It Was Just A Matter Of Time Before SHE Got Involved In This Issue


Cracker News Broadcasting Corp. – The Other CNBC

Dateline : San Francisco Ca. Nov. 19 , 2010

Mrs. Sharon Spencer of the heretofore unknown political group ” Don’t Ask !! – DON’T Grope ”  has just made an announcement that the women AND men members of her group are no longer  going to stand by and be molested by The Pervert Patrol of The Transportation Safety Agency. Mrs. Spencer has by means of written and oral communication informed ” Big Sis ” that they will be filing a lawsuit against ALL members of The Pervert Patrols that molest her members or ANY other person that seeks their help. Mrs. Spencer continued by informing ” Big Sis ” that her group has retained the legal services of Wendy Emily Bustnuttzz Esq. Chief Attorney of The Feminist Law Department of the law firm of Dewey , Cheatum and Howe of San Francisco.

Oh BOY !! This should be great fun!! W.E. Bustnuttzz vs ” Big Sis “

Talk about your Dyke Duel to the Death. This will be ” must see T.V.. LOL

Yes yes I know that was an editorial comment. Here comes another one. A word of advice for all male members of The Pervert Patrols. Be VERY careful where you put your hands. W.E. Bustnuttzz has a fireplace mantle stacked with souvenir ” stones”. Oh and if you are a female member of the Pervert Patrols don’t get cocky. The only thing W.E. Bustnutzz loves more than she hates men is money. She won’t bat an eye to destroy you either.

Please stay tuned to CNBC for more details in this story as they emerge. Our investigative reporters are hard at work as we speak trying to discover who is behind this shadowy new group. Inquiring minds want to know and so you shall.

Flour to the Crackers !! We SHALL bake !!

Now go spread your crumbs around Crackers !!




U.S.M.C. Announces New Advertising Campaign


Cracker News Broadcasting Corp. — The OTHER CNBC

Dateline : The Pentagon Washington D.C. August 3 , 2010

United States Marine Corps Commandant General James T. Conway today announced a new advertising campaign for the Corp. The new slogan will be ” A Few Good Black Panthers “. When asked by CNBC for a comment regarding the new slogan / campaign General Conway replied thusly : ” While I recognize that the concept of ” A Few Good Black Panthers ” is most likely oxymoronic I’ am also aware of the many comments emanating from The New Black Panthers pertaining to how much they would like to rumble with the Crackas. In honor of the Civil Rights struggle of our Black Citizens I am hereby going to offer the Black Panthers the chance to do exactly what they say they want to do. In my opinion it’s time for The Confused Man – Children of Philadelphia to become men by getting a REAL job. I guarantee that when they are done rumbling with the Cracka Marines they will be men IF they survive.” General Conway continued his comments thusly :” Our U.S. Cracka Marines are waiting for you boys. It’s time to put your money where your bigmouths are. Your serve. “

Clarence ” Trashmouth ” Hankins The Director of Communications for The New Black Panther Party who is currently in hiding in Liberia from fear for his life at the hands of Wendy Emily Bustnutzz Feminist Lawyer when asked for a comment by CNBC REPLIED THUSLY : ” Oh my Allah what have we done? Wendy Emily Bustnuttz AND the U.S. Cracka Marines are after us. I WANT MY MOMMY.”

Wendy Emily Bustnuttz

Feminist Lawyer

WCNBC hopes that there will be many Black Panthers that are stupid enough to accept the challenge of General Conway. It would be nice to see those Lady Marine Drill Instructors make men out of The Confused Man – Children of Philadelphia. Yes yes I know editorial comment lol Here is another one. Hey Black Panthers get a REAL job!!!

For the peripheral details in this human drama click on the associated links.

Reporting from The Pentagon for CNBC Wolf Fritzer

Flour to the Crackers !!! We SHALL bake !!!

Now go spread your crumbs around Crackers !!!

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