Cracker Sumitt Called

Breaking News !!! CNBC { Cracker News Broadcasting Network }

In view of increased racial tensions caused by the recent words and actions of The Cute Brown Kittens A.K.A. The New Black Panther Party a Cracker Summit has been called for July 18 which just happens to be National Cracker Day. In attendance will be The Rye Krisp In Chief , Malik Zulu Shabbazz A.K.A. The Bronze Buckeroo of The New Black Panther Party and his Comrade in Stupidity King Mo. , The Rev Al ” Shakedown ” Sharpton , Minister ” Calypso ” Louis Farrakhan , Willie Nelson { for Cracker entertainment purposes only}  Congressman Joe ” You Lie ” Wilson , Senator Michelle Bachman  Sara Palin and the Reverend Franklin Graham. The Vice Cracker In Chief will NOT be invited since R.K.I.C. fears what might come out of his mouth.  TOTUS { Teleprompter Of The United States has been invited at the request of Ms. Palin.

On the political agenda will be a ” frank and open ” discussion of  race relations in America.

The menu will consist of White Cheddar Cheeze Nips with Black Bean Dip and Sam Adams Beer.

Security will be provided by a SWAT {Special Weapons And Tactics } Team  of Keebler Elves under the command of Sargeant James Crowley of The Cambridge Ma, Police Dept.

CNBC will of course have a follow up to this story at the conclusion of the event. We’ll bet your waiting with baited breath for that story. lol

Reporting for CNBC  Cletus T. Walker from The Cracker Barrel on Black Pariah Lane in El Paso Tx.

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