Trayvon Trouble : Grand Rapids , Mi.

Trayvon Trouble : Grand Rapids , Mi.

By Paul Stanner

CNBC regretfully announces new programming to it’s line – up today. In our new addition ” Trayvon Trouble ” we will focus on the stories of The Unfashionable Victims of Organized Black Thuggery all over the country. We would dearly like not to have to provide this program but unfortunately since The Drive By Media refuses to cover them and since The Progressive / Liberal Powers That Be will not prosecute them as vigorously or fight the root causes as zealously as the more P.C. crimes because these stories conflict with their world views and political goals we feel that we must provide the forum. ” Trayvon Troubles ” will continue as part of our programming line – up until such time as we feel that the ” Men Of God ” such as ” Rev” Al ” Tawana ” Sharpton , ” Rev . ” Jessie ” Hymie Town ” Jackson , ” Rev. ” Calypso ” Louis Farrakhan and the rest of their ilk involved in our time’s version 0f ” The Civil Rights Movement ” that foment this thuggery get the freaking message and until such time as the above mentioned can show as much compassion for these victims as they do for a juvenile delinquent who met an unfortunate demise as a result at least partly of his own stupidity. Since it’s been shown time and again over the last fourty years that these folks are just too damn stupid to grasp the elemental concepts of honor , fair play , and personal responsibility we expect a long and vicious battle. We are confident of ultimate victory though. Americans of all races are awakening to the true nature of these folks. It’s a new day Poverty Pimps no longer will us Crackers cower in fear at the threat of being called a racist by one of you. Let the games begin.

Today’s victims of Trayvon Trouble come to us from Grand Rapids , Mi. The case involves SEVEN attacks against White people by Organized Black Thuggery in Grand Rapids , Mi. Not surprisingly the local media refuse to report the hate crime nature of this attack and the local politicians refuse to do anything about it. CNBC wishes that we could report that the Revs. Al ” Tawana ” Sharpton , Jessie ” Hymie Town ” Jackson , ” Calypso Louis Farrakhan , President Barry Soetero , The NAACP or any Black leader of prominence expressed their outrage at this heinous crime but we can’t. This crime is just not politically fashionable enough for the above mentioned to make money on or maintain their profiles in the national media. CNBC advises that nobody hold their breaths waiting for the above mentioned to give a damn about these victims. Satan will have a lemonade stand in Hell before The Unfashionable Victims get some attention from our ” leaders “. There are only so many tears and so much compassion to go around and all of the above mentioned spend their’s ONLY on The Melanin Enhanced people of America.

In Memoriam


5 Responses to Trayvon Trouble : Grand Rapids , Mi.

  1. Paul Stanner says:

    Dear Steven :

    I can’t remember if it was Marx or Lenin that made the quote about ” usefull idiots ” but it was spot on. How sad that these fuckwits are too stupid to realize they’re being played by Rev. Al ” Tawana ” Sharpton and his Posse Of Little Tin Gods. Such is life I guess.


  2. It’s important to note that crimes against whites by blacks used to be fairly rare. But that was before Trayvon Martin. This is not only the consequence of the race baiting activities of the Usual Suspects but, I maintain, the intended one. It won’t be long before some other intended victim is armed and defends himself against attackers. Thus, on the blood of their own people, the Sharptons and Jacksons of the world will keep their gravy train going into the forseeable future.

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