posse’s Chinese { Mis } Adventures should you have any just click on this link.


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